Who was the worst in WWII?


All I can say is that it is time for the truth to hit Sunlight!

You look at Trump today and you compare him to all the bullshit lies told about Hitler and he remains far worse.

For those of you who are preaching “Economy”, you are not only mistaken, but you are being led like a Donkey with a Carrot. Any Economist will tell you that anything Government does to the economy, rarely is the driver, but when it is, it takes at least 3 years to see the fruits of that intervention.

You don’t need to be an Economist to see this. History tells the truth.

The most Government Intervention done to the economy by government was that from FDR and Adolf Hitler. It was massive and extreme! Yet it took both of them 3 years (at a minimum) to bring the economy back. That is the most effort by Government ever made on the economy! Well surpassing anything Trump has done.

Yet most of you are in the Camp that think that Hitler was EVIL. He needed to be taken out. Yet National Socialism under Hitler was the most successful to the economy than anything else in history.

Can you not then see that you hold a “double standard”. Whether Hitler was evil or not, is not the point. What IS the point is that Trump is. He lied about his fortune. He lied about who bailed him out. He lied about his ties to Russia. He lied about his ties to Rothschild.

No Democrat is about to be the solution either, but they certainly will get “stars” for stopping Trump. They will be the same for not being unlike Trump. All YOU need to say is “We Don’t Want This”, and although they are as much under the Thumb of the Zionists as the Republicans, they understand (if they get the control they need) what YOU want!

Elect Republicans and you are going to get War with Iran, and Babies taken from Mothers at the Border and Islamophobia, and no Gun Control. That is not all that is wrong in the USA today, but it is certainly a big part of it, and you get NO CHANGE by electing Republicans!

Forget the economy! Hitler had the BEST economy! Roosevelt, who used the backdoor of deceit to get you into WWII, going through the “back door” of Japan, who he forced to attack with an embargo, also had plans to take over Canada. Canada is glad NOT to be part of the USA, and admonish ourselves as per Canadians “too close for comfort” ties. Going along with the bombing in the Middle East and contributing to International War Crimes, at the beacon call of the USA.

Vote Republican, be one of those (if you believe the propaganda) that voted for Hitler. A great economy! Yet in this case a facade.

Vote Democrat, and remove this Dictator Liar Genocidal Racist from power, and let the Republicans regroup and come back again with something decent and real, which does not attack your Welfare System or Medicare or Social Security, and (at least) slows the War Mongering, which has gone on too long!

Here is a video for today’s students:

How Oligarchs fight Wars

Man… is the USA ever compromised!

russia israel

In Culture Wars magazine for November Dr. Jones reviewed the book “HOUSE OF TRUMP, HOUSE OF PUTIN” by Craig Unger. Using insights from this book he gave a talk in Bavaria, Germany touching largely on Donald Trump. Mike writes that this book: “is an indication that the publishing arm of the Deep State is as committed to Trump’s removal from office as the Special Prosecutor’s office in the Justice Department.” Unger writes: ” The United States would have at its helm a man who would leave the country all but defenseless, and otherwise inadvertently do the bidding of the Kremlin.” Mike responds: “As the word “inadvertently” indicates, Unger is master of the extravagant claim followed by the pulled punch.” Mike explains that the story “all revolves around the equivocal use of the term “Russian.” He continues: “Find “Russian” and replace it with “Jew” and suddenly you have a completely believable book.”…..”

As Matthew Johnson argued on the pages of Culture Wars nine years ago, “the entire ‘Russian mafia is Jewish, without exception, and they have used this to deflect criticism.” Johnson bases his claim on Red Mafiya, the book by Robert Friedman, who happens to be Jewish. Like Winston Churchill, Donald Trump went into serious debt and the Jews bailed him out and now he is beholden to them. Dr. Jones explains: “The crucial link, however, is not Donald Trump and his casinos; it is Jeffrey Sachs and the Harvard Institute for International Development.” Speaking in German he told the Germans in Bavaria last week about the biggest looting operation the world has ever seen and how Donald Trump was involved.


1hr Israel: Trump and the “Russian” Mafia

*New* Truth on the Bolshevik Revolution

bolshavik revolution

Once again, the Suppression being Exposed

I wish, however people would stop saying “Jews” when these were Free Masons and Zionist.  Certainly, the film points that out.  Yet to simply say that the Bolsheviks were Jewish, is not really fair to the innocent Jews.

I have exposed this all before on hollowhoax, about the mass murder and Genocide of “mostly Christians” by the Bolsheviks, and I have made it clear that it is Zionist Owned Media that keeps this all suppressed.  I have outlined what Hitler was afraid of (rightfully) given this history and what was happening in Russia, and why he thought them to be the biggest threat to Europe.

I have pointed out that Churchill was a Zionist collaborator,  counting on them TOTALLY for his life and lifestyle and how he was more a “Drunken Fraud” than any honorable Man or Prime Minister.

Yet this film (not made by myself) puts all of these facts together, maybe not as thoroughly as I have done, but it is at least acknowledged and mentioned, just the same.  I suggest you all download the film and keep it, as its time on YouTube will definitely be short.


