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The Zionist Lobbies that buy their way with them (like Prostitutes) and get the truth suppressed.  Just because YOU can see something in YOUR Country or even region of it, does not mean that by sharing it elsewhere, it can be seen too.  For that reason you should:

#1 Download the Controversial Material

You can then spread it (at least temporarily until they pull your information) Worldwide.  For YouTube, I use a number of sources, but here is just one to download YouTube Videos


I find that Vimeo (although not as popular as YouTube) has less suppression and distributes your videos more Worldwide. You may wish to upload and share from another format as well.  Here is one:

Vid Me

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For YouTube and Vimeo, a really fast way to upload to them is when you do it from the cloud.  For this, I advise using “DropBox” which is free, yet unless you wish to pay for more storage, I would advise you to only use it “temporarily” in order to upload your videos to share.  Then send your videos (once uploaded) from DropBox to your Main Storage for safe keeping.  This will keep your space open in DropBox and allow you to simply continue to use the Free Version for this purpose.

DropBox Free Cloud Space

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There are many out there for you to choose from, and some you may even wish to buy.  Are you having trouble viewing a video?  Does it say “Not Available” for your region?  Well then, this is where a VPN comes in handy.

Your Computer (or phone, tablet etc.) has an IP Address when you connect to the internet.  This is a system that tracks which computer you are using and your location.  You can change those settings by using a VPN.  You can hide your IP address (or make it into a fake one) by using a VPN.  Switch Countries or Regions.  I find Canada to be pretty much available, but some USA websites and videos will not be available, even with a Canadian IP address.  As well, not ALL regions of Canada are “Censorship Free”.

I will give you one here on a trial which I have found easy to use and quite efficient:

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Is one of my links not working?  If you are getting an “Error Message” when you click on one of my links, and it is NOT simply a problem that a VPN can handle, then please comment on the blog, letting me know.  I will find a new link and fix the problem.

Yet, check your own links.  Often I have made Playlists with many videos, and I do not return to them after very often to see what has been deleted.  Sometimes YouTube (especially) does not even make it visible that they have removed or blocked your video.  You should check them to make sure they are still working.  Yet certainly delete the old (which have been blocked) and replace it with another link that is presently working.  If we all are doing OUR JOB to download videos and documentation, and then reposting it when The Suppression Freaks take it down, then another version of the video deleted should be available.  *Note* do not delete the link until you find another which matches it, as then you will lose the “Reference Text” to search for.

#5 Do not trust Google for Searches!  You’ll be tracked

There are many search engines out there which do not track and monitor your “Internet Behavior”.  Some of them, like Duck Duck Go are very good, but you will not find as wide-ranging a search on them.  I would limit your searches on Google (if I were you) to when you find it “absolutely necessary”, but otherwise use another search engine regularly.

Duck Duck Go (wait for the ad to finish, then download)

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Move away from Facebook and YouTube!

Facebook will not close your account.  They threaten that, but they also are teamed up with the CIA.  They use your account to track you, and as well, when you are checked for travel (as per their computer) or “Immigration Status”, one of the first places they check is your Facebook account.  Who do you have friends with?  Any (what they would call) Terrorists?  Any “Undesirables”?  They NEVER will delete your Facebook account, no matter how much they threaten.  You should begin to move away from it.  In the very least, make them have to check more sources and make it more costly for them to do so and frustrating as well.
I use a few,  Here are some:
Google + (although they won’t let you share anymore but internally)
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Stumble On

More will pop up, and be available as people migrate away (as they are) and it looks good on Facebook and YouTube, Google and the rest who have such high numbers of Goyim which they like to suppress information for.  Join other places as they pop up.  Find your own community that does not suppress you from what you post or what you want to see.

