Study Zionism. Even if Zionists hate that!

the goyim (1)

Before the Internet, they attempted to “Muffle Zionism”

Nice to SAY it spoke for ALL Jews, but just as well if you did not know what a Zionist was, and you just called them Jews.  Neither is true.  Zionism does not speak for all Jews and Zionism wishes for you to equate Jewish←→Zionism but it simply is just not true at all!

In fact, when Zionism came into being (mainly in Russia, Poland, Germany) and headed by mostly Khazars and Ashkanazi’s, Herzl (the founder and from Austria) was faced with over 90% of the Jewish Population not wanting anything to do with this sect.  Times have changed since then, and it could be said today that most Jews are sympathetic (at the very least) to a Zionist Cause or at least in support of the State of Israel, or they may be Zionists themselves.  Yet even the Jews are Indoctrinated.  They grow up (as you do) with a bonus of having their religion promoted as a decent one in most media, and by the Government.  Some take it further to think of themselves as “superior” and some even believe that the land of Palestine was stolen from the Jews who now inhabit it.  They are of course wrong, on both aspects.  As the Jews who inhabit Palestine today are mostly Zionists, and mostly Khazar and Ashkenazi with no blood ties whatsoever to the land.  They too have been sold a “bill of goods”, but when it is the Jews who benefit by going along with the story, it is certainly easier not to question, and just to accept.

I would go further to say that ALL JEWS AND ALL ZIONISTS are not evil.  Most are just like you and me.  They have empathy and compassion.  It is merely the few, the most radical, which gives them a bad reputation, and I might add that they’re not questioning the frauds, in no way help.  Believing a told fantasy does not help.

Zionists are NOT Semitic! Actually, less than 2% of Worldwide Jews are Semitic, but Zionists even less. Their origin is from Russia and Europe.

Zionism is NOT a Religion. It is a “Philosophy”. They could have adopted ANY religion for their cause, but they CHOSE to discredit Judaism instead. Real Jews do NOT believe in a Promised Land in Palestine called Israel for Jews. They may believe in a Promised Land, but that will occur when their Messiah comes and that is NOT YET!

Israeli’s are NOT Israelites. The Ancient Tribe of Israelites are not what we call today Israeli’s. The majority of these are Zionist.

30 Seconds from Yale to confirm that

The Zionists are responsible for:

– The Bolshevik Revolution and 10’s of Millions of Christian Deaths

– The Scofield Bible promoting “Christian Zionism”

– The Balfour Declaration and it’s deal on Palestine/WWI victory

– The indiscretions of the Versailles Treaty

– The “International Boycott of German Goods” (Haavara Agreement)

– The frauds of the Holocaust (virtually most ascribed to it)

– Western Majority Control of Media

– Control of the Banks and “Central Banks”.

– Bribery of Government Officials and Control of them

– Genocide in Palestine

– All the Wars in the Middle East

– The promotion of Islamophobia

Is it time you INVESTIGATED the Monster in your Closet?

What about you (the 98% of humanity) who are NOT Jewish or Zionist?  Well, some of you have Zionists in your midst as “Christian Zionists”.  This is just another hoodwink.

The Scofield Reference Bible is where Christian Zionists get their indoctrination.  It was written by a known Fraud and Felon (Scofield) and is basically a King James Version with footnotes.  It was a Zionist Publication, meant to indoctrinate the Christians into accepting certain aspects of Zionism and to have them (as Goyim) promote, and lay the groundwork, do the fighting for, and support their cause.

It was Published by Oxford University (to give it credibility) and a Publishing House was set up in New York for its distribution.  Yes, Oxford University (famous for their dictionary) specially set up a Publishing House in New York to distribute what?  No, not their dictionary, but the Scofield Reference Bible of fraud. It is the only bible in existence to promote:

  • A Promised Land in Palestine for Jews
  • Islamophobia
  • The Rapture


If you are a Christian, and you believe any of those 3 things, then you have been indoctrinated by the Scofield Reference Bible.


Speaking to those Christians I would like you to hear it from one of your own fold:


Islamophobia is a Zionist Promotion


There is only ONE winner in Islamophobia Promotion.  Don’t fall into the trap!

What EXACTLY don’t you understand?

Before Israel was created, Muslims Protected Jews. They lived in harmony. So why is it after the Hollow-Hoax, the Muslims are the ones being killed by the promotion of the Zionists? Huh?

If the Hollow-Hoax was real (which it isn’t) then shouldn’t Zionist Hatred Promotion be against Germans? What is with this “Islamophobia Promotion” of Zionists, and their Media Control eh?

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

The statement was issued through the efforts of Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow, the principal Zionist leaders based in London; as they had asked for the reconstitution of Palestine as “the” Jewish national home, the declaration fell short of Zionist expectations.

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”

Bishop Desmond Tutu

“Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”

Fr. John Sheehan of the Jesuit Order

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Albert Einstein

Short video from George Galloway (less than 7 min)

George talks to an Indoctrinated Zionist

Time to LOOK AGAIN at the Overall Goal
This is NO Conspiracy Theory, fraud just the same

“Greater Israel” – (Gen 15,18-21) “That day God made a covenant with Abram, saying: To thy seed will I give this land, from the river of Egypt even to the great river Euphrates.”

From the actual King James Version:

18 In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates: 19 The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites, 20 And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims, 21 And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.

kenites in the Bible Definition:

smiths, the name of a tribe inhabiting the desert lying between southern Palestine and the mountains of Sinai. Jethro was of this tribe (Judg. 1:16). He is called a “Midianite” (Num. 10:29), and hence it is concluded that the Midianites and the Kenites were the same tribe. They were wandering smiths, “the gypsies and traveling tinkers of the old Oriental world.

HEB: הַקֵּינִי֙ וְאֶת־ הַקְּנִזִּ֔י וְאֵ֖ת הַקַּדְמֹנִֽי׃
NAS: the Kenite and the Kenizzite and the Kadmonite
KJV: The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites,
INT: the Kenite and the Kenizzite and the Kadmonite

Jewish historian scholars have established that at least 90% of all Jews come from a Turkish-Mongol mix of people and are largely sourced from the Khazar Kingdom. These “Jews” have no blood-link to the Israelites of the Bible.

The Jewish scholar Arthur Koestler provided overwhelming evidence, for the above in his famous 1976 work, “THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE – THE KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE” showing, “that in the 8th century, Khazaria which was greatly made-up of the Turkish-Mongol mixed people known as Khazars, converted to their national religion of Judaism which was based on the Babylonian Talmud.

These same people then migrated to eastern Europe, especially to Hungary and Poland, taking their Babylonian religion with them. “The Khazar origin of the numerically and socially dominant element in the Jewish population of Hungary during the Middle Ages is thus relatively well documented.” Page 144. “As already mentioned, the trade in fox and sable furs, which had been flourishing in Khazaria, became another virtual Jewish monopoly in Poland. (Page 157 )

Benjamin Freedman, another Jewish researcher, wrote his famous treatise FACTS ARE FACTS in 1954. Freedman quotes from many historical sources and shows that the vast majority of Jews derive from the Turkish-Mongol mixed people of the Khazar Kingdom of the 2nd to 10th centuries, NOT from Biblical Israelite stock.

