Bone Up on your Indoctrination!

Two Generations of a Con Job!

Time to Get Educated!

Your Parents thought it was true. What other choice did they have? It was (after all) all they had access to for information. That was what their Government told them. That is what Mainstream Media told them. That is what was taught in Schools.

Even some on the Internet have not gotten to the truth yet. The truth is that everything you have been told is a lie. On one side they have used Propaganda, and Suppression of the Truth. All they needed to make the circle complete was control of the Media, Governments, and finally your Education System. That, they achieved, and they never gave a thought to that ever changing. They did not foresee the Internet.

It is here on this Group that we will educate you to all the frauds. For the purpose of this posting, let’s merely take down the representations on one side of the “Tug of War” ending with the very BEST video on the Holocaust ever produced.

#1 Anti Semitism

Semitic is not a race or a religion. Semitic is a language. It has been used by Zionists to “confuse and accuse” but it holds no weight as per it’s actual meaning.

Zionists do not speak for ALL Jewish People. Zionism is merely less than 2 Centuries old, started by their founder “Herzl” who was an acclaimed Atheist. The Jewish People and their Religion are THOUSANDS of years old. Simply there is NO WAY for Zionism to speak for all Jewish People. That is a fraud. Yet the fraud works well, if you do not understand what the heck you are talking about. This is where Anti-Semitism comes in.

Zionists are mostly Khazars and Ashkenazi’s and have no “blood ties” whatsoever to Palestine. Theirs is an adopted “Political Philosophy” and not a religion or a race. Any practice they could acclaim to be Jewish is obtuse to the Jewish belief as per any “Promised Land for Jews”. The Jewish have always believed in a Messiah who will lead them to a Promised Land, but that Messiah is NOT Netanyahu or any of the people who pushed the Balfour Declaration beginning the first transfer of Zionists to Palestine, and they do not believe they will achieve it through War or Genocide or Fraud. Less than 3% of all Jewish People could call themselves primarily of the Semitic Language. Zionists far less than that. Anti-Semitism is a fraud, to gain Justification and Sympathy, pretending to be a Race or Religion but Semites are neither. Arabs and Palestinians are Semites.

30 Seconds from Yale might give you a clue, as to how much Zionists are tied to the land of Palestine:

30 Seconds from Yale

#2 Six Million

This number of Jewish People facing imminent doom is a mantra of Zionist Promotion for YEARS. Used in fact over 100 times and in every kind of newspaper. There are no documentations to back up this figure. There in fact never has been anything but pure hearsay. This is all I need to say about this, and show you a photo.

#3 The Holocaust

Russians were great for spreading Propaganda during WWII. The Zionists loved the stories and decided to play the game. Yes, they spoke for ALL Jews, and anyone thinking they did not was “Anti-Semitic” and so if the Russians Claimed that Nazi’s killed people in “Gas Chambers”, then, of course, it was THEIR claimed 6 Million who died in those Gas Chambers, and because of that, they wanted their Israel to be recognized as a State, and lots of reparation monies to be paid to it! Yet as will all explained above, that too, is simply a Fraud. Here is the BEST film on that topic. Enjoy.

4 Hours but IMPORTANT if you are interested in the Hollow-Hoax



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