Keep up the fight, and let me leave you with a short clip


6 Million in a Playlist Format

New from Dennis Wise (suppression x’d)

Screenshot 2017-11-13 09.03.22

The Secret Masonic Victory of WWII

Of course, YouTube is “Right On This” as education MUST be suppressed for their Zionist Agenda.  Never mind nudity or gore.  They just don’t want you to know the truth.  So, you are going to have to “Pass Through Their Attempt Of Suppression” first, in order to watch.  As well, they don’t want you to get the entire playlist (making it simple for you to navigate) and so for this purpose, I will reproduce it here on Hollow-Hoax.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 08.59.53

Just Proceed after the Disclaimer, as I will open the videos in a new window for you

I advise those who can, to download these video clips to reshare on YouTube from various accounts should YouTube finally pull these clips down.  This is how we beat the “Suppression Freaks”.  Costing them PILES of money and MUCH frustration, as we win.

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two: Part 1

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 2

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 3

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two : Part 4

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two : Part 5

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two PART 6

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 7

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 8

For those of you wishing to support Dennis Wise and his excellent video productions of truth, I suggest you visit his website:


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David Irving ended the Suppression

holocaust of dresden

The numbers of victims keep changing.  Lowered to hide the “Atrocity of the Crime”, a REAL Holocaust.

A “Churchill Deed” backed by the Americans.  A refugee City with hospitals.  Innocent Civilians.  No Military targets.  No real reason for it, but to frighten Germans.  Something the Allies did not want to be told.

The Destruction of Dresden is a 1963 non-fiction book which describes the February 1945 bombing of Dresden in World War II. The book is based on a series of 37 articles written on the strategic bombing during World War II by David Irving called Wie Deutschlands Städte starben (English: How Germany’s Cities Died) for the German journal Neue Illustrierte. The book became an international bestseller during the 1960s debate about the morality of the World War II area bombing of the Nazi Germany civilian population.


The destruction of the virtually undefended German city of Dresden by bombers of the Royal Air Force and U.S. Army Air Force, in mid-February, 1945, remains one of the most controversial episodes of the Second World War. In 1963, British historian David Irving published a pathbreaking study on this topic. Another widely-published British military historian, Alexander McKee, has produced a new account of the Dresden bombing, based in part upon an examination of official records recently declassified, as well as interviews from survivors of the attack and Allied airmen who flew in the raids.

McKee had doubts about the efficacy of area bombing when, as a soldier with the 1st Canadian Army, he witnessed the results of the Allied bombing of “friendly” French towns. Following visits to the cities of Caen and Lisieux, he wrote in his personal war diary:

“Lisieux and Caen are examples of the inflexibility of the four-motor heavy bombers: it cannot block a road without bringing down a city. I’m not surprised that our troops advancing between Caen and Lisiel=c were fired on by French civilians. No doubt many Frenchmen found it hard to be liberated by a people who seem, by their actions, to specialize in the mass murder of their friends.”

McKee was an eye-witness to the final destruction of the towns of Emmerich and Arnhem. He related that “In Emmerich, I saw no building whatever intact … This process, when the town was an Allied one, we referred to with bitter mockery as ‘Liberation.’ When you said that such-and-such a place had been ‘liberated,’ you meant that hardly one stone still stood upon another.”

The bombing of urban areas which might contain targets of military importance was a policy advocated by leading British air strategists long before the outbreak of the war. McKee reviewed the writings of the air power theorists of the 1920s and 30s, observing that “retreading them now is like browsing through a British Mein Kampf. The horror to come is all there between the lines. What they are really advocating is an all-out attack on non-combatants, men, women, and children, as a deliberate policy of terror?”

After sifting through the evidence, the author refers to these preferred justifications as the “standard white-wash gambit.” There were a military barracks in Dresden, but it was located on the outskirts of the “New Town,” miles away from the selected target area. There were some hutted camps in the city-full of starving refugees who had fled from the advancing Red Terror in the East. The main road route passed on the west outside the city limits. The railway network led to an important junction, but this, too, passed outside the center of the “Old City,” which was the focal point for the bombing attacks. No railway stations were on the British target maps, nor, apparently, were bridges, the destruction of which could have impeded German communications with the Eastern Front. And despite the claims of U.S. Air Force historians, writing in 1978, that “The Secretary of War had to be appraised of … the Russian request for its neutralization,” the author has unearthed no evidence of such a Soviet request.

