Much of the Hollow-Hoax has been exposed Decades ago, but Suppressed

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David Irving was convinced that well before the end of the 1990’s that the entire Holocaust Lie would be laid to rest.  There was just far too much evidence to show that it was all merely Propaganda.  Laughable Propaganda for people to believe as it was, but as I have said in other posts,  “If people would believe in Zeus for over 1000 years with his Father swallowing all his siblings which Zeus enabled their release by poisoning his Father and making him throw up all his brothers and sisters, humans will believe anything”!

As time goes by, it simply becomes more of an ART it seems.  Getting people to believe crap is just a matter of constant repetition (as is still going on with Hitler and Nazi’s, some 70+ years later, along with the constant promotion by Mainstream Media of 6 Million Jews and Gas Chambers) and reinforcing the lie in every way possible.

This includes:

  • Government Promotion of the lie
  • Laws in 24 Countries against Holocaust Denial
  • Constant stream of Movies depicting the fable
  • Intellectuals and Celebrities repeating the lie

Amazing that it all just did not collapse after the Leuchter Report.  Then the 2 more chemical analyses that backed up Fred’s presentation.  The lame excuse that Fred was not a Chemical Expert (when he had an expert chemical lab do the analysis) and the really lame fact that he did not hold an “Engineering Licence” in a certain State.  Simply MAD these arguments, as he is the foremost expert in Gas Chambers, constructing the ONLY ones in use in the USA!  Yet they tried.  Eventually, they gave up and admitted that the “Mock Gas Chamber” at Auschwitz was built after the war.   They also admitted to all their other displays of Gas Chambers are, in fact, clothing rooms, or rooms providing some other purpose, as there never was the needed ventilation, their nerve was the “Possible Mechanics” to make these “claimed Gas Chambers” work.  They could not show the needed Zyklon B shipped to the camps in the quantities needed, nor how bodies could be disposed of (by burning) in such quantities (as claimed) and leaving not a SINGLE autopsy of a “Gas Victim”.  Even when Cyanide Residue still remains on the clothing room walls (even today) and would continue to remain in even bone fragments of people gassed.

They have dropped the most ludicrous ideas of “Mass Genocide”, well before they even started to use the term “Holocaust”, and it is my opinion, that they began to use that word, as it was non-specific, non-descriptive.  A bag that you could throw all the lies into, and you either denied the whole or you denied none.

Anyway, going on with this I am going to show you 3 clips from Fritz Berg as he talks about some of the incoherences on the Holocaust story and particularly the gas wagons that have been claimed to be used to do the mass killing.  There are far more talks like this explaining how ludicrous the claims have been from the past, but these 3 will give you a good idea.  The hoaxters were good at making up stories, but they just did not have the education to realize that what they claimed required mechanics and science that just would not work:

Clip One

Clip Two

Clip Three

Each is short and sweet.  As of today, I might announce, we have all the Archives easily found in ONE place.  At the top of this post, just click on “About” and you will find all the past posts, along with all the future (as I update them) and should you be in an argument with someone, and need some backup, I will be glad to be that backup for you.  Just come here (you should follow this in order to make that easier) and click on “About”, find the post relative to your argument, and then copy and paste it into your comment.

Not only will you show yourself better researched than your opponent, you will help spread the word to others, as it is important that Humanity (as a whole) learns that the Holocaust (as all that has been ascribed to it) is a hoax.  David Irving was wrong, and some 20-30 years after he predicted this would all be “old news”, there are far too many people that still do not know the truth, as CNN and Fox and others keep repeating 6 Million Jews and Gas Chambers.  Pure bullshit propaganda!



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