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It’s not a Race!  It’s not a Religion!       →Ideology←

And Nothing More!

Invented!  That’s right.  Invented. From the mind of Herzl.  It’s Fraud!

I have many posts here proving that out but it is a “Political Philosophy” and nothing more.  An idea to Control Humanity and it works in stages.  I am going to ask you to look in the Archives.  Search the Archives.  Look at the documentation I have presented and then I want you to make up your own mind.  Do I have a point?

  • Khazars and Ashkenazi that USE JUDAISM as a tool, but that is a fraud.
  • In no way connected to Ancient Israelites
  • Invented the term “Anti-Semitic” to equate Zionism with Race or Religion
  • Infiltrated Protestant Christianity with the Scofield Bible
  • Makers of the Balfour Declaration to hoodwink Palestine for themselves
  • Promoted the Fraud of the Holocaust
  • Cornered the market on Banking with the House of Rothschild
  • Cornered the market on Mainstream Media
  • Lobbied your Government for compliance
  • Forced Hate Speech Laws regarding their promotion of fraud being questioned
  • Made way for Disinigration of the Family Unit
  • Promoted and funded Wars through the Back Door
  • Built Walls and caused Genocide
  • Built and promoted Museums of Hate (Holocaust Fraud Museums)
  • Produced Hate Films promoting their frauds of the Holocaust
  • Demanded Sympathy Money for their “acclaimed victimization”
  • Disregard all International Law

You can trace Zionism back to the Free Masons, the Illuminati, the Occult, Satan Worship, and more.


The Holocaust – Hoax or Myth? You Decide.

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Israel’s 100th birthday party

happy birthad Israel

100 Years of the “Best Hoodwinking” Money can buy!

You have suppressed Media so much that very few know of the Bolshevik Revolution, and certainly that of the Balfour Declaration, as your lies of Holocaust you have been successful in keeping the reporting down on!  Israel, you are a model.  A model for:




The Zionist Jews and their Christian collaborators are celebrating the 100th birthday of their plot to solve Europe’s centuries-old Jewish Problem – known as Balfour Declaration (watch a video below).

British prime minister Theresa May says British people are proud of British part in creating the Zionist entity. In fact, most of its credit goes to Soviet Russia and United States which poured trillions of dollars and one million Russian Jews to survival the anti-Muslim project to this day.

British main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has defied Jewish Lobby pressure to attend the 100th birthday party of the Zionist baby conceived on November 2, 1917. The birthday party is also attended by the world’s greatest psychopath Benjamin Netanyahu.

Neither Britain nor Zionists had the right to dictate the fate of Palestine. Even at the time, many Britons denounced the double-dealing and contempt for indigenous people that underlay the Balfour Declaration – most prominently J.M.N. Jeffries in 25 dispatches in the London Daily Mail in January and February 1923. Pointing to a clause in the Declaration, he wrote, “The people of Palestine are referred to as ‘non-Jewish communities.’ Does Lord Balfour call the British people ‘the non-foreign community in England?’ Today there can be no excuse for celebrating this sordid chapter in settler-colonialist injustice, especially in light of the ongoing al-Nakba: the catastrophe that Palestine’s “non-Jewish communities” continue to suffer in consequence,” professor George P. Smith (University of Missouri) wrote on November 5, 2017.

On Saturday, over ten thousands Brits protested against the celebration of the notorious Balfour Declaration. They marched from the US embassy in London to British parliament. Some protester carried banners declaring Balfour Declaration as British Holocaust of Palestinian. The rally was addressed by Jeremy Corbyn and Baroness Jenny Tonge.

On May 17, 2017, Israel-British author Gilad Atzmon said that Balfour Declaration is proof of a Century of Jewish Power in the West.

Balfour-Like Declaration Film (8 Min)

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The Victors were the “Bad Guys”!


“The Experience and Legacy of Displacement, Forced Labour, and Expulsion of over 10,000,000 Civilians.” Scholar, Writer, UN Diplomat and Vice President of the German World Alliance Dr. Kearn Schemm Speaks at an Academic Conference on Ethnic Cleansing against German minorities called “The Forgotten Genocide” in St. Louis, Missouri in February of 2010. Included is a discussion of the historical role of the German people in Germany and in diaspora (including in shaping American history), the problem of widespread Germanophobia and the depiction of ethnic Germans as innate warmongers, and lastly their expulsion and imprisonment in American internment camps alongside Japanese-Americans and ethnic cleansing in Eastern Europe after World War II.