What the author has discovered about the attack is that:

  • By the end of Summer, 1944, “there is evidence that the Western Allies were contemplating some terrible but swift end to the war by committing an atrocity which would terrify the enemy into instant surrender. Without a doubt, the inner truth has still to be pried loose, but the thread of thought can be discerned.”
  • “The bomber commanders were not really interested in any purely military or economic targets … What they were looking for was a big built-up area which they could burn … The attraction Dresden had for Bomber Command was that the center of the city should burn easily and magnificently: as indeed it was to do.
  • At the time of the attacks on February 13-14, 1945, the inhabitants of Dresden were mostly women and children, many of whom had just arrived as refugees from the East. There were also large numbers of Allied POWs. Few German males of military age were left in the city environs. The author cites the official Bomber Command history prepared by Sir Charles Webster and Dr. Noble Frankland, which reveals that “the unfortunate, frozen, starving civilian refugees were the first object of the attack, before military movements
  • Dresden was virtually undefended. Luftwaffe fighters stationed in the general vicinity were grounded for lack of fuel. With the exception of a few light guns, the anti-aircraft batteries had been dismantled for employment elsewhere. McKee quotes one British participant in the raid, who reported that “our biggest problem, quite truly, was with the chance of being hit by bombs from other Lancasters flying above us.”
  • Targets of genuine military significance were not hit and had not even been included on the official list of targets. Among the neglected military targets was the railway bridge spanning the Elbe River, the destruction of which could have halted rail traffic for months. The railway marshaling yards in Dresden were also outside the RAF target area. The important autobahn bridge to the west of the city was not attacked. Rubble from damaged buildings did interrupt the flow of traffic within the city, “but in terms of the Eastern Front communications network, road transport was virtually unimpaired.”
  • In the course of the USAF daylight raids, American fighter-bombers strafed civilians: “Amongst these people who had lost everything in a single night, panic broke out. Women and children were massacred with cannon and bombs. It was mass murder.” American aircraft even attacked animals in the Dresden Zoo. The USAF was still at it in late April, with Mustangs strafing Allied POWs they discovered working in fields.
  • The author concludes that “Dresden had been bombed for political and not military reasons; but again, without effect. There was misery, but it did not affect the war.” Some have suggested that the bombing of Dresden was meant to serve as a warning to Stalin of what sort of destruction the Western Powers were capable of dealing. If that was their intent, it certainly failed to accomplish the objective.

Once word leaked out that the Dresden raids were generally viewed as terrorist attacks against civilians, those most responsible for ordering the bombings tried to avoid their just share of the blame. McKee points out that:

“In both the UK and the U.S.A. a high level of sophistication was to be employed in order to excuse or justify the raids or to blame them on someone else. It is difficult to think of any other atrocity — and there were many in the Second World War — which has produced such an extraordinary aftermath of unscrupulous and mendacious polemics.”

Who were the men to blame for the attacks? The author reveals that:

“It was the Prime Minister himself who in effect had signed the death warrant for Dresden, which had been executed by Harris [chief of RAF Bomber Command]. And it was Churchill, too, who in the beginning had enthusiastically backed the bomber marshals in carrying out the indiscriminate area bombing policy in which they all believed. They were all in it together. Portal himself [head of the RAF, Harris, of course, Trenchard [British air theorist] too, and the Prime Minister most of all. And many lesser people.”

An aspect of the Dresden bombing that remains a question today is how many people died during the attacks of February 13-14, 1945. The city was crammed with uncounted refugees and many POWs in transit. when the raids took place. The exact number of casualties will never be known. McKee believed that the official figures were understated and that 35,000 to 45,000 died, though “the figure of 35,000 for one night’s massacre alone might easily be doubled to 70,000 without much fear of exaggeration, I feel.”