Yet what Zionists do well is to promote Fraud. The fraud that they are Semites. The fraud that they have blood ties to the land they have stolen in Palestine. The fraud that to be against them is Anti-Semitic. The fraud that they are deserving of this because of their made up and promoted Holocaust, no longer with ANY basis in proven fact. Pure Fraud, to promote War and Control and Mass Deaths of Arabs, and it is not even Islamophobic (as they promote) as the Muslims are simply Goyim:


1. A Hebrew word used in the Jewish Scriptures (a.k.a. the Old Testament). The word literally means “nations,” and is always used within these scriptures to refer to the nations of the world. Significantly, within the Old Testament, Judah (the Jewish nation) itself is called a “goy.”
2. In the Old Testament, the Jews were called to be a nation separate from the other nations, which were all Pagan. And so, colloquially, all non-Jewish nations came to be called “goyim” as in “the nations” from which the God of the Old Testament had called upon the Jews to separate themselves.
3. A word used by some Jews to refer to Gentiles (non-Jews). The word can have derogatory connotations, such as the word “black” when used to refer to a person of African descent. It can be neutral or negative depending on the context and the intent of the speaker.

Singular = goy

1. “Gather together, gather together O shameful goy” – Zephaniah 2:1 (Referring to the Jewish nation)
2. Jews don’t eat pork, goyim eat pork.
Let’s talk the Greater Israel Project and what this is all about:

41 Min of Education on Greater Israel

Was Benjamin Freedman Correct?

Benjamin Freedman (1)

You BET he was!  The man was an Ex-Zionist.  Personal Friend of at least 4 Presidents!  Sat at the Versailles Treaty.  Infuriated at what he saw and heard, he spent the rest of his life and a great deal of his fortune exposing the Zionists.  

Now many fall down the “Rabbit Hole” of blaming ALL Jews, and I try to stay away from that, as what I speak of are the Khazars and the Ashkanazi’s of Russia, Poland, Germany who converted to Zionism.  The roots lie in Free Masonry, but it was Herzl that really got things going.

It is different than Judaism, as the devout followers of the faith do not believe in a “Promised Land” until their Messiah comes, and that is NOT Netanyahu!

First of all, I prepared a video to share in 2 formats to prevent suppression:

WWII and the Zionists on Vimeo

WWII and the Zionist on YouTube

Both are the same, just in different formats, should you be blocked.  Next, I will share his full speech which is over 2 & 1/2 hours long:

Benjamin Freedman Unedited Version

Now you can check out his facts.  I cannot find anything really worth disputing.  It is amazing that he could have done all his work and spent all the money he did, and yet the Zionists (until the Internet) were able to suppress him.

Finally, I leave you with the last video link being 1 hour and 15 min long:

Today’s Zionists and the Protocols of Zion

This could not happen if YOU did not allow it!


This is far past simply being insane!  This is beyond making a “Mountain out of a Molehill” this is twisting crap beyond belief in order to be insane and expect the “Courts of your Land” to rubber stamp pure insanity.  Gone too far?  What a joke if it at all is not a “fantasy world” we are living in to even be discussing this… YET WE ARE!

Click here, yes this is the “Actual Story”!

We now pick words out of “Thin Air” and ascribe new meanings to them (like Semitic, a language) and we claim our feelings are hurt if someone mentions the truth in a song?

Are you waking up yet? Hoodwinked?

anti real word.png

I grew up as many of you grew up.  Not hating.  Not promoted to hate.  Questioning things maybe.  Yet what is being promoted by Government and Mainstream Media cannot be called anything but “Pure Hate”.  Hate the Muslims.  Hate Islam.  Hate Refugees.  Hate “Sharia Law” and make YOU afraid to be made to abide by it.

1984 was a good book by George Orwell, and it was very telling of the future.  In various ways.  If you have not read it, I suggest you do.  You can find a video of it, but for this blog, I wish to submit this 2017 explanation.  Agree or do not agree.  Yet please give it consideration:

1984+33= 2017 & YOU (24 Minutes)

Check your dictionaries.  Look up the word “Semitic”.  You will find it to be a Language.  Not a Race, or a Religion.  If someone calls you “Anti-Semitic” are they not in fact then, calling you “Anti-Language”?

It’s simply a hoodwink.  How can you argue, that which you do not understand?  They might as well be calling you a “Gunky”.  ← Yet you know they mean it in a bad way.

They, of course, wish you to relate it to “Racist”.  Certainly against a Religion.  You are not that, are you?  You do not wish to be associated with that “pigeon hole” do you Grasshopper?

Ken O’Keefe went further, and still, does, but he certainly understands the “hoodwink” as so should you.  Example:

Zionism is Doomed’ Ken O’Keefe (44 minutes)

I do not expect Israel to end anytime soon.  I do not expect the Rothschilds to stop with the promotion of Greater Israel.  I personally think we all need education, and we should all promote what we agree with, and despise what we don’t.  I think to HATE is wrong.  I think we should (those interested in decency and peace) support BDS.  Get the App:

Boycott Israel App for your Phone

Zionist Claims of Holocaust Unfounded!

how many jews auschwitz

→Someone has to get real here←

Here are some FACTS ok?  Much of the facts of documentation and truth were hidden after the war by the Allies.  Now, this is no joke and one has to ask why.  What purpose would you have for possibly hiding evidence?  There is only one reason, and you know it, as I know it.

Dennis Wise finally got access to the German Camp Records for Auschwitz.  Yes, Auschwitz!  You know the place where they claimed 4 million on a plaque were killed, Deborah Lipstadt showed herself as a fraud by claiming that no less than 3 million Jews Alone were killed at Auschwitz in her book.  Did not even change it after she revised her book?  The same camp where there are 2 signs now stating that:

#1 the Zionist Estimate at Auschwitz (without documentation) is now:



#2 The supposed Gas Chamber to kill Jews in, as shown for DECADES as a real one is now admitted to being built after the war, and with one heck of a fantasy story to go with it?

Hang on, I wanna tell you this story!  Here is the new one:

In the early 1940’s it is said that this building was used as a Gas Chamber.  Yet then they stopped doing that.  You know, the gassing of Jews and all.  So what they did was to turn it into a “Storage Room” for a number of years, and then it was turned into an “Air Raid Shelter” as I guess that is where the SS wished to keep all their Nazi Personel during an Air Raid. ⇐ In an OLD Gas Chamber!  No really.  No Joke!  That is the new story!  Stop laughing and look!

new sign-asking-for-respectful-behavior-at-auschwitz-940x627

Auschwitz 1,2,3 January 2012 038

auschwitz-sign_orig (1)

However, do YOU know about this?  If so, you are “Well Researched” as you never heard about it in Mainstream Media.  Nor from your Government.  As a matter of fact, the Zionists are bending over backward with suppression in order to keep you from knowing these facts!


In 24 Countries now it is against the law to “Deny the Holocaust”.  It has become a “fantasy word” with no description.  It was claimed to represent:

  • 6 Million Jews Murdered in Nazi Prison Camps
  • Jews heads shrunk and put on display
  • Jews turned into lampshades
  • Jews bodies used to make soap
  • Jews killed in electrocution rooms
  • Jews killed in Gas Chambers

None of this turned out to be true so far, and the records do not show it, as actually they never did show it!  The Nuremberg Trial was one of the biggest Kangaroo Court jokes ever to hit the legal profession, and I am going to give you a video link to show you how extensive this was.  In the video, there will be no real mention of what I said here.  Just more evidence!

