Study Zionism. Even if Zionists hate that!

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Before the Internet, they attempted to “Muffle Zionism”

Nice to SAY it spoke for ALL Jews, but just as well if you did not know what a Zionist was, and you just called them Jews.  Neither is true.  Zionism does not speak for all Jews and Zionism wishes for you to equate Jewish←→Zionism but it simply is just not true at all!

In fact, when Zionism came into being (mainly in Russia, Poland, Germany) and headed by mostly Khazars and Ashkanazi’s, Herzl (the founder and from Austria) was faced with over 90% of the Jewish Population not wanting anything to do with this sect.  Times have changed since then, and it could be said today that most Jews are sympathetic (at the very least) to a Zionist Cause or at least in support of the State of Israel, or they may be Zionists themselves.  Yet even the Jews are Indoctrinated.  They grow up (as you do) with a bonus of having their religion promoted as a decent one in most media, and by the Government.  Some take it further to think of themselves as “superior” and some even believe that the land of Palestine was stolen from the Jews who now inhabit it.  They are of course wrong, on both aspects.  As the Jews who inhabit Palestine today are mostly Zionists, and mostly Khazar and Ashkenazi with no blood ties whatsoever to the land.  They too have been sold a “bill of goods”, but when it is the Jews who benefit by going along with the story, it is certainly easier not to question, and just to accept.

I would go further to say that ALL JEWS AND ALL ZIONISTS are not evil.  Most are just like you and me.  They have empathy and compassion.  It is merely the few, the most radical, which gives them a bad reputation, and I might add that they’re not questioning the frauds, in no way help.  Believing a told fantasy does not help.

Zionists are NOT Semitic! Actually, less than 2% of Worldwide Jews are Semitic, but Zionists even less. Their origin is from Russia and Europe.

Zionism is NOT a Religion. It is a “Philosophy”. They could have adopted ANY religion for their cause, but they CHOSE to discredit Judaism instead. Real Jews do NOT believe in a Promised Land in Palestine called Israel for Jews. They may believe in a Promised Land, but that will occur when their Messiah comes and that is NOT YET!

Israeli’s are NOT Israelites. The Ancient Tribe of Israelites are not what we call today Israeli’s. The majority of these are Zionist.

30 Seconds from Yale to confirm that

The Zionists are responsible for:

– The Bolshevik Revolution and 10’s of Millions of Christian Deaths

– The Scofield Bible promoting “Christian Zionism”

– The Balfour Declaration and it’s deal on Palestine/WWI victory

– The indiscretions of the Versailles Treaty

– The “International Boycott of German Goods” (Haavara Agreement)

– The frauds of the Holocaust (virtually most ascribed to it)

– Western Majority Control of Media

– Control of the Banks and “Central Banks”.

– Bribery of Government Officials and Control of them

– Genocide in Palestine

– All the Wars in the Middle East

– The promotion of Islamophobia

Is it time you INVESTIGATED the Monster in your Closet?

What about you (the 98% of humanity) who are NOT Jewish or Zionist?  Well, some of you have Zionists in your midst as “Christian Zionists”.  This is just another hoodwink.

The Scofield Reference Bible is where Christian Zionists get their indoctrination.  It was written by a known Fraud and Felon (Scofield) and is basically a King James Version with footnotes.  It was a Zionist Publication, meant to indoctrinate the Christians into accepting certain aspects of Zionism and to have them (as Goyim) promote, and lay the groundwork, do the fighting for, and support their cause.

It was Published by Oxford University (to give it credibility) and a Publishing House was set up in New York for its distribution.  Yes, Oxford University (famous for their dictionary) specially set up a Publishing House in New York to distribute what?  No, not their dictionary, but the Scofield Reference Bible of fraud. It is the only bible in existence to promote:

  • A Promised Land in Palestine for Jews
  • Islamophobia
  • The Rapture


If you are a Christian, and you believe any of those 3 things, then you have been indoctrinated by the Scofield Reference Bible.


Speaking to those Christians I would like you to hear it from one of your own fold:




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