Suppressed in Media, Schools, Government even today

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Let’s talk “Hate Speech”

Screenshot 2017-11-11 08.10.38.png

Only one Entity gets a “Free Pass” on Hate Speech.

Hate Speech Hypocrisy

You watch the Frebombings and you watch the Protests and you watch CNN report on it (or not), yet it is there, and you know it is there.  You know that “Freedom of Speech” should be the “Biggest Human Right” next to Food and Shelter.  Even the UN says so.

Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

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Preston James – The Future of Israel

Click for Source Article at McGill

The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica begins, “Khazar, member of a confederation of Turkic-speaking tribes that in the late 6th century CE established a major commercial empire covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia. Although the origin of the term Khazar and the early history of the Khazar people are obscure, it is fairly certain that the Khazars were originally located in the northern Caucasus region and were part of the western Turkic empire (in Turkistan). The Khazars were in contact with the Persians in the mid-6th century CE, and they aided the Byzantine emperor Heraclius (reigned 610–641) in his campaign against the Persians.”

Click for Source Article on Encyclopædia Britannica

The Khazars = Crimean Tatars = Of Turk origins who migrated out of Asia & East including The Huns and The Mongolians with NO LINKS to Semites surrounding the wide area around and including Palestine = A semi- nomadic Turkic people from Central Asia = Name ‘Khazar’ tied to a Turkic verb meaning “wandering” = In 7th century founded an independent Khaganate (a political entity ruled by a Khan or Khaganin) in the Northern Caucasus along the Caspian Sea = At their height of power, they controlled much of what is today southern Russia, western Kazakhstan, eastern Ukraine, large portions of the Caucasus (including Dagestan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia), and the Crimea. = The Khazars never inhabited the land surrounding and including where Palestine is today.

The Khazars = Important allies of the Byzantine Empire against the Sassanid empire, and were a major regional power at their height. They fought a series of successful wars against the Arab Caliphates, probably preventing an Arab invasion of Eastern Europe. By the end of the tenth century, their power was broken by the Kievan Rus (a loose federation of East Slavic tribes in Europe), and the Khazars largely disappeared from history via migration and integration.

THE KHAZARS = Over time Judaism became the state religion and many converted to Judaism from paganism with many gods focused on penal worship.

THE KHAZARS = Scholars in the former Jewish run USSR considered the Khazars to be an indigenous people of the North Caucasus and connected with an Uyghur (Turkic ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia) or Tiele confederation (a confederation of nine Turkic peoples living to the north of China and in Central Asia) called He’san in Chinese sources from the 7th-century.

THE KHAZARS = Language of Hunnish & Turkish origin (Oghur or Oğuric) similar to that spoken by the early Bulgars. It is likely that the Khazar nation was made up of tribes from various ethnic backgrounds, as steppe nations traditionally absorbed those they conquered. Priscus relates that one of the nations in the Hunnish confederacy was called Akatziroi (note a similarity between Akatziroi and “Ak-Khazar” and were early proto-Khazars) and their king was named Karadach or Karidachus. The Akatziri or Akatzirs was a tribe that lived north of the Black Sea, west of Crimea. May have also been related to those in year 500 who came from Transoxiana, a portion of Central Asia corresponding approximately with modern-day Uzbekistan.

THE KHAZARS = Tribal structure was possibly divided between Ak-Khazars (“White Khazars” with relish hair) and Kara-Khazars (“Black Khazars” were almost deep dark like they came from India) and a conglomerate of Asian and common Turkic peoples including the Huns. Many Turkic nations had a similar division between a “white” ruling warrior caste and other classes. Their trade & influence may have extended to the Pacific Ocean on the East and Eastern Europe on the West, as some tribes like Huns and Mongolians were strongly nomadic.

THE KHAZARS = Likely originated from the gigantic Gokturk empire western half overthrown in 552 CE = Split into a number of tribal confederations, among whom were the Bulgars. By 670, the Khazars had broken from the Bulgar confederation, causing various tribal groups to migrate and form Volga Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian khanate on the Danube River. Khazars first significant appearance in history is their aid to the campaign of the Byzantine emperor Heraclius against the Sassanid Persians. The Khazar ruler Ziebel (Khagan of the West Turks) aided the Byzantines in overrunning Georgia. In 7th and 8th centuries the Khazar fought a series of wars against the second of the four major Arab caliphates established after the death of Muhammad — First war was 650 and defeated an Arab force in a Khazarian territory. Further conflicts erupted in the decades that followed, with Arab attacks and Khazar raids into Kurdistan and Iran.