1hr 21 min Documentary

Past is just not past

Screenshot 2017-12-05 14.34.23

people should not be so dedicated to this!

There is no documented 6 million.  No Shrunken heads or lampshades.  No Gas Chambers and none of this makes any sense like Anti Semitic, which is a language!  Its all bullshit!


From the “Balfour Declaration to today.  None of it makes any sense.  The Germans [under Hitler] wanted an escape from poverty imposed on them, and ONE Man stood up!


Now you can say he was insane or you could say he otta be wiped out.  Yet he did the trick and under National Socialism, he made Germany turn again.  A wonderful Leader and screw you!  Wake up and evaluate who Hitler was!


Got 30 Seconds?

It is up to us to carry on!


They lied!  So what, right?

Yeah but this is the “Internet Generation” and we are exposing these lies.  They suppress because they are afraid of us.  People of the past have tried to expose the lies but they were suppressed and jailed, and some even killed.  If I was the only one doing it, then I would be dead right now!

Speak Up Grasshopper!  They cannot beat us all, especially if we are all singing the same tune!  We have had it with Mainstream Media.  We are moving on with humanity and they can either come with us or be left behind.

Ohh and they will come, as they want to control our “New Scenario”, but we are on to them!



The “Intelligent” are leaving Facebook!

bye facebook

Are you still there?

Bring em all in with this!

Boom Shack a Lak

Apache Indian

This 1993 single has been used in scores of adverts.  Big Promotional Tool!


Boom shack a lak to all the people that want
Women them a flex and the man them a chant
Got the Sixties style it have to comeback
Draw fe your bell-bottom, block heel and frock
Boom shack a lak, Rude Boy
You don’t know sir

Wind your body, wriggle your belly
Dip and go down in a new style-ee
Wind and go up, wind and go down
Bobble and a rock to the new style around
Are you fe line it up
Are you fe wind it up
Do the Boom shack a lak till the dance hall full up

I say the Boom shack a lak it the brand new style
Wicked say it wicked, Jah Jah no say it wild
Raggamuffin style a fe the disciplined child
Dip and go down, like it a well versatile
You move fe your waist, move fe your back
Wind and go down do the shack a lak a lak
Get in on the groove cause you are the top notch
Bobble and a wind, gal right ‘pon the

You fe wind you body, wriggle you belly
You dip and go down in a new style-ee
Wind and go up, wind and go down
Bobble and a rock to the new style around
Are you fe ram it up, are you fe jam it up
Do the Boom shack a lak till the dance hall full up

Me see the English gal a do the Boom shack a lak
The American gal a do the Boom shack a lak
Me see the Indian posse do the Boom shack a lak
And the Yardie gal a do the Boom shack a lak
Me see the Japanese them a do the Boom shack a lak
And the German gal a do the Boom shack a lak

You fe wind you body, wriggle you belly
You dip and go down in a new style-ee
Wind and go up, wind and go down
Bobble and a rock I got the new style around
Are you fe ram it up, are you fe jam it up
Do the Boom shack a lak till the dance hall full up

A fe wind your body, you wriggle your belly
You dip and go down in a new style-ee
Wind and go up, wind and go down
Bobble and a rock I got the new style around
Are you fe line it up, are you fe fine it up
Do the Boom shack a lak a till the dance hall full up

Put your hands in the air
Like you just don’t care
Raggamuffin they bolt
So you better be aware
Not an assault
Everybody everywhere
A flex out, shake out
Can hear vibes in the air
A bobble and a wind, can a gal draw near
Everybody sing out when the DJ say

Boom Shack a Lak Song

Canadian Truth on MeWe

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Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 10.53.19 AM

Yet it has been Proven to me that Michael Jackson was not guilty of anything!  A Zionist takedown of a Great Artist and a loss to us all!


Yeah I know it is hard!  Really hard!  It is tough beyond belief!

Yet being true to yourself has more meaning.  Do the “Right Thing” no matter how other people react.  Always be true to yourself!  Never allow that negative influence to penetrate your brain as otherwise THEY WIN and obviously you lose!

Yet it is worse than that.  They are living in such a “Negative World” which they cannot escape, and they wish to bring you into it!

Ohh no Grasshopper!  You need to develop a “Negative Shield”.

That is something impenetrable!  You design it on your own.  Yet I can give you the Mantra…

“Say it over and over again in your mind, nomatter what!  Say, If it is Negative it is wrong and if it is Positive it is right!  Always!  All the time!  In every Situation!”

And that still might not work!  As you are dealing with Negativity Beyond Belief, and it is in every corner and all around you.  It is a constant fight!

Yet Grasshopper stay true to your Principals!  Be true to yourself.  Do not let them get through your “Negative Shield” and they will try.

I have defeated them before, and they just hate it!  All you need is your own “Mental Shield” and that is…

Do I need to repeat it?

Don’t let The “Smooth Criminals” beat you!