Was Benjamin Freedman Correct?

Benjamin Freedman (1)

You BET he was!  The man was an Ex-Zionist.  Personal Friend of at least 4 Presidents!  Sat at the Versailles Treaty.  Infuriated at what he saw and heard, he spent the rest of his life and a great deal of his fortune exposing the Zionists.  

Now many fall down the “Rabbit Hole” of blaming ALL Jews, and I try to stay away from that, as what I speak of are the Khazars and the Ashkanazi’s of Russia, Poland, Germany who converted to Zionism.  The roots lie in Free Masonry, but it was Herzl that really got things going.

It is different than Judaism, as the devout followers of the faith do not believe in a “Promised Land” until their Messiah comes, and that is NOT Netanyahu!

First of all, I prepared a video to share in 2 formats to prevent suppression:

WWII and the Zionists on Vimeo

WWII and the Zionist on YouTube

Both are the same, just in different formats, should you be blocked.  Next, I will share his full speech which is over 2 & 1/2 hours long:

Benjamin Freedman Unedited Version

Now you can check out his facts.  I cannot find anything really worth disputing.  It is amazing that he could have done all his work and spent all the money he did, and yet the Zionists (until the Internet) were able to suppress him.

Finally, I leave you with the last video link being 1 hour and 15 min long:

Today’s Zionists and the Protocols of Zion



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