1hr 47 Min facts of the Nuremberg Trial

Why hide documents?  As I said there is no reason to hide documents, but of course the German Records were hidden until Dennis Wise produces them here:

Official German Auschwitz Records

The Allies actually had a lot to hide, and for that, I turn this over to a very good video made by historians going through the records:

Allied Crimes entering Camps

The Revisionists. Who are they?

Zundel exposes Anne Frank Fraud



From Ernst Zundel, I will reproduce 2 things.  #1 I would like to reproduce one of his many videos.  As a Canadian (denied citizenship unfairly) and jailed (without reparations being paid after found innocent of any crime in Canada) he has since passed on.  Denied his dying days to spend any time with his Wife (denied travel to Germany), Ernst spent his last years in Germany and died at his family home in the Black Forest.

Ernst did MANY great revisionist videos and this one is concerning the Fraud of the Anne Frank Diary.  Certainly worth the watch.  One hour in length:

Zundel exposes Anne Frank Fraud

This page is dedicated to the hundreds of people who have put their lives, reputation and freedom on the line to bring truth to the world.

Attorney Sylvia StolzAttorney Sylvia Stolz made it her mission to show up the Government of Germany, called the Bundesrepublik (BRD in short) as a vassal state of Israel.

Background and contribution

Ms. Stolz used the courtroom and the trial of Ernst Z�ndel as a platform to get media attention for her charge that the judicial system in Germany is a tool of foreign domination and does not serve the interests of the German people. She was forcibly removed from the courtroom. Shortly thereafter, German prosecutors charged her with abuse of court proceedings, accusing her of denying the Holocaust herself and intentionally prolonging the trial by submitting evidentiary documents on behalf of her client, even though the “Holocaust” is offenkundig, meaning “obvious” or “self-evident”. The trial collapsed after Ms. Stolz was banned from the proceedings on the grounds that she was trying to sabotage the trial. Proceedings later resumed without her, and she knew she would be victimized for her courageous stand. Shortly thereafter, Mannheim prosecutors charged Ms. Stolz with what is known as the “Holocaust Protection Paragraph”, (Paragraph 130) and after a separate trial, she was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison. Her licence to practice law was revoked for 5 years.

Attorney Horst Mahler

Often described as a “notorious far-right attorney” who called the Holocaust a lie and accused the German legal system as politically corrupt is again before the court on charges of incitement under Paragraph 130.

Background and contribution:

Mahler was not originally part of the Revisionist scene. He became interested in the Holocaust controversy from a Revisionist point of view after he took on the defense of ethnic singer Frank Rennike. In recent years he has frequently appeared in court for his beliefs and doubts, including events surrounding 9/11. He is currently serving a 12 (!) year sentence for denying “the Holocaust”.

Dr. Fredrick Toben

Though German in origin, Dr. Fredrick Toben was raised in Australia as an Australian citizen, and speaks both English and German. Becoming interested in exonerating the German people from the anti-German racism of the Holocaust legend, he at first edited a revisionist journal called Truth Missions, which was later renamed Adelaide Institute Newsletter. He then broadened out to establish Australia’s revisionist website, Adelaide Institute. He has personally visited the site of Auschwitz and burrowed under the ruins of the alleged gas chamber, being unable to find the four holes in the roof which were supposedly used to throw in gas pellets. He conducted regular dialogue with Exterminationists, and did not expect to be arrested when he visited Prosecutor Klein in Mannheim, Germany, for a private discussion on the Holocaust laws in Germany, which make it mandatory to accept the entire Holocaust story.

Nevertheless, he was arrested by Klein and police chief Mohr in Mannheim, Germany, in April, 1999, and was awaiting trial for being a “holocaust denier” for seven months. He then was tried and sentenced to ten months imprisonment, but released from prison while awaiting his appeal. He left Germany and did not return for his appeal trial.
Recently prosecuted and jailed in Australia for publicly denying “the Holocaust”.



Paul Rassinier

Barred from entering Germany for trying to give testimony for the defense in political trials.

Background and contribution:

Born in 1906, Rassinier, a school teacher, is seen as the Father of modern European Revisionism. A French resistance fighter and friend of the Jews, he was imprisoned by the Germans for his illegal activities in Buchenwald and Camp Dora where he worked in the underground rocket factories. He was elected after the war as a member of the French National Assembly for the Socialist Party. Rassinier nonetheless wrote groundbreaking Revisionist books.


Dr. Robert Faurisson

At least 10 times physically assaulted by Holocaust Enforcers; on several occasions nearly killed. Jaws broken. Teeth knocked out. Hospitalized for weeks. Persecuted mercilessly in endless legal battles.

Background and contribution:

Known as the “Dean of the world-wide Revisionist movement” and principal teacher of Ernst Zündel, Dr. Faurisson first discovered the technical and architectural drawings of the Auschwitz morgues, the crematories and other installations. He was also the first to insist that only a U.S. gas chamber expert could unravel the technical impossibility of the Auschwitz homicidal gassing story – as falsely told to the public for over half a century. Zündel mentor, advisor and trial witness in the 1984 preliminary hearings and in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials. Slated as expert witness for the 1991 Munich trial of Ernst Zündel. (The prosecution dropped the Anne Frank Diary part of the charge in mid-trial after they learned that Dr. Faurisson was going to testify to that point.)


Thies Christophersen

Forced to flee from country to country. Hounded to death after numerous acid attacks, arson, and attempts on his life and property.

Background and contribution:

As a German agrarian expert, Christophersen was stationed at Auschwitz in the critical period 1943-44. As a German expert, he had access to the entire camp. He took valuable photographs at the time. He was the first Revisionist eyewitness to come forward stating categorically that there were no gas chambers for killing humans in Auschwitz. He wrote the famous booklet, “Die Auschwitz-Lüge”, (The Auschwitz Lie) translated into many languages. Zündel witness in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.


Judge Wilhelm Stäglich

Was tried and convicted in post-war German courts. Had his doctorate stripped from him and his pension cut for speaking out.

Background and contribution:

Judge Stäglich, stationed during WWII in the Auschwitz area with an anti-aircraft unit, published a groundbreaking book “Der Auschwitz Mythos” (The Auschwitz Myth) – seized, forbidden and destroyed by West German court order.


Joseph Burg (Ginzburg)

Persecuted and beaten by Holocaust Enforcers of Jewish Defense League type thugs. Denied burial in the Munich Jewish cemetery. (Ernst Zündel and Otto Ernst Remer gave the eulogies.)

Background and contribution:

Author of many books (“Schuld und Schicksal”, “Zionazi”, “Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank”, “Auschwitz in alle Ewigkeit” etc.) as well as many pamphlets and two documentary interviews with Ernst Zündel. Chief Jewish advisor, mentor and Zündel witness in the 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.


Professor Arthur Butz

Vilified and persecuted for almost three decades.

Background and contribution:

An American electrical engineer and university professor, Butz wrote the “Bible” of modern Revisionism titled “The Hoax of the 20th Century”. This book, which deals with most details of Holocaust lore from “shrunken heads” to “Jewish soap” and “gassing” claims, more than any other influenced Ernst Zundel in his Revisionist research.


