Let’s build a “Death Camp” with a Hospital!

Can we be REAL about the Holocaust?

Hospital at Auschwitz

If it was a Death Camp, then why the Hospital?

There is a time which you can question this or that (as I did myself) and I saw much on both sides. Of course the weight was heavily in the “did not happen” camp, but it was only when you go really deep, into the Balfour Declaration and learning about Germany in WWI and when they had the upper hand, what they did with it, along with the other side being the Zionists, Bolsheviks, Communists, Khazars, that you can really make a decent evaluation on the entire lot.

Ohh and yes you certainly have to take yourself right OUT of the propaganda of the “Mean old Crazy Madman Hitler” propaganda to even begin to evaluate. So that takes research into him and National Socialist policies as well.

Then when your head is on kinda right, you can BEGIN to evaluate, coming from a place of making sense. How plausible is it that Germans wanted to KILL off Jews, rather than simply deport them?

Not very. Period. I do not care how you rattle this cage. This is certainly their modus operandi and to even think of anything else, you have to funnel your mind deep into fantasy fuelled with hatred. Go back to before and during WWI and how had the Germans treated these Jews? Well? Actually, if you did the research, well, would be an understatement.

So that is the REAL starting point you have to begin at before you begin coming up with this fantasy story involving great expense and technology (not found) and trouble to actually pull off some “transportation and gassing operation” which clearly NONE of the records show, nor would there be any advantage. The point in labor camps is to do the work for the War Effort, and better working prisoners that are healthy just make more sense than being ridiculously stupid.

Healthcare in Auschwitz — Medical Care and Special Treatment of Registered Inmates

Now for the TRUTH!

The famous Italian Holocaust survivor Primo Levi informed us in his eyewitness account Survival in Auschwitz that a number of sickbays and infirmaries etc. existed in the area of the Auschwitz camp. The present book gives an overview of the camp’s organizational and historical development in this regard. For example, there was a change of policy among Himmler and his entourage toward the end of 1942 regarding the main function of Germany’s concentration camps. While initially re-education and punishment were their main focus, exploiting the inmates’ productive potential became increasingly important later on. The main reason for this was the ever-increasing needs of the German armed forces for manpower. Another reason for the installation of sanitary facilities were epidemics which emerged repeatedly for a number of reasons and which had to be combatted.

In the first part of this book, the author analyzes the inmates’ living conditions as well as the various sanitary and medical measures implemented to maintain or restore the inmates’ health.

The second part explores what happened in particular to those inmates registered at Auschwitz who were “selected” or subject to “special treatment” while disabled or sick. The comprehensive documentation presented shows clearly that everything was tried to cure these inmates, especially under the aegis of Garrison Physician Dr. Wirths.

The last part of this book is dedicated to the remarkable personality of Dr. Wirths, the Auschwitz garrison physician since 1942. His reality refutes the current stereotype of SS officers. In this context, the statements by the former communist concentration camp survivor Hermann Langbein are particularly revealing.

They are now making you click on a disclaimer to view the TRUTH.  Your “wittle ewyes” might be hurt by seeing the truth, and they would rather you just keep believing in fantasies, as this is in your best interest after all.  Right?

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