David Irving at his very, very best!

To even bring up this “Show Trial of Pure Fraud and a Kangaroo Court” Nuremberg is stating that you are coming from PURE FRAUD and trying to back up something as viable using PURE FRAUD as that is your PRIMARY BASIS. Nuremberg submitted:

– Shrunken Heads evidence
– Jews turned into Lampshade evidence
– Jews turned into Soap evidence
– Electrocution Rooms for Jews evidence
– Proven forced confession evidence.
– Only ONE Gas Chamber eyewitness evidence.
– Polish Officers mass graves actually done by Russians evidence

It was a farce, from beginning to end, and I think David Irving came far ahead of anyone digging into the Nuremberg Trials in a video about it, and he did not even have to state what I just did, which ALL of this evidence has since been proven, and admitted to, as PURE FRAUD, but people were jailed and hung for it just the same, with the worst case of all (Hoess) confessing in writing to Gassing 2.5 Million “Jews Alone” at Auschwitz, a number he never even had while under his command, and signed the English Document when he could not even read or speak English. That was the most telling for me, but Irving did not even have to go into all those facts here:

Of Course, YouTube would take down the best post on the Nuremberg Trials so I advise you, advocates, to download the video and keep it posted!

Yet here it is again. David Irving at his BEST!

David Irving Nuremberg Trials  

(Never Mind the “Disclaimer” as this History and FACT needs no Nudity or Violence or anything in the realm of needing a disclaimer to promote it or protect YOU from it)



It is a joke, a farce, and worse than the Kangaroo Court that Saddam faced, but in this trial, everything has been disproven. The film is not even going to go into the preface for what I am going to outline here:

  • 6 Million, total hearsay with no evidence to back it
  • Shrunken Heads laughed off after, even though they were quickly whisked away before they could be tested. Disproven just the same.
  • Lampshades made of Goatskin it was proven, but presented at Nuremberg as that of Jewish Skin.
  • Soap and Grease made from Jews. Totally disproven after the trial.
  • Total “Hearsay Count for today of 1.1 Million instead of 6” and the confessions of people like Hoess who signed an English Confession (only being able to read and speak German himself) for personally gassing 2.5 Million JEWS alone in Auschwitz, even though today even the Gas Chamber is admitted as a lie.

Now settle in to be AMAZED at what David Irving exposes about the Nuremberg Trial.

Yet in giving you the Best, please return for more!

Yes, David went far further than any Historian.  This Man does not rely on what other people wrote on history.  He goes deep into the Archives, and he finds stuff that nobody else has found.

Unlike most Historians, David Irving is fluent in German.  This is important.  As with any language, sometimes words have 2 meanings, and sometimes even 3.  You must understand the context.  David Irving does.

David Irving is the “Most Successful Writer” on WWII History in History!  The Zionists do not wish you to know that, and they merely like to discredit him, if they can.  Yet his books have made more money than any other Historian on the topic, and it is not for lack of detail and elaborate research.  Some of his books are “Required Reading” in History Classes, yet being that schools (some anyway) are still teaching the fraud of Elie Wiesel to your children, I would not bank on School Curriculum as making stuff credible.  You will know the credibility of the Man yourself, should you research his work.

Next, we are going to talk of Churchill.  I am going to preface this, as everything David Irving says about the man checks out.  Churchill was nothing more than a Forger, and a failure, and as a drunk (I mean drunk) Winston Churchill had totally gone over the cliff with his “elaborate lifestyle” and drunkenness when the Zionists moved in to save him.

The Zionist preventing his home going into foreclosure, and pulling the strings to get him promoted in the “Political Arena” only wanted ONE thing from him.  They had made a deal with Hitler to end the Boycott of German Goods by the Worldwide Jewish People, under the “Transfer Agreement” where the Zionists were given free passage to Palestine, and could send for all their stuff in Germany.  For this, their deal with Hitler was to end the boycott.  They did.

Yet their promotions did not end there and it did not end, even for all the Jewish behind the original boycott.  Hitler did have his enemies, and rightfully so, mostly Communists and Jews.  No longer able to continue with the Boycott, and Hitler turning his back on the Rothschild “Central Bank”, setting up a new economic system, under National Socialism, where no usury (interest on loans) would be allowed, the National Socialist idea was quickly proving to be vastly superior than Capitalism and Communism and Democracy in General.  This just would not do!  Not for Zionists, anyway!

The Zionists funded and backed Churchill, under the conditions that he focuses on the total destruction of Germany, and nothing else!  He was not to make peace with Germany.  He was not allowed to make any concessions to Germany.  He needed to focus on the total destruction of Germany and the National Socialist System, of which he (not working alone) was able (in the end) to bring to success.

Not in the interest of the British people.  Not in the interest of Europe.  Not in the interest of anyone but the Zionists themselves!  This is the details which David Irving will now speak.  Not going into the reasoning (as much as I do) but certainly going into the details and the documentation.  Anyone researching Winston Churchill will find this a must see!

Churchill’s War with David Irving

Finally, for those with not the time for the Video Documentaries (at least not now) I am going to provide you with “David Irving Destroys the Holocaust in 10 Minutes”!

10 Minutes proving the “Hollow-Hoax”




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