Haviv Schieber

Driven to attempted suicide

Background and contribution:

A Polish Jew and former mayor of Ber Sheeba in Israel, Schieber taught Ernst Zündel much about Israeli reality. He was an Israeli Revisionist, wanting to revise Israel’s attitudes, institutions and borders. He fled Israel to find safety in the USA, was denied political asylum at first, and tried to take his life by slashing his wrists at Washington, D.C. airport on the day of his deportation. He was finally allowed refuge from Israeli persecution in the US in the early 1970s.


Francois Duprat

Killed for distributing the French language version of “Did Six Million Really Die?”

Background and contribution:

A French writer, historian and educator, Duprat had introduced the booklet “Did Six Million Really Die?” in France by publishing the first French translation. He also published “The Mystery of the Gas Chamber.” He was only 38 years old when his car was blown up by a bomb and he was assassinated on March 18, 1978. His wife, who was with him in the car, lost the use of her legs in this terrorist act. Two Jewish groups took credit for the assassination – the “Jewish Remembrance Commando” and another group who identified itself as “. . . Jewish Revolutionary Group.” The assassins were never found.


Ditlieb Felderer

Charged, tried, convicted and jailed in Sweden. Vilified in the press. Forced to live in exile.

Background and contribution:

Felderer, at one time a prominent Jehovah’s Witness, is known as an early researcher into the physical evidence in every major concentration camp in then-Communist Eastern Europe. Felderer took over 30,000 photographs of every conceivable detail in the camps. He discovered that there was a swimming pool for the inmates in Auschwitz, modern hospital facilities, including a gynecological section, as well as an orchestra, live theatre, well-stocked library, and sculpting classes. He discovered the musical score of the “Auschwitz Waltz” in the secret archives accessible only with special permission. He found that an intimate role was played by Jehovah Witnesses in the camps, who cooperated with the SS-Administration, and he exposed the lie of the 60,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses killed. (On his initiative and insistence, the inflated number was reduced to 203) [Trial Transcript Vol. 18, 4226 to 4229; 4645]. For his Revisionist work, Felderer was excommunicated – that is, drummed out of the Jehovah Witnesses’ sect. He has been persecuted by the Holocaust Enforcers ever since. Felderer is known for his weird sense of humor and outlandish, offensive cartoons. He believes that deliberate Holocaust liars and history falsifiers should not have their sensibilities spared. This idiosyncrasy of Felderers is being exploited by Holocaust propagandists in counter-attacks against him. Zündel advisor and witness in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.


Professor Austin App

Persecuted for his courageous and tireless truth campaign for two generations on behalf of German-Americans.

Background and contribution:

A German-American community leader and author of many booklets and tracts – among them “The Six Million Swindle,” “Action on a War Crime,” “The Bombing Atrocity of Dresden,” “Ravaging the women of Conquered Europe,” and many others – Professor App was an early guide of Ernst Zündel.


Ernst Zündel

Three documented assassination attempts by fire and pipe bombs. Endless legal harassment leading to repeated jailings and bankrupting of his graphic arts business. Jailed for more than 7 years in Canada, in the USA, in Canada again and finally in Germany, just for speaking the truth.
To this day, he is efficiently gagged by the German authorities who monitor his every word.

Background and contribution:

Nicknamed the “Revisionist Dynamo” or the “Revisionist Renaissance Man” for his untiring Revisionist Truth Campaign and his comprehensive grasp of complex political issues, Zündel – more than any other Revisionist on earth – caused the Holocaust Hoax to become a mainstream topic of discussion.


Jim Keegstra

Lost his job and his reputation was destroyed. Prevented an arson attempt against him. Was convicted to a $3,000 fine after 10 years of costly litigation. Was financially ruined by his ordeal.

Background and contribution:

A Canadian school teacher of Dutch background, Keegstra taught both sides of the Holocaust and other questions of history. He was charged under Canada’s infamous “Hate Laws”, and was tried and convicted. He appealed – and was re-tried and re-convicted. Three times, his case went to the Supreme Court. He ultimately lost. Zündel witness in the 1985 Great Holocaust Trial.


Frank Walus

Attacked seven times by Jewish assailants; nearly killed in an acid attack. Lost his US citizenship and his home to pay for his defense.

Background and contribution:

A Polish German-American auto worker, Walus was targeted and accused falsely by Simon Wiesenthal to be a “Nazi War Criminal.” Vilified by the US media in a vicious campaign as the “Butcher of Kielce”, Walus fought bravely against his tormentors of the Office of Special Investigations, also known as the US “Nazi Hunters”. He ultimately won his case against them in a costly appeals process but died after several massive heart attacks – a bitter, financially ruined man. He refused to be buried on US soil because he felt the country had betrayed and failed him. Zündel witness in the 1985 Great Holocaust Trial.


Emil Lachout

Mercilessly hounded by Austrian authorities and the Austrian lapdog media for over a decade. Forced to undergo a humiliating psychiatric assessment.

Background and contribution:

An Austrian school teacher, former military police man and Boy Scout leader, Lachout’s name is associated with the famous Müller-Lachout document. He ultimately won his case in the European Court of Human Rights. Austria must pay him compensation but hasn’t done yet – so far. Never a man to do things by halves, Lachout is demanding an apology from the Austrian State. Zündel witness in the 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.


Dr. Henri RoquesHad his doctorate revoked.

Background and contribution:

Henri Rocques is a French author and researcher who exposed the Myth of Pope Pius XII’s complicity in the Holocaust. His doctoral thesis made world-wide headlines in 1986 when, for the first time in the nearly eight-century history of French universities, a duly awarded doctorate was quickly revoked on French government’s orders, after an outcry by the Leftist-Jewish media in France. In a tightly argued dissertation, Rocques came to the stunning conclusion that the allegations of mass gassings of Jews made by SS officer Kurt Gerstein were groundless, and that the supposed Roman-Catholic coverup of this “slaughter” are false. He further concluded that postwar academics deliberately falsified key parts of the already tortured Gerstein testimony. His dissertation was eventually published by the Institute for Historical Review in book form under the title “The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein.”


Tjiudar Rudolph

Imprisoned in Germany for lengthy stints for “doubting the Holocaust”, even though he was in his mid-eighties at the time.

Background and contribution:

A former German Security Service member, fluent in five languages including Yiddish and Polish, Rudolph was involved with organizing Red Cross inspection tours of Auschwitz and other camps during the war. He wrote numerous Revisionist articles. He accompanied Fred Leuchter as translator to Auschwitz and Maidanek in 1988. He was charged and convicted for publishing a newsletter disputing the “Six Million” story. Zündel witness in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.


Udo Walendy

Convicted and imprisoned in Germany for 15 months, even though already in his seventies and in poor health with a serious heart condition.

Background and contribution:

A prolific German researcher, writer, and publisher of numerous books and a series of popular booklets called “Historische Tatsachen” – (“Historical Truths”) including the German version of “Did Six Million Really Die?” and the German language version of the Leuchter Report #1 – Walendy was dragged before the courts numerous times. His home and offices were frequently raided by the police. Business files, books, printing plates, and computers were confiscated. Zündel advisor and witness in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.


Fred Leuchter

Arrested and jailed in Germany. Financially ruined.

