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Mainstream Media, including Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Medium, Weebly etc, fight to suppress the truth.  They have shut me down many times, removed videos I link to, and hide posts from people they target.  I am fighting to keep the suppression insignificant, but I need your help, and so I designed this “with you in mind” to make it easy for you to navigate and share from directly.

I paid for the site name, and to host the site to stop the suppression and worked hard to design something that would make it easy for you to navigate and share from.

Inside of the blogs, you will find “Underlined Words” ← Those are Links to video and documentation.

On the sidebar, you will see the most recent comments.  You can comment too at the bottom of every post.

I added more “Archive Links” so that you can search Monthly, or simply search them All, or (as was initially useful for people) in “About” with “Descriptive Links” also broken down Monthly.

It is FREE for you.  Only I pay for the Hosting and the Address.  I never will charge for this information which I feel should be available to all of humanity.

Please share (especially on Facebook) but if you are afraid of suspensions etc, certainly do not fail to share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and any other mediums you desire from the links at the bottom of each blog.  You can also copy the blog address from your address bar, and paste that link into any post or comment on any medium you like, especially if it is not included in the share options.

Please enjoy, and visit often.  You and I can end suppression by sharing information like this often, and be making it so widespread that the suppression freaks will need to give up (as they had to with “Alternative Energy”), simply because it became impossible to keep the truth from the people.