THE KHAZARS = Some think they ruled over Crimea in late 600s and put down a mid 700s rebellion by Crimean Goths but the Crimea was part of the Byzantine Empire. The Khazars were allied with the Byzantine Empire during at least part of the 700s. The Byzantine emperor Leo III married his son Constantine to the Khazar princess Tzitzak (daughter of the Khagan Bihar) as part of the alliance between the two empires.

THE KHAZARS = Second Khazar-Arab war broke out again with the Caliphate in the 710s, with raids back and forth across the Caucasus but few decisive battles covering Iran and Mosul and included Khazar beheading of enemies. Arab armies poured across the Caucasus and eventually (in 737) defeated a Khazar army and possibly forcing the Khagan to convert to Islam. The Arab armies eventually withdrew and Khazar independence was re-asserted and it is then possible the Khazar rulers adopted Judaism around 740 to re-assert independence. Arabs reported in 739 that the ruler of the Khazars was a woman who appears to have directed military operations against them. For some time after these wars, the Khazars were forced to withdraw behind the Caucasus and instead extended their territories from the Caspian Sea or “Khazar Sea” to the steppe region north of Black Sea in the west to Dnieper River (of Ukraine). In 758, the military governor of Armenia took a royal Khazar bride to make peace but the girl died inexplicably, possibly in childbirth but her attendants who returned home were convinced that some Arab faction had poisoned her. Her father was enraged and ordered a Khazar general to invade northwestern Iran and plunder it for months. Thereafter relations between the Khazars and Arabs became increasingly cordial.

THE KHAZARS Religion = Originally was Turkic shamanism (belief in an unseen world of gods) = Focused on the sky god Tengri, but were heavily influenced by Confucian ideas (transcendent ideals of traditional Chinese society) and the Mandate of Heaven and the Japanese CONCEPT OF A CHOSEN PEOPLE! So the Khazarian Kaghan (KING) chose to be the sky-god. Any kaghan who failed had clearly lost the god’s favor and was typically ritually executed. Perhaps this caused the Kaghan to choose Judaism over far too frequent execution. The primitive Khazar also worshipped a number of other deities including the fertility goddess Umay, Kuara, a thunder-god, Erlik, the god of death, and a phallic god much like the worship of Satan.

THE KHAZARS Conversion to Judaism = Likely to save the King’s life they chose conversion and since Jewish communities had settled around the Greek cities of the Black Sea coast including Crimean cities with some said to have had a Jewish majority as early as the 670s — They chose what was known and handy, Judaism. Jews had been driven out of the Byzantine Empire and since they were traveling merchants they regularly had traded in Khazar territory and developed significant economic and political influence. So the Kaghan choice was relatively easy and saved his life from beheading. The formal conversion of larger groups to Judaism took place in last decades of the 8th century or the early 9th century. Most scholars believe that only the upper classes converted to Judaism but burial practices seemed to have changed in mid 800s to follow Judaism rules and grave goods disappeared. Perhaps by 950 Judaism became more widespread. The Khazar empire was among growing populations of Muslims to the east and Christians to the west and both recognized Judaism with some respect. Khazars were called “bastards” by Karaite Jews in writings so the Khazars avoided adopting Karaite Jewish beliefs.

NOTE: Karaite Judaism or Karaism is a Jewish religious movement characterized by the recognition of the Tanakh alone as its supreme authority in Halakha. Karaites maintain that all of the divine commandments handed down to Moses by God were recorded in the written Torah without additional Oral Law or explanation as those written by Rabbis in the Talmud (completely invalid to these Jews).

NOTE: Mainstream Rabbinic Judaism = Considers the Oral Torah of the Talmud and many add-ons by rabbis to be authoritative laws of jews. Contains suggestions of incest and advocated the murder of non-jews especially Christians.

“Babylonian Endgame – Hell on Earth”Khazarian Mafia’s Globalist NWO, P.James 2-28-17

THE KHAZARS CONVERTS = Held in high regard among the Jews of the Orient + The Khazars are claimed to be “The LORD’s chosen ally will carry out his purpose against Babylon; his arm will be against the Babylonians.” Isaiah 48:14 in the Destruction of the Arabs in Babylon. Some say the Khazar rulers viewed themselves as the protectors of international Jewry who retaliate against Muslim or Christian interests in Khazaria. Around 920 the Khazar ruler received information that Muslims had destroyed a synagogue in the land of Babung, in Iran; he gave orders that the minaret of the mosque in his capital should be broken off, and the muezzin executed. He further declared that he would have destroyed all the mosques in the country had he not been afraid that the Muslims would, in turn, destroy all the synagogues in their lands. = Shows extreme vindictiveness against other religions! But then some researchers claim the Khazar rulers showed religious toleration over the nations short 300-year existence?