Background and contribution:

An American execution expert, Leuchter designed and maintained gas chambers for several US penal institutions. He was sent by Ernst Zündel to investigate Auschwitz, Majdanek, Dachau, Hartheim and other alleged “Nazi Death Camps” and “gassing facilities.” Author of the devastating series of Leuchter Reports. (IIIIIIIV) and many articles and videotaped presentations that resulted from these investigations, Leuchter was blacklisted in the US and hounded by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby and the world’s lapdog media. He was arrested and jailed in Germany for giving an anti-Holocaust lecture for Günther Deckert, a well-known political party leader. Allowed out on bail, Leuchter returned to the US. and chose not to go back to Germany to stand trial. Nonetheless, he lost his livelihood as a result. Sensational Zündel witness in the 1988 Great Holocaust Trials. Leuchter, although present in the courtroom in Munich, was not allowed to testify about his research findings in Auschwitz for Ernst Zündel in the German (Munich) Trial in 1991.


David Irving

Convicted, jailed, fined, deported and barred from numerous countries – and hounded world-wide by Holocaust Enforcers.

Background and contribution:

A prolific British author of approximately 36 books and recognized authority on Hitler and World War II, Irving pretty much believed and accepted the standard Holocaust version – until he read the Leuchter Report. He agreed to testify as the last witness for the defense in the 1988 Great Holocaust Trials. His appearance was a sensation! In the following years, he went on widely publicized and acclaimed Canada- and America-wide lecture tours. He traveled as a speaker through several European countries, with headlines and controversy dogging his every step. He drew packed houses and infuriated the Holocaust Lobby, which reacted with vicious smear campaigns and managed to have Irving arrested and convicted in Munich, Germany, for “defaming the dead.” This conviction caused Irving to be ultimately banned from Canada, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa. He was deported in handcuffs from Niagara Falls, Ontario, after a farcical Immigration hearing, during which he was held and treated in jail like some common criminal – for weeks!
Irving was arrested in Austria in 2005 and jailed for 400 days (solitary confinement) because of something he allegedly had said in a lecture on history to a group of students in Vienna 16 years before.


Ivan Lagace

Became the target of several Royal Canadian Mounted Police raids. Resigned from his job as crematory director after receiving endless threats by anonymous callers and from thugs claiming to be the Jewish Defense League.

Background and contribution:

A crematory expert from Calgary, Alberta, who had been responsible for the disposing of 10,000 bodies in his career, Lagace finally sorted out – publicly and in open court – all the fanciful lies about the Germans supposedly “cremating multiple corpses in single corpse retorts” in Auschwitz, Birkenau and elsewhere. Lagace’s testimony put an end to the wild claims by so-called “death camp survivors” about “. . . cremating bodies in five minutes” etc. His testimony – together with Fred Leuchter’s findings as well as the lab results presented by Dr. James Roth of Alpha Laboratories from the soil and rock samples Leuchter had brought from Auschwitz to the USA – spelled the death knell of fanciful “survivor” claims. Lagace was raided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in his crematory office. Zündel witness in the 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.


Gerd Honsik

Convicted, fined and driven into exile.

Background and contribution:

Honsik, an Austrian writer and poet, wrote several devastating books – one exposing Simon Wiesenthal, one titled “Freispruch für Hitler” and a third “33 Witnesses against the Gas Chamber Lie.” He was convicted in Austria and Germany to fines in excess of DM 50,000 and forced to go into exile in Spain where he now lives, Gerd Honsik writes a monthly Revisionist newsletter in tabloid format titled “Halt!” (“Stop!”) – meaning “Stop the hatred and lies!”


Walter LüftlPresident of Austrian Chamber of Engineers relieved from his elected post after questioning Gas Chambers story on engineering grounds

Background and contribution:

Lüftl was elected to represent 4000 Austrian Architects and Construction engineers and was for years a court-approved expert witness in cases involving engineering matters.  Simon Wiesenthal and his friends in the media agitated, till the highly respected head of his own engineering firm was dismissed from his post. He had circulated privately what has since been published as the Lüftl Report in which he questions the Gassing story on technical grounds.


Imre Finta

Victimized by the media and financially totally ruined by civil lawsuits mismanaged by his first lawyers. Criminally charged and prosecuted as a “war criminal” in Canada.

Background and contribution:

A retired Hungarian police captain, Finta was accused by Sabina Citron and others for allegedly persecuting Jews in Hungary during the war. After lengthy legal battles, he was ultimately acquitted by unanimous jury verdict when Ernst Zündel’s attorneys, Doug Christie and Barbara Kulaszka, took over his defense and won his victory in court. The jurors obviously did not believe the many Israeli and Jewish eye-witnesses!


General Otto Ernst Remer

Tried and convicted to more than one-year imprisonment, even though he was over 80 years old and in ill health.

Background and contribution:

A German war hero who successfully thwarted the military putsch by German traitors against Hitler in Berlin on 20 July 1944, Remer seized the political opportunity brought about by the revelations of the Leuchter Report. He made the findings known to millions of people by privately publishing “Die Remer Depesche”, a mass-circulation tabloid style newspaper. The German vassal regime came down hard on the old soldier. He was tried and convicted to prison. He went into exile in Spain, wheelchair-bound, where he died. His widow now has to fight for her pension. She refuses to return his ashes to Germany until such time when her husband’s remains can be returned under honorable circumstances.


Jerome Brentar

His reputation tarnished and his company boycotted, Brentar lost his livelihood for saving a man from the noose.

Background and contribution:

This Croation-American trained social worker and Christian activist have helped every falsely accused “war criminal” – from Frank Walus to Dr. Arthur Rudolf to Mr. Bartesch. He was of immense help to John Demjanjuk. Due to the tireless work of this saintly man, Walus and Demjanjuk won their cases in the end. Brentar spent almost $500,000 of his own funds to help pay for the lawyers’ fees, translators, flights, hotel accommodations, meals, and witness fees. He lost his once thriving Travel Agency because of the vicious publicity engendered and now lives at the edge of poverty in forced retirement on his social security pension. Zündel researcher, advisor, and witness in the 1985 Great Holocaust Trial.


John Demjanjuk

Extradited, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. Spent many years in prison.

Background and contribution:

Demjanjuk was a Ukrainian autoworker and former camp guard whose grotesque case saw him extradited to Israel from the USA for trial. Convicted to death by hanging, but ultimately released by the Israeli Supreme Court, who obviously did not believe what must have been the perjured or false testimony of Israeli eye-witnesses, Demjanjuk was saved from the noose because Jerry Brentar worked day and night to search and find exonerating documents, eyewitnesses, and handwriting experts to save Demjanjuk’s life. America has returned his passport and must pay him his pension for all the years of his imprisonment. Hopefully, part of that money will go Jerry Brentar to recover his outlays.

Demjanjuk was later extradited to Germany and harassed for years there by the “German” authorities who tried to get him convicted but failed.


Germar Rudolf

Accused, tried and convicted in Germany. Career and doctorate dissertation ruined. Driven into exile.

