• Their Agenda Is Not In Tune With Humanity
    It’s negative, and if it is negative it is wrong and if it is Positive it is right.  In all circumstances, every time, in every situation, absolutely always!  So why a […]

  • This is a USA example, but the same is true anywhere
    Have you noticed that there are not too many Politicians to choose from, at the very top?  They all seem to “Sing the Same Song”?  They may talk a little d […]

  • Pointing fingers is fruitless unless you get down to the base.
    You can follow Trump, and it will lead you to the Mob.  You can follow the Mob and it will lead you to Zionists.  You can follow the Media and it w […]


    I would have to say YES.  Yet the Elite?
    How can we wrestle control away from these jerks?  Well, perhaps we don’t have to.

    How much does it cost them to keep you in the dark?

    I find it amazing how hard th […]

  • This is bull to the highest degree!
    I personally got my Facebook account banned for telling the truth about the Holocaust and so has @Jim Rizoli along with countless others! I personally advise people who want t […]

  • I only use Einstein, as people use him as a validity
    Yet in my opinion, there were far smarter Men than Albert, like that of Nikola Tesla or even Einstein’s Wife that you could take great quotes from.  Still, I […]

  • Campaign against Anti-Semitism?

    First of all, you need to grab your dictionary and look up Semite. Semitic is a language and by adding “Anti” as a prefix, does not change Semitic from being a language. Being […]

  • Thinking Zionists have “Biblical Backing”?  Think again
    This is just not blind Faith but we humans are no doubt being deceived and most definitely diverted. If you research all “holy books” without being bias, […]

  • Propaganda Films of WWII
    Notice they never say why the War started. There is no defense of it. A Corridor in Poland. Something so important but it does not exist today. Not a mention of this at all. Its as if […]

  • Frustrated?  You should be!  Your Political System

    This is not just a problem facing the US of A
    It is a problem Worldwide, and it is set up to be that way.  There was one person who stood up and tried to ma […]

  • I personally have no respect for NATO.
    I call it the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization as it has done nothing BUT terrorism and to destroy regimes without just cause. It’s “Official Name” is the North […]

  • We only spread the word with YOUR sharing
    I accept no money for this site.  No advertising allowed.  No personal gain whatsoever, but for the benefit of all of Humanity to learn and know of the TRUTH.

    You can fi […]

  • Do they ever get rid of “Old Laws” or just lump new ones on?

    Are they correct to begin with? Sometimes the simplest of systems make the most sense. More laws mean more complications and more corruption to get […]


    Over the past decade, pollsters charted something remarkable: Americans—long known for their piety—were fleeing organized religion in increasing numbers. The vast majority still believed in God mistake […]




    Longer Version on YouTube (until blocked)

    Extra Clip added at end

  • How many intellectuals have to say it?
    New from Ken O’Keefe (18 Min)
    While Trump Supporters Argue Over Collusion
    Others make it clear

    This Site Is Dedicated To Educating You
    Here in “About” you will fi […]

  • Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election

    Donald Trump Jr. met in Trump Tower in the summer of 2016 with a representative of two wealthy Arab princes who said they […]

  • In April 1959, the chamber of the Arab League Boycott of Israel submitted a demand that the Swiss watch company Ardath remove the Star of David from their logo, as it was an ancient Jewish emblem. A short while […]

  • Unlike many People, I like to be proven wrong!
    This time I was.  I more than believe him.  He has the most credibility of anyone concerning anything he has ever written on.  Lemme give you some background on th […]

  • Feeling a little “Hoodwinked”?  Kinda lost in reality?
    We can discuss Zionism.  We can discuss the Wars in the Middle East.  We can discuss how we got here.  We can make the assumption as to where we are goi […]

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