Zionist Claims of Holocaust Unfounded!

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→Someone has to get real here←

Here are some FACTS ok?  Much of the facts of documentation and truth were hidden after the war by the Allies.  Now, this is no joke and one has to ask why.  What purpose would you have for possibly hiding evidence?  There is only one reason, and you know it, as I know it.

Dennis Wise finally got access to the German Camp Records for Auschwitz.  Yes, Auschwitz!  You know the place where they claimed 4 million on a plaque were killed, Deborah Lipstadt showed herself as a fraud by claiming that no less than 3 million Jews Alone were killed at Auschwitz in her book.  Did not even change it after she revised her book?  The same camp where there are 2 signs now stating that:

#1 the Zionist Estimate at Auschwitz (without documentation) is now:



#2 The supposed Gas Chamber to kill Jews in, as shown for DECADES as a real one is now admitted to being built after the war, and with one heck of a fantasy story to go with it?

Hang on, I wanna tell you this story!  Here is the new one:

In the early 1940’s it is said that this building was used as a Gas Chamber.  Yet then they stopped doing that.  You know, the gassing of Jews and all.  So what they did was to turn it into a “Storage Room” for a number of years, and then it was turned into an “Air Raid Shelter” as I guess that is where the SS wished to keep all their Nazi Personel during an Air Raid. ⇐ In an OLD Gas Chamber!  No really.  No Joke!  That is the new story!  Stop laughing and look!

new sign-asking-for-respectful-behavior-at-auschwitz-940x627

Auschwitz 1,2,3 January 2012 038

auschwitz-sign_orig (1)

However, do YOU know about this?  If so, you are “Well Researched” as you never heard about it in Mainstream Media.  Nor from your Government.  As a matter of fact, the Zionists are bending over backward with suppression in order to keep you from knowing these facts!


In 24 Countries now it is against the law to “Deny the Holocaust”.  It has become a “fantasy word” with no description.  It was claimed to represent:

  • 6 Million Jews Murdered in Nazi Prison Camps
  • Jews heads shrunk and put on display
  • Jews turned into lampshades
  • Jews bodies used to make soap
  • Jews killed in electrocution rooms
  • Jews killed in Gas Chambers

None of this turned out to be true so far, and the records do not show it, as actually they never did show it!  The Nuremberg Trial was one of the biggest Kangaroo Court jokes ever to hit the legal profession, and I am going to give you a video link to show you how extensive this was.  In the video, there will be no real mention of what I said here.  Just more evidence!

1hr 47 Min facts of the Nuremberg Trial

Why hide documents?  As I said there is no reason to hide documents, but of course the German Records were hidden until Dennis Wise produces them here:

Official German Auschwitz Records

The Allies actually had a lot to hide, and for that, I turn this over to a very good video made by historians going through the records:

Allied Crimes entering Camps



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  1. Excellent info.
    I did not know this about Dennis Wise.
    Been missing your Medium page.
    And thought the same happened to your Google+.
    But apparently – and thankfully – not.

      1. Awesome.
        As long as you have it backed up.

        And yes I prefer incremental releases over dumps – increases chances of reading more.

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