Background and contribution:

This brilliant, German-trained chemist re-examined Auschwitz, Birkenau and other installations and buildings, testing rocks, soil and other physical samples for traces of Zyklon B. Following the pioneering work of Fred Leuchter, he put the final nail into the coffin of the Auschwitz story. Even though he did scientific work and was utterly apolitical, Rudolf’s home and office were raided, computers seized etc. He was charged and tried in Germany for not believing in the standard Auschwitz story. As a scientist, he found the “gassing” claims to be scientifically untenable and, therefore, absurd. A modern-day Galileo, Rudolf was found guilty and convicted because he refused to renounce scientific facts and his own scientific tests and findings. He was facing jail when he went into exile with his young wife and two babies. He now edits and publishes devastating refutations of the Allied Propaganda claims in a German-language journal. The Holocaust Enforcers are dogging his steps, and he faces endless hassles and trials, should the “German” vassal authorities ever get a hold of him. Zündel expert witness in chemistry in the Munich trial in 1991 – disallowed by the judge at the request of the prosecution.


Attorney Jürgen Rieger

Attacked and beaten. Car was blown up. Professional reputation and career ruined.

Background and contribution:

Long-time Zündel attorney in Germany, Rieger has been a defender of German patriots since his law school days. He has drawn the ire of the Holocaust Enforcers by winning the 1981 Zündel case in Stuttgart against the false claim that Zündel had published “hate literature”, and winning several cases against the German vassal regime who had confiscated Zündel’s postal bank account, unfreezing DM 30,000 in the process. He also managed to regain for Zündel his confiscated German passport – after a six-year legal battle. Rieger was attacked and beaten unconscious in broad daylight after leaving a Hamburg courthouse and had to be airlifted, near death, by helicopter to the trauma unit of the hospital of Hamburg University, where he lay unconscious for days. The assailants escaped after their assassination attempt. German police later caught one Turkish “guest worker” who was tried – and let go! The other culprits were never found.


Attorney Doug Christie

Targeted professionally on numerous occasions with spurious charges of “unprofessional conduct” lodged with law societies in Canada.

Background and contribution:

Undoubtedly the finest constitutional and civil rights lawyer of his generation in Canada, Christie is known for his exceptional defenses of Ernst Zündel, Jim Keegstra, Malcolm Ross, Imre Finta and many other persecuted dissidents in Canada – and even the octogenarian, aristocratic Lady Birdwood in England. Under constant threat by busybodies in various law societies, usually the target of Jewish Holocaust Lobbyist complaints, Christie has frequently been intimidated during the Zündel trials by judges who threatened him with contempt of court when he called their arbitrary decisions into question. He is hated by all enemies of freedom, by many groveling politicians and the intellectual prostitutes in the Canadian media establishment. Christie has headed the Zündel legal defense team for over 15 years.


Attorney Kirk Lyons

Viciously character-assassinated by the media and “Jewish defense” organizations after defending the rights of US patriots.

Background and contribution:

An American civil rights lawyer of note, skill and courage and defender of many patriots, especially the “Dead of Waco,” Lyons has represented people like Fred Leuchter in controversial cases, and has lately been targeted by the conservative “Spotlight” for “special media treatment” because he won a large suit against a law firm which had mismanaged a case involving one of his clients, the former Populist Party of the USA and Don Wassal. Character assassins are still trying to falsely link Lyons to the Oklahoma City bombing via a client of his, Andy Strasmeir, son of a famous German political operative and advisor to Helmut Kohl. Lyons has also defended patriots in the famous “Fort Smith Sedition Trial” and has since been vilified by the ADL.


Bradley Smith

Viciously character-assassinated and kicked off his web server.

Background and contribution:

A Libertarian, former bookstore owner, bullfighter, writer and broadcaster, Smith runs the wildly successful “Campus Project”, placing ads in college and university student papers and asking for an open debate on the Holocaust. He is the owner of the popular CODOH website, known to be one of the top mainstream Revisionist websites on the Net, running head-to-head with Greg Raven’s new Institute for Historical Review website. The Holocaust Lobby is relentless in its attacks against Bradley Smith.
Zündel defense witness in the 1985 Great Holocaust Trial.


Michael Hoffman II

Viciously character-assassinated.

Background and contribution:

Hoffman is a former Associated Press reporter and author of the first book on Ernst Zündel’s 1985 Trial, a biography that has undergone many printings. He is an indefatigable Revisionist researcher. He publishes a monthly newsletter titled Revisionist History and is the author and publisher of numerous books and booklets. A noted, talented speaker and producer of Revisionist videos, Hoffman is also one of Revisionists’ most skilled and passionate writers. He has drawn the Holocaust Lobby’s ire for his grassroots street-level activism and manly courage.


Ingrid Weckert

Tried, convicted and fined.

Background and contribution:

One of the best-known German historical researchers and writers, Weckert is best known for her book on the events leading up to Kristallnacht – a book called “Feuerzeichen” (Flashpoint). She has been subjected to police raids, during one of which Ernst Zündel was arrested in her apartment in Munich. A former tourist guide for travel agencies, she reads and speaks Hebrew. She knew Menachim Begin and other Jewish leaders personally and frequently visited Israel. In 1998, she was tried, convicted and fined DM 3,500 for writing a Revisionist article. She now lives at the edge of poverty from a small pension.


Erhard Kemper


Legally harassed. Endlessly hounded.

Background and contribution:

Kemper is a German agrarian engineer and gifted, politically astute freelance writer who has been arrested, tried and convicted for his revisionist writings in Germany dozens of times. He is unbroken in spirit, in spite of the constant legal harassment and failing health as a result of his persecution. He has been completely impoverished and his health has been ruined, but he bravely soldiers on.


Günther Deckert


Imprisoned for years in Germany.

Background and contribution:

A German educator, party leader, writer, public speaker and publicist, Deckert won fame for being tried and convicted after he simultaneously translated an English-language lecture by Fred Leuchter in Germany into German. He was at first acquitted by a German judge who found him to be an upright and decent patriot, then recharged and convicted by a different judge after an artificially created international media uproar.


Hans Schmidt


Arrested, tried and jailed in Germany, even though he was a US citizen.

Background and contribution:

German-American author and publisher of a German- as well as an English-language newsletter (GANPAC Brief and USA-Berichte), Schmidt was arrested in 1995 for having written about a “Jew- and Freemason infested” oligarchy and media ruling today’s Germany. He spent 5 months in prison for four words. Released on bail and in ill health, Schmidt returned to the USA where he wrote a book about his experience in Germany, titled “Jailed in Democratic Germany.” He has been a thorn in the side of the German vassal authorities for many years.


David Cole

Became a victim of the JDL. Was physically beaten. Had his life threatened on the Internet by the Jewish Defense League?

Background and contribution:

This young Jewish Revisionist filmmaker came to the defense of Ernst Zündel when Zündel needed defending. Subsequently, Zündel and Cole made a film in Auschwitz, with David Cole pointing out all the things wrong with that theme park of hate against Germans. Later yet, Cole came to Canada to lecture to large audiences on his Revisionist findings in Auschwitz, together with David Irving. He also appeared with Zündel in Munich, Germany, spreading Revisionism right under the watchful eyes of the German political police. In a vicious letter posted on the Internet, the Jewish Defense League threatened Cole’s life. Emotionally fragile and torn between his conscience and family loyalties as well as filial devotion, he could not withstand the pressure and recanted with an abject apology to his tribesmen and tormentors. Every serious Revisionist understands that this act of recantation was coerced and may have bought David his very survival.


Jürgen Graf


Charged, tried and convicted in Switzerland. Fired for the second time from his teaching post.

