No Bus Fare Needed! No Planes! Bring your own Popcorn


Take the tour, the Camera does not lie. See the Swimming Pool. See the Curator (on Film) admitting to the Gas Chamber being built AFTER the War. See the display as they show. Get a real explanation from David Cole, a Jewish Journalist.

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David Cole visited Auschwitz in 1992 to investigate the accuracy of the Holocaust. He paid extra for a personal tour, and he wore his yarmulke to make sure everybody knew he was Jewish.

He came to the conclusion that the gas chambers could be described as “life chambers” rather than “death chambers” because they were designed to kill lice, not people.
The JDL threatened to kill David Cole.  He had to go into hiding and choose a new name “David Stein”, which he presently goes by as “David Cole Stein”.  Being Jewish, he is threatening to the “Zionist Cause” and it might be said that “Revisionists Claim” that David Cole Stein has some beliefs which are not in tune with other Revisionists.  Being Jewish, he may take a “Zionist Slant” on some issues, and I am not about to put him down here.  Certainly (as he claims) there were atrocities committed by the German People against the Jewish (mostly Zionist) population, and some even took it into their own hands to administer far more atrocities on the Jewish People than what the German Authorities wanted.

Certainly, it also could be said of the same being committed (and even more so) by the Allies.  German Doctors and Military Personel were put up on charges for what they did do as atrocities when they were discovered.  Some even sentenced to death for their crimes.  No revisionist claims that atrocities never happened under National Socialism.

Yet, for the most part, what has been acclaimed to the Germans (as they were called Nazi’s by the Zionists and promoted today as such (a slander and slang against the German people)) has been proven NOT to be true at all, and simply a promotion of “Allied Propaganda”.

While prisoners outside of the realm of Concentration Camps may have been killed in mass, the Camps themselves were NOT set up for that purpose, and the horrors of the Prison Camps greatly exaggerated or simply lied about entirely.

David Cole appeared on Phil Donahue’s show in 1994. Try to learn the tricks that Donahue and the others use in case you get into a discussion and somebody uses these tricks on you. Notice that they avoid discussing the evidence.

I am going to give you a link to that show, but before watching it, I would rather you hear what he said about it AFTER the show, as you should know what led up to what happened on the show.

David Cole’s “Banned” 1994 IHR Conference Speech!

Now, hopefully, you watched the ↑ABOVE↑ clip and you are ready for the Show:

David Cole on Donahue

The Holocaust is a significant part of human history, and it is still affecting our lives. We have a right to learn about it. Don’t be intimidated! If Jews can investigate the Holocaust, so can Goyim!



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