The Versailes Treaty. What really happened.


In 1916 Germany had “pretty much won” WWI.  It was over.

The Russians had given up on their Czar.  The French were in retreat.  The British running out of ammunition.  Not a bomb had dropped on German Soil.  Germany offered Peace.  Conditions?

We just go back to the way we were.  No Reparations.  All of us have been hurt by this.  Let’s be friends.

It was then that the Zionists saw their opportunity.  The Balfour Declaration.

The truth, before it happened and shortly after

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Sit back and evaluate all of this, before you go further.

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Now You Are Ready:

The Rise of National Socialist Party

If you do not have the time now, but certainly after:


Have you got 30 seconds?




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