THE KHAZARS Government of Kingship = Divided between the khagan (King has many wives and was a figurehead like Queen Elizabeth) and the Bek or Khagan Bek who was responsible for administration and military affairs. The Khagan’s palace was on an island in the Volga River and he had 25 wives, each the daughter of a client ruler. Perhaps by 950-960, the Khazars had merged the two positions into a single ruler. Settlements were governed by administrative officials appointed by the Bek for a town.

THE KHAZARS Army = Led by the Khagan Bek and commanded by subordinate officers known as tarkhans. A famous tarkhan led an invasion of Armenia in 758 and included regiments of Muslim auxiliaries who were quite influential and were exempt from campaigning against their fellow Muslims. + The Bek could call upon tribal levies in times of danger and be often joined by auxiliaries from subject nations.

THE KHAZARS Judiciary = Court consisted of two Jews, two Christians, two Muslims, and a “heathen” (Turkic shaman or a pagan priest) = Jewish researchers claim they had three Jewish judges and the others had one at most if any.

THE KHAZARS Economy & Trade = Occupied a prime trade nexus between Europe & Central Asia to China. The route of Jewish Radhanites medieval traders ran through Khazaria and may have been instrumental in the Khazars’ conversion to Judaism. No Khazar paid taxes to the central government and all Revenue came from a 10% levy on goods transiting through the region. The Khazars may have exported honey, furs, wool, millet and other cereals, fish, and slaves, but some assert that the Khazars produced almost no material goods themselves, living solely off of trade, but may have produced some pottery and glass.

THE KHAZARS Coinage = Minted silver coins, perhaps copies of Arab Caliphate dirhems Coins that were in widespread use due to their reliable silver content. Merchants from China and Scandinavia accepted them regardless of their inability to read the Arab writing, so issuing imitation dirhems ensured acceptance of Khazar coinage in foreign lands. A Viking treasure found in 1999 had many silver coins and a few dated 837/8 had Arabic script saying, “Moses is the Prophet of God” (instead of “Muhammad is the Prophet of God”) — likely forged since they did not convert to Judaism until 50 years later, but perhaps King Bulan made a special commemorative coin celebrating his conversion to Judaism. All such scenarios seem a big stretch.

THE KHAZARS Influence = Heartland was on the lower Volga and the Caspian coast and from 600 supposedly controlled most of the Crimea. By 800 Khazar holdings included most of the Pontic steppe as far west as the Dneiper and as far east as the Aral Sea (some Turkic history atlases show the Khazar sphere of influence extending well east of the Aral). Towns of the Khazars were along the Caspian coast and Volga delta and Khazar settlements existed on the Dnieper River including what may now be the city of Kiev. (SOROS & ROTHSCHILDS wanted UKRAINE FOR SOME REASON) and with Jewish Traders traveling to China they had influence with the drug and silk trade.

THE KHAZARS Decline and Fall = 10th century the empire began to decline due to the attacks of both Vikings from Kievan Rus and various Turkic tribes and from internal rebellions by any tribes. The rebel tribes may have joined with the Magyars (“Hungarian”) possibly against the imposition of Judaism. And after some years of constant battles, the Khazars lost control over the steppes north of the Black Sea. They were soon diplomatically isolation and under constant military threats from Svyatoslav (called destroyer of the Khazar Khaganate) and those he led inhabiting present-day Ukraine around 950. Also, the alliance with the Byzantines began to collapse in the early 900s, with conversion to Judaism and Byzantine and Khazar forces may have clashed in the Crimea around 940s. The Byzantines during that time-shifted their alliances to the with the Persians and Russians of more recent times. The Khazars found themselves fighting on multiple fronts as nomadic incursions were exacerbated by uprisings by former clients and invasions from former allies who became strong enemies. The Khazars actions against the Norse and Rus factions blocking trade routes along the Volga and that sparked a war. Supposedly in the early 960s, Khazar ruler Joseph supposedly wrote about the deterioration in relations with the Rus: “I have to wage war with them, for if I would give them any chance at all they would lay waste the whole land of the Muslims as far as Baghdad.” The Rus warlords Oleg of Novgorod and Sviatoslav I of Kiev launched several wars against the Khazar khaganate, often with Byzantine help. Sviatoslav succeeded in destroying Khazar imperial power in the 960s and the Khazar fortresses of Sarkel and Tamatarkha fell to the Rus in 965 as did the capital city of Atil in 967 or 969. A visitor to Atil wrote soon after the sacking of the city: “The Rus attacked, and no grape or raisin remained, not a leaf on a branch.” THE KHAZAR EMPIRE WAS GONE AND REMAINING KHAZARS FLED WEST into Europe.



