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February 2018

One of the BIGGEST LIES on Gun Control

Swallow the Mainstream News

Germanys Climb From The Depression

Oliver Stone’s History of the USA

Patrick J Buchanan The Unnecessary War

Ken O’Keefe Commentary – 9/11-Mossad

David Irving: The Manipulation of History

The FARCE of the Nuremberg Trials

Here we go again with another Facebook Ban…

Do As You Are Told Goyim!

When the Khazars Punked the World

We can leave the ignorant behind

The Protocols of Zion – The Evil Plan for World Enslavement

2018 Still teaching your kids crap!

They finally got me

They are Following You!

It is up to YOU and ME

Democracy Now is still not an escape

Zionists were NOT the Victims

New Word for BULLCRAP. Zionism

Sykes-Picot Agreement and Balfour

Greater Israel Project Update

The Shackles are off! Thanks, John!

The Truth in my own words

Ernst Zundel with more Gems of Video


There are far more Good People than Bad

We are coming (my Minions) armed with

Memorials Built To Fraud 2018

January 2018

Small loss for those who follow…

The TRUTH behind Merkel

The TRUTH is the Opposite of the Teaching

The Elite and their Zionist Games

Deep inside Free Masonry

The Truth Hiders are Getting Desparate

Want Proof You Are Being Lied To?

Arguments for the “Purely Stupid”

Stop it Justin! This is NOT “Little Israel”!

Hollow-Hoax Top 10

Photographic Evidence does NOT back up the “Said Holocaust”

Can You Feel humanity?

I do not need the Masses, but the Intellectuals.

My Dad told me to do the “Right Thing”!

They once banned this from Facebook

We found the Witch! May we burn her?

Only LOVE can save us all

Do you know why we will defeat you Zionists?

Cremation of how many bodies?

Don’t be Intimidated to not Share the Truth!

How big is YOUR bag?

Canadian Arrested For Denying Official Holocaust Story

Imprisonment in Germany for Holocaust Denial

Hitler’s generous peace offers D. Irving

Study of Enigma Machine Records Silent

Canadian Perspective on Truth

Only WE can “Save the Day” by sharing!

What Mainstream Media Can Make You Believe…

Be aware! It is now illegal to apologize to your Mom!

Monika Schaefer, in German Maximum Security Prison

I wonder if Grandma Leads a Gang!

Never mind me, just “Trust Yourself”!

None of what I do is about me

Hollow-Hoax Theme Song!

What happens to people who report the Truth?

International Untruth Injustice and the Propagandic Way!

New Video from Hollow-Hoax

Facebook is being accused of censoring?

Rejecting HATE and who is getting it wrong.

Arguments with Zionists (have a laugh)

The Year of 2017 on Hollow-Hoax

December 2017

Did Santa bring you ALL you believed?

Tips you should know…

Did you put your Helmet on?

All of you LOVE

Hiding behind their Propaganda!

Come On! They can’t “Hoodwink” You!

What will YOU do to spread it?

Thank You, Ingrid

If only YOU could feel as good as Germans

But…everyone believes in the Holocaust!

Banned on Facebook again for 30 Days

News how it should be read

Isn’t it “Satisfying” to share the TRUTH?

The TRUTH needs no Legal Protection

Stop being “Hoodwinked”!

How to Genocide 40 Million Germans!

Best they can do is threaten!

You must have patience with Germany

Proof that I am no coward when dealing with Zionists

They call it “Never Again Canada”

They can’t beat us all!

H.R. 672: Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017


The Lachout document labeled by Zionists as Fraud.

I will not take a Dime for Humanity!

Why do you have to be so Mean?

I have no “Hatred” of anyone!

Zionists call them “Self Hating Jews”

5th Hollow-Hoax Site Full First Month!

Laughable Frauds. Sorry if you = VICTIM

What does it all have to do with today? Let’s talk Nikola Tesla.

AUSCHWITZ TRUTH – Germans (unlike Zionists) are not KNOWN for their lies and fraud.

Semitic is not a Race or Religion

Hellstorm (the Documentary)

Who are the REAL Israelites?

Rothschild’s and the Dreyfus Affair

Know the Human as they treat Animals

November 2017

WWII should have ended in 1940

Hit the “Internet” and not the books, as it is time to re-learn everything you have been taught.

Germany, you deserve an Apology!

Forgot how to Debate, Cowards?

People don’t like Suppression of Truth

The Power of Media which Zionists own

BDS bill dies in committee as Students have no idea what a Semite is, to call it “Anti-Semitic”

If you are not Zionist…

The JDL always get their Man.

Zionists refused to help Jews, but help themselves to Reparation Money just fine!

It is up to US (you and me) to stop Internet Censorship!