Alexander McKee has written a compelling account of the destruction of Dresden. Although the author served with the British armed forces during the war, his attitude toward the events he describes reminds this reviewer of McKee’s fellow Brit, Royal Navy Captain Russell Grenfell, who played a key role in the sinking of the battleship Bismarck, but who, after the war, wrote a classic of modern revisionism, Unconditional Hatred: German War Guilt and the Future of Europe(1953). Likewise, Dresden 1945, deserves a place in any revisionist’s library.

From The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1985 (Vol. 6, No. 2), pages 247-250.

The Pavement Boiled in Dresden!

The heat was so intense that the pavement melted, swallowing the people that attempted to flee the City.  The winds picked up to 200 mph as the inferno sucked everything into its center.  Some on the outskirts who were able to flee were STRAFFED by British and American fighter Planes, as no-one was to survive what was unleashed on the innocents.  They returned to bomb again as the rescue crews came in during the aftermath.

It was Churchill being pushed by Zionists

The War could have and should have ended in 1940.  Hitler, after the invasion of Poland, beat back both the French (occupying all of France) and allowed the British to retreat with their backs to the Sea at Dunkirk, offering another Peace Proposal.  Germany would withdraw from all newly occupied territory, being that of Poland (except for the disputed corridor) and France, for an end to all hostilities.  There would be no Concentration Camps.  Millions would have survived the War.

Yet Churchill really did not care about Poland.  He did not care about “civilian deaths”, and he knew very well that Germany had no choice but to rescue the Germans on the other side of the Corridor, split by the Versailles Treaty and the new lines on the map, splitting Germany in two by this unfair “Polish Corridor”.  He knew that the Germans on the other side were being raped and slaughtered.  He knew that Hitler had no other choice but to invade when the Polish sent in troops to Danzig.

Churchill was nothing but a drunk and about to be a homeless prop up of Zionist desires, and the War was not about fairness or justification.  The plan was simply to destroy Germany, and its successes, being the first Country (against all odds) to pull itself out of the Great Depression by its bootstraps, and be a beacon of light to the rest of the World with National Socialism, turning its back on the Rothschild Banks, and even imprisoning Rothschild himself.  Germany and its innocent people who had achieved so much success had to be eliminated.  Taught a “Zionist Lesson” which would be devastating and complete.

The firebombing of innocents was “Par for the Course” and a Zionist plan for Germany, using their short, fat, coward, failure in the life of a Goyim in Churchill to accomplish their goals, as they later would also do in Libya and Iraq, using their Goyim again.  They, just like Churchill did not care how many innocents died.  All they cared about was the “Ultimate Control”.

The Enigma Machine was suppressed after the War, and the data it held, as if the documentation from it was exposed during the Nuremberg Trials, the information would prove the “Holocaust Lie” to be what it was as one.  It would expose and confirm the REAL NUMBERS of inmates in the camps, even on a “daily basis” and a number of deaths in each camp as well.  Even including the causes of the deaths.  Yet it took Decades for the British to even admit that such a machine, and its Code Breaking Abilities along with the information it contained, even existed.

Had the evidence from this machine been presented, it would have torn apart all the accusations at Nuremberg.  It would have made the fake evidence of the 6 million figure, the shrunken heads, the Jews turned into lampshades, and soap, the electrocution rooms, and the Gas Chambers be more than called into direct question, but to be simply laughed at, along with the forced confessions of the Germans who were tortured into making them.  Yet this not only was prevented from presentation, the information suppressed, and the Fable of the Holocaust inserted into its place, for the benefit of Zionists, the future State of Israel, and today the Greater Israel Project of today, but planned since the founding of Zionism of Herzl, would not come to be (as it has) today.

