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They cannot stop us all.  You do not have to agree with everything you find here.  You may wish not to believe everything you see here.  Yet no-one should be denied the opportunity to see what is posted here.

Now, to no avail, I have tried to differentiate between Jewish and Zionist.  Some (many) do not see the division.  I cannot blame them for that, that is, IF they know the difference.  That difference they should know.

Hollow-Hoax has been suppressed in many venues.  I would certainly want you to know what they are, so that you do not waste your time dealing with them, and that they can slowly die with less and less traffic, and the well-read knowing not to use them.

Facebook certainly suppresses, as it also removes topics of free speech and punishes those who are researched and writers, along with video authors.  To escape them (and I think you should, or at least have an alternative) I suggest you join:

World Truth Social Media

Google + has disabled sharing unless you only share inside of your Google Realm, and you can still share stuff (from here and other places) to them, but in order to share any post from them, you need to copy the link at the top, and paste it directly into the page, comment or group you wish.


Medium (without decent warning) has made Hollow-Hoax unable to be seen by all but the Author (me).  I am lucky (somewhat) in that case, as I can still copy and paste from it, into the new mediums I need to move to.  Unfortunately, however, the Hollow-Hoax posts remain on a “Google Search”, but when the user clicks on them, they just get an error.  They sent me a message stating that I had complaints (they did not say what for) and that some of my posts (they did not say which ones) were against their “Terms of Agreement” (not stating which ones) and that my account would be suspended until I fixed those posts (which I have no idea of, as they never told me), and then finally they would never answer any emails I sent to them asking for these specifics.  They hope you will upgrade with them and get extra features.  I would not use them if you are a writer at all if I were you.

Weebly was even less respectful than Medium (if you can believe that) as they just banned the account with no explanation whatsoever, all of a sudden, and even though I contacted “Customer Service” by phone and they informed me that my account was banned (they had no explanation why), that they needed to send this up to a higher level.  I did get an email stating that they did, but nothing after.  We are talking almost a Month ago.  Now the posts I spent months assembling there are no longer visible to ME or any user, but again, you will find them on a “Google Search”, only to get a 404 error if you click on them.

Screenshot 2017-10-15 10.05.12

Moving to WordPress, I am seriously thinking about taking this on with my “Own Domain” and using my own “Hosting Service” (as I am a dedicated kind of guy for truth) but I do not expect you all to do that.

For you, I simply suggest you set up another account for Social Media (as with the link I posted to World Truth) and avoid the services outlined here if you do not like my experience (possibly just being educated about Google + now) and share.

You will not be the only one doing it.  Before Weebly was shut down, I had over 7,000 per week reading its blogs.


Screenshot 2017-09-07 11.12.16

People are sharing, and you will not be the only one.  The more of us who do share, the more meaningless it gets for them to suppress.  They lose money.  It is a losing game.  As they get a “Bad Rap” from people like me.  They lose traffic.  They lose advertising dollars.  They lose, they lose, they lose, and there comes a time when the Zionists (and their deep pockets) have to concede that the “cat is out of the bag in some venues” and they just concentrate more on what they control, which would be Mainstream Media.



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