THE KHAZARS = Khazar Mercenaries had spread into (its homelands) around modern Turkey doing deeds for the Caliphate and other Islamic states and the Khazar community mingled with the Jews of the suburb of modern-day Beyoğlu, Turkey. A map of the flow of Khazars shows most flowed into Western Europe as far as Spain. Khazar rabbinical students descended from the Khazars, were found in 12th century Spain and Khazar converts were found in France, Germany, England and Eastern Europe.

THE KHAZARS = Ashkenazim is built on Khazars and DNA proves it. DNA now proves modern Ashkenazi Converts are of Khazarian ancestry rather than Jewish Semites. DNA studies demonstrate that Ashkenazi say 90% to 97% are of NON-SEMITE origins and have strong links to a mix of Asians including Huns and Mongolians and Slavs. Koestler who first noted the “Khazars are the Ashkenazis” was himself emphatically pro-Zionist. Zionists should switch to Anti-Khazar instead of Anti-Semite to be more accurate in their oppression and suppression of FREE SPEECH!

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Who is Robert Faurisson?

Robert Faurisson

Robert Faurisson

[Dr. Robert Faurisson testified for six days on April 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 1988. He was the eighteenth witness called by the defence.]

Dr. Robert Faurisson had testified previously at the first Zündel trial in 1985 as an expert witness, on the same basis that Dr. Hilberg was allowed to testify, namely, whether the German government from 1933 to 1945 deliberately embarked on a scheme to exterminate Jews in Europe. (29-7963, 7973) Faurisson was qualified to testify in the same manner in the second trial by Judge Ron Thomas. (29-8001)

Dr. Robert Faurisson was born in 1929 near London, England. His father was French and his mother Scottish. Part of his youth was spent in Singapore and Japan and he attended Catholic schools in France from 1937 to 1946. From 1946 to 1955, Faurisson attended the University of Sorbonne, achieving in 1956 the Aggregation des Lettres in Greek, Latin and French, the highest level in France. In 1972, Faurisson obtained the highest of three doctorate awards available in France, the Doctorat d’Etat of Lettres and Sciences Humaines (State Doctorate). (29-7965, 7966)

From 1956 to 1968, Faurisson taught high school and from 1969 to 1974 he taught Modern French literature at the Sorbonne. From 1974 to 1979, he taught Modern Literature and Text and Document Criticism at the University of Lyon where he obtained status as a tenured professor. Since 1979, however, Faurisson had been unable to teach because of his writings. (29-7966, 7967)

With regard to literature, Faurisson had published four books and articles totaling about 1,000 pages; with respect to Text and Document Criticism, he had written books and articles totaling 750 pages in French and 300 in English. (29-7974)

Faurisson’s preliminary research into the Holocaust began around 1960 or 1961 and continued until about 1973. Said Faurisson: “It involved books like those of Raul Hilberg, of Gerald Reitlinger, on one side, and on other side, Paul Rassinier …” Faurisson termed as “exterminationists” those who believed, like Poliakov and Wolfe as well as Hilberg and Reitlinger, that there was an extermination of the Jews or an attempted extermination. On the other side were such people as Paul Rassinier and other revisionists who believed that they were able to demonstrate there was no such extermination or attempted extermination. (29-7967, 7968)

Books Online: The ‘False News’ Trial of Ernst Zündel — 1988

Documentary: Robert Faurisson: “A Man” – The Ernst Zündel Trials (14 Min Video)

Defence attorney Christie placed a transparency on an overhead projector, which stated:

Alleged Extermination of the Jews

No Order

No Plan

No Budget

No Weapon (No expert report stating: ‘This was a homicidal gas chamber’)

No Body (No autopsy report stating: ‘This is or was the body of a person killed by poison gas.’)

