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If you believe in something, a rule, a law, a Constitution, an Amendment… look where it came from!  Just don’t believe in it because you are most familiar with that particular con job!

What do you believe in?  Do you know where it came from?  Go back.  Keep going back.  It came from somewhere, so where did it come from?

Let’s make an example.  A couple actually.  Let’s start with the Right to Bear Arms.  Where did that come from?

Well, it came from a 1689 British Bill of Rights.  Why?  Was it in place before?  Why was it put in place, and why?  Is it a “Con Job”?

Well, were there people (actually Citizens) armed beforehand?   What happened then?

If you research it, you will find that it was not a Right, but a Law.  A law people were getting fed up with.  They had to arm themselves and train themselves, under penalty of law if they did not do it!  The rich could get out of the requirement, but the poor would be fined or jailed if they did not comply.

After decades of being forced off their land to fight for King and Country, they were really fed up with this, for various reasons!  Many lost their lives in endless wars and often returned (often maimed) to find taxes they could not pay, and they lost their homes, and families too!

So a “good con” was to call it a “RIGHT” to bear arms, and maybe that might calm them down a little.

Did it work?  Not for long!  Only in the USA did it ever work, as they simply conned more by telling the Citizens that it was their way to control Government (which never happened) and the Government wanted to come to take their guns (which they never did).

So, that’s recent.  Can we go back further?  Yes, actually we can.  Back to Roman days, where everyone too was forced to adopt a weapon and train with it, under penalty of law.

What was the purpose?  Easy!  Having all your Citizens armed made your Country more able to defeat any foe, and the better armed the Citizenry was, the more successful the Empire!

Another example:

Do you believe in Christianity?  Where did that come from?

Well, the Jews laughed as they made up this story using a Jewish Messiah and a Jewish Mother coming from Judea, and their entire plan was to destroy the NON-believers.  Those who refused to conform to Judaism.

The Jews infiltrated Rome and the Highest Control in it, and pretending to be Christians, they infiltrated the Catholic Church.  They wanted to destroy it from inside.  They effectively split it up and made offshoots of Protestant Religions, moving on to the next stage.  They always have moved slowly.  Throughout Centuries.

Yet, where did this belief system come from?  Before there were Mirthra and Zeus,  and many others, including Ancient Egypt and Horus.

Ancient Egypt did not hide their ideas were all fables.  Taken from Sun and Star Worship, the idea was to teach the illiterate fables, to help them relate to the changing seasons, knowing when to plant and when to harvest.

Most Orthodox Jews today readily admit that Moses was a fable, made out of at least 3 Men and Adam and Eve were a fable as well.  The timeline and succession from the told stories in Genesis do not work out at all.  It gets nothing right!

What Genesis got wrong


Yet they had this idea where eventually they would rule the World, and kill off most of the Goyim, only to make the others slaves.



Christopher Jon Bjerknes Warnings from the Past


I doubt it will work!


Zionism is a relatively new concept and rejected by over 90% of the Jews from the beginning of its creation.  Most Jews are not going along with this “Genocidal Concept”.


Yet the plan is well documented.  It’s not a “Conspiracy Theory”, as it is so well documented over Centuries, by Jews themselves.  Most are not into it.  Never have been.

Yet there is a few, who hold to this belief, and that is the plan, and it is moving on.  It has been going on for Centuries, and it may be becoming less popular, but it remains with the HARDLINE ZIONISTS!

Zionists have been successful in infiltrating most Governments.  They were responsible for Bolsheviks and those philosophies have not come to an end.  Still rampant in places like Russia.

They are part of the USA Administration and Canada too.  The EU.  Australia.  I am not naming all the Countries, as they have their hands in everyone.  All with the levers of power to control.  All with their Central Banks.  All with their control of Media.

It is up to YOU “Grasshopper” to research!


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