David Irving at The London Forum – ‘Saturation Bombing in World War II – who is to blame? ‘

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People say… What about all the Witnesses?


Well what about them? They heard stories. They were afraid. Some people afterwards confirmed the stories to be true. This is not abnormal.

Before the Internet, I have heard stories all my life, which in many cases I believed. Everybody said it was true, so I believed it. That was how it was in the days before the Internet.

Some might say “Read the Newspaper” or “Read a Book”. Yet it is TODAY that we know the agenda behind many of these books and certainly that of Mainstream Media. Only today. Back then it was Gospel.

I mean the thought was… the Media can’t lie! They would be caught and sued! No way eh? <== Yes way!

Recently our Prime Minister of Canada (Justin Trudeau) went to Auschwitz. Last July actually. There he had a Zionist telling him a fairy tale about his entire family (which in reality, if they disappeared, he would not exactly know their outcome anyway) and of course we have NONE OTHER than our top Canadian Media Sources right there to document the entire ordeal.

Now Auschwitz was tested 3 times for Gas Residue and it was PROVEN that the “Decades Long Mock Gas Chamber” was one. By the 1980’s this was admitted by the Curator of the “Money Raking Museum Site” itself. The building was renovated to LOOK like a Gas Chamber (we’ll sort of) in 1948. After the War. The Curator (Piper) had no other choice but to fess up. He had done his own tests, after the others, and came to the same conclusions. He tried to cover up this report. Yet it leaked out. His back was against the wall.

So Piper came up with a NEW story. Yes, the Mock Gas Chamber was built AFTER the War, but it was simply “converted back” to it’s original state BEFORE the Nazi’s abandoned the “Gassing Operation” and turned this building into an Air Raid Shelter. Quit laughing!

Now for those of you NOT laughing, this is ridiculous because the Nazi’s are NOT going to renovate a Gas Chamber with Zyclon -B (Cyanide) coated walls into a nice safe place for all their staff to be protected during an Air Raid ok? I mean this takes more of a leap of faith, than the Gas Chamber story to begin with!

Yet anyway, back to our Justin Trudeau story and our TOP Mainstream Media Press … in 2016 in July documenting this Zionist (still getting reparation money, and probably a little extra for relating his story) telling poor “Uneducated Justin” this story with the Newspapers and TV Channels camera’s rolling to document this story of how his family were all gassed (which he could not have seen and lived to tell about it) in this Gas Chamber <== Well documented now as a total FAKE!

The Media is there to catch “Justin’s Tears” as he is so amazed at this yarn of deceit. Ohh, and guess what? He even had OTHER top Party Members there with him, who I guess are equally as ignorant.

Well, at least THEY did not cry, but they also never told Justin that this was a “Fairy Tale”. A Fraud. Neither did the Media either. They just reported on it, as if we were living in 1945 and they never “fact check” anything after. It’s “Common Knowledge” right?

6 Million people died in Auschwitz in Gas Chambers built by Nazi’s in a Genocide Program during WWII to kill off every living Jewish Person!

Ohh, wait, they changed the sign to 4 million. Ohh, wait they changed the sign to 1.5 million. Ohh wait, they admit they need to change the sign again to under 1 million. Ohh wait for the International Red Cross and the Russians finally took the lid off their figures of German Camp records (which agree with one another) that under 300,000 died of EVERY Nationality and creed in ALL camps.

Can someone tell Justin? The CBC? The Globe and Mail? CTV? His Party Members? His History Teacher in School?

Ok, but just OLD NEWS right? Who cares today. It is over. Drop it right?

Well, sorry friends, but Justin then went back with his Top Party Members and held a vote in OUR CANADIAN HOUSE on whether the Government should take a stand on “Denouncing the BDS (boycott Israel Movement)” or not, and guess what friends?

87% approval for that! Don’t tell me that this display did not help THAT vote along! So we have fraud promoted by our Media and our Own Government and sold into Legislation, and it is NO BIG DEAL?