Faurisson explained that the chart meant as follows: “It means that we don’t find any order for an extermination of the Jews. We don’t find any plan, we don’t find any trace of a budget. There is no weapon, a specific weapon for a specific crime. If we have a systematic extermination, we need a system of extermination…So, it’s quite normal that the people who believe in the extermination, believe in the gas chambers because such an enterprise would have necessitated a specific weapon. Gas chamber and extermination are one [and] the same thing … and there is no expert report stating ‘this was a homicidal gas chamber’. You can visit in Auschwitz and in some other places…rooms [that] are supposed to be gas chamber[s] and even sometimes in a genuine state, and when you ask — when you say, ‘But I don’t understand what is a gas chamber, I need a proof, bring me an expert report showing that it was a homicidal gas chamber’, and I say ‘homicidal’ because it means gas chamber to kill people, not for disinfection.” (29-8022)

Screenshot 2017-11-10 15.28.36

Faurisson had written the book Is The Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?. On the back cover was the photocopy of an article published on 9 October 1980 in the New York Post dealing with the results of an official expert opinion on the authenticity of the diary. Faurisson read the article to the jury:

Anne Frank may not have inked that famous diary

By Al Fredricks

A REPORT by the German Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau (BKA) indicates that portions of The Diary of Anne Frank had been altered or added after 1951, casting doubt over the authenticity of the entire work, the West German news weekly Der Spiegel has disclosed.

The diary, a day-to-day account of the anguish of a young Jewish girl and her family hiding in in (sic) their Amsterdam home during the Nazi invasion, has touched the hearts of millions.

The manuscript was examined on orders of a West German court as part of a libel action brought by Otto Frank, Anne’s father and the only family member to survive the concentration camps, against Ernst Roemer for spreading the allegation the book was a fraud.

This was the second suit against Roemer, a long-time critic of the book, by Frank. In the first case, the court decided in Frank’s favor when the testimony of historians and graphologists sufficed to authenticate the diary.

In April, however, only a short time before Otto Frank’s death on Aug. 19, the manuscript was turned over to technicians of the BKA for examination.

The manuscript, in the form of three hardbound notebooks and 324 loose pages bound in a fourth notebook, was examined with special equipment.

The results of tests performed at the BKA laboratories show that portions of the work, specifically of the fourth volume, were written with a ball point pen. Since ballpoint pens were not available before 1951, the BKA concluded, those sections must have been added subsequently.

The examination of the manuscript did not, however, unearth any conclusive evidence to lay to rest the speculations about the authenticity of the first three notebooks.

Faurisson produced the actual Official Expert Opinion dated 28 May 1980, upon which the newspaper article was based and which set out the results of the technical analysis of the original diary manuscript by the State Criminal Office. (30-8131 to 8142; filed as Exhibit 122 at 30- 8142)

The expert opinion stated as follows [English translation]:

28th May 1980
Tel. 55-2640

Case KT 41 — 2404/79

To District Court of Justice Hamburg Minor Penal Court 7 P.O. Box 30 01 21 2000 Hamburg 36

Ref Penal case against Edgar Geiss and Ernst Römer viz. criminal and technical test of the “Diary of Anne Frank” Re: Decisions of the District Court of Justice in Hamburg, Minor Penal Court 7, dated 13th July 1979, 7th Jan 80 and 26th March 80 with ref numbers (49) 30/77 Ns — 141 Js 298/76 and 145 Cs 129/76 –

OFFICIAL EXPERT OPINION (based on Par. 256 of Civil Penal Code)

According to the decision of the District Court of Justice in Hamburg dated 13th July 1979 (Vol. IV ref to (49) 30/77, page 478) it has to be found out whether the manuscripts ascribed to provene from Anne Frank, should possibly be denied as having been written within the years 1941-1944, by testing the paper and the handwriting utensils used.

The following items were submitted for examination:

Diary I starting with the first date of 12th June 1942 in a checkered cover Diary II dated from 22nd Dec 1943 until 17th Apr 1944 in a brown paper cover Diary III starting with the 17th Apr 1944, ending with 1st Aug 1944 in a brown paper cover

A further item submitted for examination consisted of 324 loose manuscript pages starting with the date of 20th June 1942 until 29th March 1944, which are also ascribed to be written by Anne Frank. Another item was a note book of Anne Frank with narratives and remarks concerning events which happened in the “backyard house”, allegedly written in the years 1942 to 1944. Each of these submitted items were originals.

The examinations were carried through in the town hall of Birsfelden/Switzerland. The police of the Basle County (Rural Dept.) distributed for this purpose 1 Stereo microscope and 1 ultra-violet lamp. Some samples of the diary papers, handwritings and samples of the loose manuscripts pages have been taken from the Swiss originals and tested at Wiesbaden document-testing-laboratories of the German State Criminal Office, to carry on the necessary chemical and physical examinations. The examinations in the laboratories have also been extended to a letter written by Anne Frank, addressed to her grandmother, dated 22nd March 1941, and to a postcard addressed to a “Mrs. Leni…” dated 7th July 1942 — all these items were necessary to compare the inks used.


