Are you tired of Facebook Suppression?

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Suppression of facts of Zionism being suppressed.  Labels like “Fake News” and “Anti-Semitic” controlling your Social Media?  Maybe it is time for a change.

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Try a “Google Search” yourself and just see how much is really being reported on about the vast amount of suspended accounts, removal of posts, groups, pages.  Sometimes it is what is not there is what is most telling.

Recently in Sam Harris Uncensored (on Facebook) a campaign was started in protest of Facebook Suppression.  They are hoping for 5,000 accounts to simultaneously leave Facebook on Wed. People are pissed.  A few examples?


The above was posted by a Facebook Member, on the day of his release, and immediately labeled as “Spam”.  Within 2 days he was suspended, again.


His account was asked to verify by text message.  Yet the phone number on his account, he had not used in years.  Facebook offers no way to change your phone number after they demand you reply with a “Text Code”.  His 6-year account shut down.  Facebook is now demanding a phone number and “Text Verification” for all new accounts.  The walls are coming in on all of us.  They have found a medium that all of us have adopted, and now they are using it to control us, as we move away from “Zionist Controlled Media”.

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Spam?  Sharing a post to a “Truth Group” is spam?  Now I could see “Loan Opportunities” or off-topic posts being spam, but this?  Perhaps spam is not the issue at all.  Perhaps it is merely they do not like the topic?

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Spam again?  The Group is about Media Bias and the post is about Mainstream Media not giving you the story.  At least other than the “Canned Propaganda” of the Zionist Promotion side.

Wanna see “Super outrageous”?

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Facebook tells Jim on his wall to share his past history, from a year ago.  Then when he does, Facebook marks it as spam and gives him a 24 hour suspension!

I could go on, and on with examples, as I have been at this for a long time.  First (years ago) trying to spread information about Nikola Tesla and Alternative Energy, I was suppressed by Facebook.  That has calmed down now, but ever since people began waking up to “Zionist Frauds” and manipulation of our Governments, Banking Institutions (all leading back to the Rothschilds) and certainly our Media, the Zionists are being exposed and that they do not like!

They did not expect it either, as who could have foreseen the Internet?  All they thought they needed to do was to buy up all the Newspapers they could, Radio Stations, TV Stations, Control Hollywood and manipulate you through their “controlled media”.  It would work.  It did work.  It still works.  It is successful.  This Internet is merely something they need to defeat.  They found a way.   Be the most used on the Internet, and then just censor that!

Please watch this 6 Minute video, as it is powerful:

A Pastor who speaks the truth

Now the question is (or should be), can you (we) escape?  Well, yes we can, and as a person involved in “Internet Evolution” from the beginning, this is not even new to the Internet.  It actually was how Facebook got popular in the first place.  Suppression, over moderation, banning in groups and Internet Mediums (like Yahoo360) enraged people, as you should be enraged at Facebook.

It won’t be getting any better!  Wake up!

These “Elite Bastards” never learn, and they merely act nice to get you in, and then turn the screws until you are so tired of them, you migrate and “fly away”.  That is good.  Here is a brand new place to fly.  I have checked it, and it is new, in its infancy and overall, it is made in RESPONSE to this issue I speak of.  Here is a link, directly there, to a new Social Medium which looks just like Facebook, and acts much like it as well.

Rabbit Hole Global

World Truth Social Media

Please share this post around to places like Facebook from one of the bottom links.  Share it around to Twitter, Google, and the others as well.  WE can beat them and we have in the past.  It is time for us all to take control of our own Computers and our own Social Networks.  Whenever these “Elite Zionist Manipulation Forces” come in and begin to make stuff tough on us, it is time to leave them behind.  For the lost causes.  They will be left with lame posters and morons to be their draw.

I want you all to explore your options, but I personally will be working on that which is not being, and will not be suppressed by Zionist Control and what they label as “Fake News” and “Anti-Semitic”, I will simply not lower myself to that form of idiocy anymore.

Are you with me?



3 thoughts on “Are you tired of Facebook Suppression?”

  1. Related article on Common Sense Show. Censorship, population reduction.
    I think the depopulation theme is running since when Israel takes over America they do not want to honor social security payments that people have earned over their lifetimes. Also there are huge assests all cities have under their CAFR1 funds unknown by most people. Walter Burien has been trying to get this information out to the public. He has YT videos and search under the acronym and his name will get you connected. He returns phone calls for questions but America has great wealth under cities, counties, state and federal gvmt. invested tax dollars that have compounded interest. We can not let them empty those accounts. It is easy for them to do if we do not know about it. It is in their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports as required by Federal law but no newspaper will tell you about it. I have asked them to write about it and they say they will check it out and then no return calls, and are not permitted to write about it.

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