Propaganda and the Angel of Death


Virtually ALL the Hollow-Hoaxters saw him

This guy is famous for being in more places at one time, and having personal interactions with pretty much ALL of the survivors who wish to tell their “Dreamed Up” stories, that he had to be “Supernatural”!

Sorry to “blow yer bubble there Grasshopper” but the guy had a TEAM of Doctors, and he was not about to do anything too “high profile” that might raise suspicion to his superiors. Hitler after all, expected to win the war. Certainly, when this guy showed up in 1943, that was the consensus. That is what his Generals were all saying. Certainly, morale was high. The war was almost won, and they had defeated “all comers”. Once the war was over, the General Staff wanted to look honorable, and anyone like this guy, killing people, would be a black mark on the Reich.

Official German records show that a very high proportion of Birkenau’s overwhelmingly Jewish population in 1943 and 1944 was unable to work. (See: G. Reitlinger, The Final Solution, p. 125, and, A. Butz, Hoax, p. 124)

Many Jews survived the war as a result of medical care in the camp infirmary, which was under Dr. Mengele’s general supervision.

It’s conceivable, of course, that Mengele could have murdered inmates, although camp officials who committed such crimes risked severe punishment. For example, the Buchenwald camp physician, Dr. Waldemar Hoven, was sentenced to death by an SS court for murdering inmates there.

Nationally syndicated columnist Jeffrey Hart told readers that he doubted many of the “monster Mengele” stories being peddled in the mass media. “… As a professional historian, I would urge some caution about many of the anecdotes that are being routinely accepted as fact,” wrote Hart. “My own historical hunch is that much of this kind of thing is mythology, concocted as a kind of metaphor … I doubt the story that he killed a woman by crushing her throat with his boot. It will be a long time before scholars sift the fact from the fiction about Mengele.” (The Washington Times, July 9, 1985)

The evidence seems rather clear that Mengele did, in fact, perform medical research operations on Auschwitz inmates. In this regard, it’s perhaps worth noting that the U.S. government conducted similar medical “experiments” both during and after the Second World War. American military physicians infected Negroes with syphilis without their knowledge as part of an investigation of new ways to treat venereal disease. And during the 1950s the CIA financed psychiatric experiments involving LSD, sleep deprivation, massive shock therapy and attempted brain-washing of hospital patients without their knowledge or consent. One survivor, Louis Weinstein, is now reportedly a “human guinea pig, a poor, pathetic man with no memory, no life.” The U.S. government has been sued for redress on behalf of Weinstein and eight other persons. (The Washington Post, August 1, 1985, editorial)

A flawed but enlightening article about Mengele by Professor Robert Jay Lifton of the City University of New York appeared in the July 21, 1985, issue of the The New York Times Magazine. The lengthy essay begins by noting that “Mengele has long been the focus of what could be called a cult of demonic personality. He has been seen as the embodiment of absolute evil …” But, as Lifton explains, he was not the “nonhuman or even superhuman force” portrayed in the media.

As a young man, Mengele was popular, intelligent and serious. During his three years of military service, mostly on the Eastern front, he proved himself a brave and diligent soldier and received five decorations, including the Iron Cross First Class and Second Class. As the chief physician at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Mengele was in charge of the large staff of inmate doctors, most of them Jewish, who treated inmates.

Lessons of the Mengele Affair



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