All pages of the 3 diaries have a compact binding, showing a brown-yellowish tint. The fluorescent test did prove that in none of them a whitening ingredient has been traced; these so-called “whiteners” are commonly used in the production of modern papers since approximately 1950.

The strings of the bindings, too, do not exhibit any fluorescent properties.

The papers do not show any water-marks.

The diary manuscripts have been done by hand whereby blue-black ink — partly also red ink and pencil have been used; on some of the loose manuscripts corrections by pencil have been made.

A thorough-going examination and technical fluorescence testing of those 324 loose pages did show that, without exceptions, non-fluorescent papers of yellow, pink and blue colour have been used, with the only difference that paper of lighter weight have been used. Those loose papers do not show any water- marks.

The writing on the loose papers have also been done by hand with blue-black ink; post-entry corrections on those loose pages have been performed, too, with blue black and red ink, sometimes also with pencil — and partly even with black, green and blue ball-point-pen paste.

Ball-point-pen paste of the quality shown on the tested pages did not be available on the market but only since 1951.

The chemical test of the ink used on the pages of all diaries and loose manuscripts did show that, without exceptions, ferrigenous blue-black gallic acid ink with a high content of iron has been used — which was the common ink during WWII and the first years thereafter.

After 1949 gallic acid inks with a much lower content of iron but with a higher amount of dyestuffs available on the market, because the chemical industry was able to develop production on pre-war standards.

The same kind of ink has been used in making the handwriting of letters and postcards dating from 1941 until 1942, in making the notice-book containing the narrative dealing with the “backyard-house”, and in making the loose letter manuscripts, and the diaries. Also the same non-fluorescent quality of paper is the same in all those writings.

So we have to state that the same ink was used in performing the diaries I-III, the loose manuscripts and the other comparative scripts, which ink was obtainable on the market during WWII and the first years thereafter.

There is also no difference in the quality of papers, all were obtainable on the market during WWII.

But it is surely impossible, that those individual corrections, made by ball-point pen paste on the loose paper pages had been written before the year 1951.

The report on the quality of paper used in the loose-pages manuscripts states, that this thin paper has been highly milled and did consist of relatively coarse cellulose pulp, not whitened.

As there is no water-mark on those paper sheets, it is impossible to determine the time when these papers have been manufactured, because no method exists to find out the age of paper by any scientific- criminal technique.

Anyway it is sure that those papers differ distinctly from those on the market nowadays. Papers of that minor quality is nowhere on sale today. It is also impossible to say clearly when the paper of better quality began to penetrate into the market. Generally speaking the reconversion from lower to better quality could have taken place in 1950 approximately. Its also impossible to fix the proper age of any ink inscription by chemical methods, even in adapting the “Mezger-Rall-Heess” method one can only have a chance to find out the age of any ink inscription with an accuracy of maximal 6 years — but in our case the time under consideration is much earlier.

Taking into account the quality of paper and the ferrigenous gallic acid ink it cannot be said that the 3 diaries and the manuscripts consisting of 324 loose paper pages have been performed on the stated dates, or have been written a few years later.

By order (-) signed Dr. Werner Chief Director Scientific Dept.

Faurisson testified that a handwriting report done in 1960 or 1961 had determined that the handwriting of the entire diary was done by the same person. This included the corrections written, as was later discovered, in ball-point pen ink. (30-8140)

April 15, 1988

On page 96 of Six Million Did Die was a photograph of a group of naked people with the caption:

“Without screaming or weeping these people undressed…”

Faurisson pointed out that there was no indication of where the photograph came from or when this event was supposed to have happened. This was the case for most of the photographs in the book. In Faurisson’s opinion, the book was not a historical book. A historical book would provide the information which would allow the reader to check what was presented. The caption appeared to be a quotation but no citation was given for it. Further reading on the next page showed it was a quote from the witness Hermann Graebe, the man Faurisson had already testified was publicly discredited as a false witness in Germany, who had gone to the United States, and who was a fugitive from the law in his own country of Germany. This had been published in a long article in Der Spiegel in 1965. (31-8453 to 8456)

Six Million Did Die made no mention of this although it was already known at the time of its publication in 1978 that Graebe had been found to be a false witness in the other matter; therefore, he could be a false witness in this matter also. (31-8456)

Faurisson pointed out further photographs in the book which had no citations and in some cases no captions. He could not know the significance of these photographs without knowing what they were. (31-8457, 8458)

