• As there is “Sweet Dyck” they can do about it!
    Why?  Well, there are a number of reasons:

    I own the website
    I host it myself
    I make no money from it for them to shut down
    Every Post from here can be shared […]

  • Immigration is at a 40 year low at the Mexican Border
    For those who think they gain anything by deporting Illegals, think again.  It costs on average $2000.00 per person per day to deport them, while:
    The FACT […]

  • Giving you all a complete rundown on how we are doing:
    How many Mediums is HollowHoax being shared in Worldwide?  Well, lots!  However, it could be more.  All I can do is to give you the sharing tools at the bo […]

  • You can try to pass more laws with your lobby efforts
    Yet we will win eventually, and here is just ONE example:
    Kansas Teacher Scores Big Win for Israel Boycott, and Free Speech

     February 7, 2018 4:44 […]

  • German law makes it illegal to deny the genocide committed by Adolf Hitler’s regime, which in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in occupied Poland alone claimed some 1.1 million lives, mostly of European Jews??? S […]

  • They are not trying to protect YOU
    Understand this.  If there is something they label as “Hate Speech” or “Prejudiced” then it deserves investigation.  As you move ahead in your learning process, you will u […]

  • Keep on Sharing Humanity!
    I keep tabs on this daily, but only I can see what is on the back end unless I share this with you all.  My critics like to check on how many MEMBERS I have.  Yet I see no si […]

  • If Zionists would not wish to be a “Curse on Humanity”?
    Let’s explore how it became a State in the first place.   We can even go past the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and how that was a “Backstab to Germany” and a […]

  • It’s Suppression to Hoodwink You
    Now, who does that?
    I will give you 3 Guesses and the first two Guesses don’t count.  Who spins fantasy tales with an agenda, and then goes out of their way, in every way they […]

  • Zionism is a Political Movement
    You will find many posts here on HollowHoax telling you of this, and I personally have my own issues with this, which I find the most outrageous.  Others mention them, and often […]

  • Good Job Humanity!  Proud of you!
    As I have always said, I will not take a Penny for what I share here.  I do this for Humanity and I want no Monetary Gain whatsoever.  That would be an insult:

    To Hum […]

  • Germany is glad Donald does not mention his German Heritage.

    Donald Trump’s mother once reportedly asked his first wife “what sort of son have I created”.
    Mary Trump, the Scottish-born mother of the US Presi […]

  • America’s first billionaire president is riding into the White House with populist support — and he’s bringing some billionaire friends with him.
    One of them is distressed-asset investor Wilbur Ross, who is Tru […]

  • Their Agenda Is Not In Tune With Humanity
    It’s negative, and if it is negative it is wrong and if it is Positive it is right.  In all circumstances, every time, in every situation, absolutely always!  So why a […]

  • This is a USA example, but the same is true anywhere
    Have you noticed that there are not too many Politicians to choose from, at the very top?  They all seem to “Sing the Same Song”?  They may talk a little d […]

  • Pointing fingers is fruitless unless you get down to the base.
    You can follow Trump, and it will lead you to the Mob.  You can follow the Mob and it will lead you to Zionists.  You can follow the Media and it w […]


    I would have to say YES.  Yet the Elite?
    How can we wrestle control away from these jerks?  Well, perhaps we don’t have to.

    How much does it cost them to keep you in the dark?

    I find it amazing how hard th […]

  • This is bull to the highest degree!
    I personally got my Facebook account banned for telling the truth about the Holocaust and so has @Jim Rizoli along with countless others! I personally advise people who want t […]

  • I only use Einstein, as people use him as a validity
    Yet in my opinion, there were far smarter Men than Albert, like that of Nikola Tesla or even Einstein’s Wife that you could take great quotes from.  Still, I […]

  • Campaign against Anti-Semitism?

    First of all, you need to grab your dictionary and look up Semite. Semitic is a language and by adding “Anti” as a prefix, does not change Semitic from being a language. Being […]

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