Background and contribution:

A Swiss school teacher and language genius, Graf speaks almost one dozen languages fluently and understands much more, some of them the most exotic ones such as Russian, Japanese, Thai as well as Malay and Filipino dialects. Author of several books, among them “Der Holocaust auf dem Prüfstand” (The Holocaust on Trial), he went recently to Russia where he researched Russian archives for months. The Swiss government charged, tried and convicted Graf in 1998 to 15 months in jail under the new anti-Revisionist law adopted by the Swiss in 1994.

Graf’s German-born, an 80-year-old publisher was likewise convicted to 1 year in prison.


Siegfried Verbeke

Currently on trial in Holland under immense police pressure in Belgium. Endured numerous police raids and business boycotts.

Background and contribution:

The most dynamic Revisionist in Belgium and maybe all of Europe, Verbeke published numerous books, booklets, magazines, and tracts for European Revisionists.
Verbeke is now himself on trial, together with Dr. Faurisson – accused of cutting into the financial profits of the Anne Frank Foundation because of their books and texts critical of the Anne Frank Diary. Both are currently appealing a Dutch verdict. Verbeke seems undeterred by numerous police raids. Europe-wide, he carries on with a vigorous mass circulation, grassroots-based Revisionist Truth-in-History campaign in several European languages.


Carlos Porter

Charged, tried in absentia, and convicted in Germany.

Background and contribution:

An American ex-patriate, skilled linguist and translator living in Belgium and author of numerous books – “Not Guilty at Nuremberg”, “Made in Russia: The Holocaust” subtitled “The German Defenses Case” – Porter was charged by the Germans in 1997. He refused to attend the trial, was tried in absentia and convicted. He responded with a defiant, blistering Emile Zola-like excoriating written counterattack to the judge in this case, and presently is waiting to be arrested and taken to Germany to serve his sentence there.


Malcolm RossFired from his teaching post for politically incorrect writings.

Background and contribution:

A Canadian school teacher and author, Ross was for years a thorn in the eyes of the Holocaust Lobby because of his writings. It took years to fire him under some flimsy excuse because he never taught his version of history in class. Charged and re-charged, he repeatedly won in appeal courts. After years of litigation, the Supreme Court in a unanimous ruling found Malcolm Ross guilty in the end, and he was sentenced to a fine. Today, he is the unemployed father of two children.


Ingrid Rimland

Vilified by the ADL as an “Extremist.” Had her new trilogy “Lebensraum!” seized by the hundreds and banned in Canada as “hate material.”

Background and contribution:

Ingrid Rimland is best known for her novels dealing with World War II that brings to life and explain the underlying reasons for the Third Reich’s struggle against Communism. Canada Customs confiscated and banned the titles, even though there was not enough time to have these massive, well-researched books read, much less professionally content-evaluated. Rimland has had global mainstream media coverage as the defender of the controversy-dogged Zundelsite – which seems to be the reason her name has been smeared as an “Extremist” in a 1997 ADL smear publication.  Denied access to her husband Ernst Zundel at the end of his life by the German Government.


Pedro Varela

Grotesquely charged with “genocide” – for selling books.

Background and contribution:

Spanish bookseller and well-known, long-time leader of the Spanish youth group “Cedade”, Varela is convicted several times in Spanish courts for “genocide” for selling historical, Revisionist and National Socialist books. Jewish Lobbyists asked for a 24-year prison term for Varela.


Ahmed Rami


Tried, convicted and imprisoned in Sweden.

Background and contribution:

Rami is a former Moroccan military officer living in exile in Sweden, where he used to run “Radio Islam”, a radio program that was closed down due to Holocaust Lobby pressure. He was tried and convicted in Sweden for his Revisionist views and served a nine-month prison term. Now he runs a much-visited, multilingual website famous the world over, which has come under repeated attack by French and Swedish Jewish sources. He won several court skirmishes, and for the moment seems to hold his own.


Nick Griffin


Charged, tried, convicted and fined in England.

Background and contribution:

Famous for his recent court case over pictures and words published in the magazine “The Rune”, Griffin, a well-known British political activist, was charged, tried and convicted as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of Tony Blair’s election promises – to be “tougher on Revisionists and racists.” Two US black separatist leaders spoke out as witnesses for Griffin, but he was convicted nonetheless to a steep fine of L3,000. (The expert witness for the defense was none other than Dr. Robert Faurisson who helped out once again when help was needed.)


Jean Marie Le Pen

Charged, convicted and under political sanctions in France.

Background and contribution:

The flamboyant French then leader of the “Front National”, the largest and most promising nationalist political party in Europe, “belittled” the Holocaust and called it “a mere detail, a footnote in the history of WWII” – apparently using the phrase on three different occasions! He was convicted in a French court under the Communist-inspired Gayssot Law. He was given a steep fine and forbidden to run in elections for the next two years. Le Pen was undeterred, even though politically victimized for years by the French political establishment and a disgustingly hypocritical, largely Jewish-dominated French media.


Roger Garaudy

Charged, tried and convicted in France.

Background and contribution:

A former French Communist leader, philosopher and recent convert to Revisionism and Islam, Garaudy was charged, tried and convicted for writing a semi-Revisionist book titled “The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics,” in which he had quoted extensively from material by Dr. Faurisson (without attribution) and by Barbara Kulaszka’s book “Did Six Million Really Die?” (with attribution). He was condemned to a $50,000 fine. His trial was a farce and his performance in court disappointing. However, as a result, he seems to have kicked loose an avalanche of Revisionist thought and activities in the Moslem world, much to the chagrin of Israel – a country that more and more considers Revisionism its Number One problem.


Abbe Pierre

Victim of fierce world-wide media vilification.

Background and contribution:

Considered a male “Mother Theresa” for his altruistic dedication to the poor of France, this famous pro-Marxist French cleric endorsed Roger Garaudy’s Revisionist book – and was almost crucified by a vitriolic media reaction. The Holocaust Enforcers made a huge mistake picking on this man. He fired back salvo after salvo – much to everyone’s surprise. He fought bravely for a man well into his eighties, but in the end fled into a monastery in Italy – from where he apologized under pressure from his church.


Doug Collins

Harassed and vilified by the BC Human Rights Commisson. Financially penalized.

Background and contribution:

Doug Collins was a British soldier in World War II. He was captured and escaped several times. He worked in an intelligence capacity with the British Control Commission in occupied Germany after the war. He emigrated to Canada in the 1950s and worked for several Canadian newspapers. He drew the ire of the Holocaust Enforcers after he testified for Ernst Zündel in the 1985 Great Holocaust Trial. He declared that as a journalist, he saw nothing wrong with the booklet “Did Six Million Really Die?” and that he found no “hate” in that 30,000-word essay. An award-winning journalist and TV commentator and the author of several books, Collins was hauled before a quasi-court by Holocaust Enforcers when he wrote a column about “Swindler’s List” and commented on the preponderance of Jews in Hollywood. He and his paper had to defend themselves before the British Columbia Human Rights Commission, which, in the end, ruled in his favor, after his paper spent more than $200,000 and Collins spent $50,000 of his own money. Barely had he won the case when he was re-charged – for the same column, along with three others!


Dr. Robert Countess

Vilified by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and the intervenor lawyers in the Political Show Trial case of Ernst Zündel.