On page 104 of Six Million Did Die was a photograph, again without a caption, of a man in uniform standing in the midst of a mass of emaciated bodies. Faurisson believed the man was Dr. Fritz Klein, the doctor at Bergen-Belsen, who was later executed. Said Faurisson: “The British obliged him to go in the middle, right in the middle, of all those cadavers for the photo…It seems, for me, that any reader would think that this man might be a German, and…when you see the behaviour of the man, he seems to be like proud of the fact that he is in the middle of all those corpses. In fact, he was the doctor of the camp. He tried to fight against this typhus, all those epidemics, and we know that in the last day[s] of Bergen-Belsen, there was not even water because the canal bringing the water had been bombed. So, in a place where you had so many people packed, the epidemics were terrible. And there was no medicine. I think that Richard Harwood explained that very well in his booklet, Did Six Million Really Die?.” (31-8458, 8459)

On page 105 of Six Million Did Die, the authors quoted witness Elias Rosenberg. Faurisson testified that Rosenberg was a Jew who testified in the Demjanjuk war crimes trial in Jerusalem, where Demjanjuk was accused of being “Ivan the Terrible.” In 1946, Rosenberg had testified that he had seen “Ivan the Terrible” killed with a shovel in Treblinka in 1943. When Demjanjuk’s lawyer attempted to use this evidence to exonerate his client, Rosenberg said that his 1946 testimony had no value. (31-8460)16

On page 106 of Six Million Did Die were three photographs of groups of women and children with the caption:

Neither women nor children were spared.

Faurisson testified that he recognized the second and third photographs, but not the first. The second photograph was one which Faurisson had seen in the Auschwitz Museum and was a “rather well-known” photograph: “We see this photograph in many books about the Holocaust, and those children are those who have been filmed on the 27th of January, 1945, at the liberation of Auschwitz. So those children are being liberated, and we cannot say that those children are not going to be spared.” (31-8462, 8463)

On page 114 of Six Million Did Die was a photograph of men looking out from stacked bunks, with the caption indicating that the photograph was taken in Belsen. Faurisson testified that he had seen this photograph with captions saying it was taken in Belsen (as in this case) as well as Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Said Faurisson: “…I do not deny that this might be…an authentic photo, but this book pretend[s] to be historical, and for a historian, it is a bit upsetting to see that once it is Belsen, another time it’s Auschwitz, at another time it is Buchenwald.” (31- 8465)

On overhead transparencies, two examples of this were shown to the jury. In the first instance, the photograph was allegedly taken in Buchenwald and the circled man was supposed to be Elie Wiesel. In the second instance, the photograph was represented to be Auschwitz and one of the men was identified as Mel Mermelstein [a “survivor” who sued the Institute for Historical Review.] (31-8466)

On page 122 of Six Million Did Die was a photograph of a pile of bodies in a room with the caption:

Victims of the Dachau gas chamber lie piled to the ceiling in the crematorium.

This caption was false, said Faurisson, “because we know that nobody was gassed in Dachau.” Faurisson did not deny, however, that the photograph might be of bodies in Dachau: “Because in Dachau and the sub-camps of Dachau, 32,000 people died from 1934 to 1945, and the number of people who were in this camp for all those years was 206,206, which means that…something like 15 percent died; 85 percent survived, and if we have to believe the Jewish Encyclopedia…80 to 90 percent of those people were Jews.” (31-8467)

It was generally accepted, said Faurisson, that before the war, there were 350,000 Jews in France, of which 75,721 were deported. This latter figure had been proved by Serge Klarsfeld in the book Memorial to the Deportation of the Jews of France. Thus, it was generally admitted, said Faurisson, that from one-fourth to one-fifth of the Jews were deported. (31-8468, 8469)

Said Faurisson: “…the children who were deported from France, sometimes the parents wanted to have their children with them, sometimes they did not want, so the government faced a real problem there, and at least in one case, in a camp in south of France, the parent[s] made a vote to decide if the children would be deported with them or not, and this is said in the book La Grande Rafle du Vél’ d’Hiv.” (31-8469)

Faurisson testified that he met Zündel for the first time at the first convention of the Institute for Historical Review in Los Angeles in 1979 where Faurisson was to present his paper, “The Mechanics of Gassing.” As his English was “rather bad,” he asked that someone read his paper. The person that did so was Zündel. Faurisson was present when Zündel read it to an audience of about seventy people and he later discussed the paper with him, as well as the photos and plans which he had shown at the time. The paper was later published in the first issue of the Journal of Historical Review in the spring of 1980. (31-8469 to 8472)

Robert Faurisson In Sweden (full 2 hrs)

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