Well, I say it is. I say it is and YOU had better start calling them on it!

Best to download the video as YouTube keeps pulling it down

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Who was Ernst Zundel (the Canadian Hero)?

Zundel Funeral

Refused Citizenship but a Canadian just the same.  Our Government does not rule our Hearts when it comes to Freedom!

On May 13, 1988, Ernst Zündel was sentenced by Judge Ronald Thomas of the District Court of Ontario, in Toronto, to nine months in prison for having distributed a Revisionist booklet that is now 14 years old: Did Six Million Really Die?

Ernst Zündel lives in Toronto where, up until a few years ago, he worked as a graphic artist and advertising man. He is now 49 years old. A native of Germany, he has kept his German citizenship. His life has known serious upsets from the day when, in about 1981, he began to distribute Did Six Million Really Die?, a Revisionist booklet by Richard Harwood. The booklet was first published in 1974 in Great Britain where, a year later, it was the focus of a lengthy controversy in the literary journal Books and Bookmen. At the instigation of the Jewish community of South Africa, it was later banned in that country.

In Canada, during an earlier trial in 1985, Zündel had been sentenced to 15 months in prison. That sentence was thrown out in 1987. A new trial began on January 18, 1988. I participated in the preparations for it and in the unfolding of those judicial proceedings. I devoted thousands of hours to the defense of Ernst Zündel.

David Irving

The British historian David Irving enjoys great prestige. Zündel thought of asking him to testify, but there was a problem: Irving was only partly a Revisionist. The thesis that he defended, for example, in Hitler’s War (New York, The Viking Press, 1977) can be summed up as follows: Hitler never gave an order for the extermination of the Jews; at least up to the end of 1943 he was kept in ignorance of that extermination; only Himmler and a group of about 70 or so persons were aware of it; in October 1944 Himmler, who wanted to get into the good graces of the Allies, gave an order to cease the extermination of the Jews.

I had met Irving in Los Angeles in September of 1983 at the annual convention of the Institute for Historical Review, where I challenged him by asking several questions about proof to support his thesis. Then I published an article entitled “A Challenge to David Irving” in The Journal of Historical Review (Winter 1984, pp. 289-305) and Spring 1985, p. 8 and 122). I tried to convince this brilliant historian that logically he could no longer be satisfied with a semi-Revisionist position. To begin with, I challenged him to produce Himmler’s order to stop the extermination, an order which never actually existed. Later on, I learned from various sources that Irving was undergoing a change that moved him in the direction of Revisionism.

In 1988, Zündel became convinced that the British historian was only waiting for a decisive event to take a final step in our direction. After arriving in Toronto, David Irving discovered in rapid succession the Leuchter report and an impressive number of documents that Zündel, his friends and I had accumulated over the course of several years. The last reservations or the last misunderstandings melted away in the course of a meeting. He agreed to testify on the stand. In the opinion of those who were present at the two trials (1985 and 1988), no single testimony, except that of Fred Leuchter, caused such a sensation. For more than three days, David Irving, engaging in a sort of public confession, took back all that he had said about the extermination of the Jews and without reservation adopted the Revisionist position. With courage and honesty, he showed how a historian can be brought to revise profoundly his views on the history of the Second World War.

Ernst Zündel had promised that his trial would be “the trial of the Nuremberg Trial” or “the Stalingrad of the “exterminationists.” The unfolding of those two long trials proved him right, even though the jury, “instructed” by the judge to consider the Holocaust as an established fact “which no reasonable person can doubt,” finally found him guilty. Zündel has already won. It remains for him to make it known to Canada and to the entire world. The media black-out of the 1988 trial was almost complete. Jewish organizations campaigned vigorously for such a blackout and even went so far as to say that they did not want an impartial account of the trial. They did not want any account of it at all. The paradox is that the only publication which reported relatively honestly about the trial was The Canadian Jewish News. Ernst Zündel and the Leuchter report have left a profound mark on history; both will be remembered for many years to come.