Background and contribution:

The American Revisionist, former army chaplain, lecturer, writer and globe-trotting good-will ambassador, Dr. Robert Countess, was targeted for a special smear- and vilification campaign by Jewish intervenors at the Zündel CHRT Inquisition in Toronto in June 1998. He was sneeringly denied expert witness status, even though he was completely familiar with all the major works discussed and had been in touch with most authors, even in person, dealing with the Holocaust topic – pro and con. Dr. Countess left the “People’s Republic of Canada”, as he called it, for then the safety and then constitutionally governed and protected USA, from where he vowed to carry on the struggle for freedom of speech with still greater vigor.


And many, many more… including myself!

Bone Up on your Indoctrination!

Two Generations of a Con Job!

Time to Get Educated!

Your Parents thought it was true. What other choice did they have? It was (after all) all they had access to for information. That was what their Government told them. That is what Mainstream Media told them. That is what was taught in Schools.

Even some on the Internet have not gotten to the truth yet. The truth is that everything you have been told is a lie. On one side they have used Propaganda, and Suppression of the Truth. All they needed to make the circle complete was control of the Media, Governments, and finally your Education System. That, they achieved, and they never gave a thought to that ever changing. They did not foresee the Internet.

It is here on this Group that we will educate you to all the frauds. For the purpose of this posting, let’s merely take down the representations on one side of the “Tug of War” ending with the very BEST video on the Holocaust ever produced.

#1 Anti Semitism

Semitic is not a race or a religion. Semitic is a language. It has been used by Zionists to “confuse and accuse” but it holds no weight as per it’s actual meaning.

Zionists do not speak for ALL Jewish People. Zionism is merely less than 2 Centuries old, started by their founder “Herzl” who was an acclaimed Atheist. The Jewish People and their Religion are THOUSANDS of years old. Simply there is NO WAY for Zionism to speak for all Jewish People. That is a fraud. Yet the fraud works well, if you do not understand what the heck you are talking about. This is where Anti-Semitism comes in.

Zionists are mostly Khazars and Ashkenazi’s and have no “blood ties” whatsoever to Palestine. Theirs is an adopted “Political Philosophy” and not a religion or a race. Any practice they could acclaim to be Jewish is obtuse to the Jewish belief as per any “Promised Land for Jews”. The Jewish have always believed in a Messiah who will lead them to a Promised Land, but that Messiah is NOT Netanyahu or any of the people who pushed the Balfour Declaration beginning the first transfer of Zionists to Palestine, and they do not believe they will achieve it through War or Genocide or Fraud. Less than 3% of all Jewish People could call themselves primarily of the Semitic Language. Zionists far less than that. Anti-Semitism is a fraud, to gain Justification and Sympathy, pretending to be a Race or Religion but Semites are neither. Arabs and Palestinians are Semites.

30 Seconds from Yale might give you a clue, as to how much Zionists are tied to the land of Palestine:

30 Seconds from Yale

#2 Six Million

This number of Jewish People facing imminent doom is a mantra of Zionist Promotion for YEARS. Used in fact over 100 times and in every kind of newspaper. There are no documentations to back up this figure. There in fact never has been anything but pure hearsay. This is all I need to say about this, and show you a photo.

#3 The Holocaust

Russians were great for spreading Propaganda during WWII. The Zionists loved the stories and decided to play the game. Yes, they spoke for ALL Jews, and anyone thinking they did not was “Anti-Semitic” and so if the Russians Claimed that Nazi’s killed people in “Gas Chambers”, then, of course, it was THEIR claimed 6 Million who died in those Gas Chambers, and because of that, they wanted their Israel to be recognized as a State, and lots of reparation monies to be paid to it! Yet as will all explained above, that too, is simply a Fraud. Here is the BEST film on that topic. Enjoy.

4 Hours but IMPORTANT if you are interested in the Hollow-Hoax

Let’s build a “Death Camp” with a Hospital!

Can we be REAL about the Holocaust?

Hospital at Auschwitz

If it was a Death Camp, then why the Hospital?

There is a time which you can question this or that (as I did myself) and I saw much on both sides. Of course the weight was heavily in the “did not happen” camp, but it was only when you go really deep, into the Balfour Declaration and learning about Germany in WWI and when they had the upper hand, what they did with it, along with the other side being the Zionists, Bolsheviks, Communists, Khazars, that you can really make a decent evaluation on the entire lot.

Ohh and yes you certainly have to take yourself right OUT of the propaganda of the “Mean old Crazy Madman Hitler” propaganda to even begin to evaluate. So that takes research into him and National Socialist policies as well.

Then when your head is on kinda right, you can BEGIN to evaluate, coming from a place of making sense. How plausible is it that Germans wanted to KILL off Jews, rather than simply deport them?

Not very. Period. I do not care how you rattle this cage. This is certainly their modus operandi and to even think of anything else, you have to funnel your mind deep into fantasy fuelled with hatred. Go back to before and during WWI and how had the Germans treated these Jews? Well? Actually, if you did the research, well, would be an understatement.

So that is the REAL starting point you have to begin at before you begin coming up with this fantasy story involving great expense and technology (not found) and trouble to actually pull off some “transportation and gassing operation” which clearly NONE of the records show, nor would there be any advantage. The point in labor camps is to do the work for the War Effort, and better working prisoners that are healthy just make more sense than being ridiculously stupid.

Healthcare in Auschwitz — Medical Care and Special Treatment of Registered Inmates

Now for the TRUTH!

The famous Italian Holocaust survivor Primo Levi informed us in his eyewitness account Survival in Auschwitz that a number of sickbays and infirmaries etc. existed in the area of the Auschwitz camp. The present book gives an overview of the camp’s organizational and historical development in this regard. For example, there was a change of policy among Himmler and his entourage toward the end of 1942 regarding the main function of Germany’s concentration camps. While initially re-education and punishment were their main focus, exploiting the inmates’ productive potential became increasingly important later on. The main reason for this was the ever-increasing needs of the German armed forces for manpower. Another reason for the installation of sanitary facilities were epidemics which emerged repeatedly for a number of reasons and which had to be combatted.

In the first part of this book, the author analyzes the inmates’ living conditions as well as the various sanitary and medical measures implemented to maintain or restore the inmates’ health.

The second part explores what happened in particular to those inmates registered at Auschwitz who were “selected” or subject to “special treatment” while disabled or sick. The comprehensive documentation presented shows clearly that everything was tried to cure these inmates, especially under the aegis of Garrison Physician Dr. Wirths.

The last part of this book is dedicated to the remarkable personality of Dr. Wirths, the Auschwitz garrison physician since 1942. His reality refutes the current stereotype of SS officers. In this context, the statements by the former communist concentration camp survivor Hermann Langbein are particularly revealing.

They are now making you click on a disclaimer to view the TRUTH.  Your “wittle ewyes” might be hurt by seeing the truth, and they would rather you just keep believing in fantasies, as this is in your best interest after all.  Right?

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The Rudolf Report Chemical Analysis Gas Chambers

This book is banned by Amazon!! In 1988, Fred Leuchter, an American expert for execution technologies, investigated the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz and Majdanek and concluded that they could not have functioned as claimed. Ever since, Leuchter’s claims have been massively criticized. In 1993, Germar Rudolf & Wolfgang Lambrecht, researchers from the prestigious German Max-Planck-Institute, published a…

via eBOOK: The Rudolf Report – Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz — ZIONIST REPORT