Learning the TRUTH about Anti-Semitic

“Denial” Trailer Rachel Weisz (new)

DOCUMENTARY: Auschwitz Vs. Science

Two Sites Preventing Suppression

The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Against Israel (B.D.S.)

Just look at a “Present Day” tour of Auschwitz!

The Auschwitz Museum’s Misrepresentations, Distortions, and Deceptions

The 1st Holocaust (claimed)

Only if it is TRUE is there a need for Suppression. “Wow! What a concept”!

What if one of YOUR Relatives were turned into Soap eh? Huh? How “bout that”?

The first reported “Holocaust” of “Six Million Jews

B’nai B’rith in the cover-up of the truth of 9-11

I.S.I.S. You live in a “Fantasy World”!

Animal Farm, the Preface…

Hitler, History’s Most Popular Leader

The Internet is waking up to the Khazarian. The truth. “Bout Time”!

National Socialism and the German Economic Miracle

How many have to continue to suffer from Lies and Pure Propaganda?

Ditlieb Felderer a major Revisionist

Revisionists that do not agree?

Psst! It’s happening now. Just a little late

Just how far can you take a Hoax?

Protocols of Zion. Video Series

When the Khazars became Jews (Zionists)

David Irving in his own words (2hrs)

Getting Past Suppression (the Hollow-Hoax way)

New from Dennis Wise (suppression x’d)

Hollow-Hoax Guide

David Irving ended the Suppression

People say… What about all the Witnesses?

Who was Ernst Zundel (the Canadian Hero)?

Hitler did not Differentiate Jews and Zionists!

Short clip to understand Zionism


Israel’s 100th birthday party

The Victors were the “Bad Guys”!

Let’s talk “Hate Speech”


Who is Robert Faurisson?

The “Suppression Freaks” are Mad

The term “Nazi” is a Zionist “hate term”

Zionism is NOT Judaism! Not in the least!

If it is true, what’s all the FRAUD for?

As Many As 150,000 Jews Served In Hitler’s Military

Anne Frank, and YES, still taught in Schools!

It’s a Miracle! Beyond Belief! Wow!

The Zionists “Dirty Little Deal” to Humanity.

It is not just something to Believe!

What am I to say as your 59 Year Old Senior?

Download the Video, and keep it going!

Reproduced German Camp Records

Why suppress an evaluation on a Trial?

The Hollywood Con Game (Swindlers List)

*Warning* The Truth is about to be told

Did that “Mean Ol’ Hitler” start WWII by invading Poland?


October 2017:


They are not Quite Done Conning You!

Evil Social Media (Zionist Based)

Tips on where to build a Gas Chamber

One of the Posts they Suppressed (Facebook)

Government Denial of the Holocaust

Help! Someone threw Nizkor in my face!

Nazi’s Branded People Ya Know!

How do I prove quickly that the Holocaust is a Hoax?

Don’t be tricked when sharing!

No Smoke From Crematoriums?

Zionist Reserve Bank. (Oops I meant Federal)

As long as few hear about it, swept under the Rug, the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration:

Ok, if not Gas, what did they die of?

Defeat Censorship! It IS in your interest.

Warning to other writers, about Weebly

Why would Zionists think they could get away with Hoodwinking?

All Roads Lead to Greater Israel

The Origin of the term “Holocaust”

Much of the Hollow-Hoax has been exposed Decades ago but Suppressed

Sheep or Fish? What do you call YOURSELF?

What a shame it is when Intellectuals play this game of promoting the Holocaust!

History of Social Media: Then And Now

They still teach the Wiesel in Schools. No Shyt!

What’s up with Greenland and Iceland?

Zionism Keeping You In The Dark

Strength through Joy in Germany 1938

Notice they never told you what books the Germans burned?

Propaganda and the Angel of Death

No Bus Fare Needed! No Planes! Bring your own Popcorn

Islamophobia is a Zionist Promotion

Defy Suppression For Humanity!

The Extermination of the White Race?

Dennis Wise newest! The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2

It is time for the Millenials and the Gen Xrs to get in gear!

The Versailes Treaty. What really happened.

David Irving at his very, very best!

Are you tired of Facebook Suppression?

Trump does not promote Zionism?

Your very own “Zionist Search Engine”

Study Zionism. Even if Zionists hate that!

Islamophobia is a Zionist Promotion

Was Benjamin Freedman Correct?

This could not happen if YOU did not allow it!

Are you waking up yet? Hoodwinked?

Zionist Claims of Holocaust Unfounded!

The Revisionists. Who are they?

Bone Up on your Indoctrination!

Let’s build a “Death Camp” with a Hospital!

The Rudolf Report Chemical Analysis Gas Chambers

The Greater Israel Project (The Planning)

Hollow-Hoax on WordPress

What are your kids learning?


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