Ernst Zundel Playlist

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goyim go for it

It’s not a Race!  It’s not a Religion!       →Ideology←

And Nothing More!

Invented!  That’s right.  Invented. From the mind of Herzl.  It’s Fraud!

I have many posts here proving that out but it is a “Political Philosophy” and nothing more.  An idea to Control Humanity and it works in stages.  I am going to ask you to look in the Archives.  Search the Archives.  Look at the documentation I have presented and then I want you to make up your own mind.  Do I have a point?

  • Khazars and Ashkenazi that USE JUDAISM as a tool, but that is a fraud.
  • In no way connected to Ancient Israelites
  • Invented the term “Anti-Semitic” to equate Zionism with Race or Religion
  • Infiltrated Protestant Christianity with the Scofield Bible
  • Makers of the Balfour Declaration to hoodwink Palestine for themselves
  • Promoted the Fraud of the Holocaust
  • Cornered the market on Banking with the House of Rothschild
  • Cornered the market on Mainstream Media
  • Lobbied your Government for compliance
  • Forced Hate Speech Laws regarding their promotion of fraud being questioned
  • Made way for Disinigration of the Family Unit
  • Promoted and funded Wars through the Back Door
  • Built Walls and caused Genocide
  • Built and promoted Museums of Hate (Holocaust Fraud Museums)
  • Produced Hate Films promoting their frauds of the Holocaust
  • Demanded Sympathy Money for their “acclaimed victimization”
  • Disregard all International Law

You can trace Zionism back to the Free Masons, the Illuminati, the Occult, Satan Worship, and more.


The Holocaust – Hoax or Myth? You Decide.

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Israel’s 100th birthday party

happy birthad Israel

100 Years of the “Best Hoodwinking” Money can buy!

You have suppressed Media so much that very few know of the Bolshevik Revolution, and certainly that of the Balfour Declaration, as your lies of Holocaust you have been successful in keeping the reporting down on!  Israel, you are a model.  A model for:




The Zionist Jews and their Christian collaborators are celebrating the 100th birthday of their plot to solve Europe’s centuries-old Jewish Problem – known as Balfour Declaration (watch a video below).

British prime minister Theresa May says British people are proud of British part in creating the Zionist entity. In fact, most of its credit goes to Soviet Russia and United States which poured trillions of dollars and one million Russian Jews to survival the anti-Muslim project to this day.

British main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has defied Jewish Lobby pressure to attend the 100th birthday party of the Zionist baby conceived on November 2, 1917. The birthday party is also attended by the world’s greatest psychopath Benjamin Netanyahu.

Neither Britain nor Zionists had the right to dictate the fate of Palestine. Even at the time, many Britons denounced the double-dealing and contempt for indigenous people that underlay the Balfour Declaration – most prominently J.M.N. Jeffries in 25 dispatches in the London Daily Mail in January and February 1923. Pointing to a clause in the Declaration, he wrote, “The people of Palestine are referred to as ‘non-Jewish communities.’ Does Lord Balfour call the British people ‘the non-foreign community in England?’ Today there can be no excuse for celebrating this sordid chapter in settler-colonialist injustice, especially in light of the ongoing al-Nakba: the catastrophe that Palestine’s “non-Jewish communities” continue to suffer in consequence,” professor George P. Smith (University of Missouri) wrote on November 5, 2017.

On Saturday, over ten thousands Brits protested against the celebration of the notorious Balfour Declaration. They marched from the US embassy in London to British parliament. Some protester carried banners declaring Balfour Declaration as British Holocaust of Palestinian. The rally was addressed by Jeremy Corbyn and Baroness Jenny Tonge.

On May 17, 2017, Israel-British author Gilad Atzmon said that Balfour Declaration is proof of a Century of Jewish Power in the West.

Balfour-Like Declaration Film (8 Min)

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