The Origin of the term “Holocaust”

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MOLECH who was a Canaanite/pre-Israelite demon-god

demanding child sacrifices. MOLECH or MOLOC has the head of an ox and body of a man. Children and babies were tossed alive into a blast furnace burning in the stomach of the Moloch statues. Moloch had another name; “Adrammelech” whose disciples in the Babylonian-Iraqi city of Sippar burned babies & children on an industrial scale. Adrammelech is one of the ten archdemons, who appeared in animal forms such as a peacock – which today is the symbol of SATAN used by the Yazidi children.

What if Jewish were led astray and told MOLECH was an ‘OWL’ [which it isn’t], so as to stop inquisitive Jewish realizing that Adrammelech is an archdeacon and related to the demons of the GOETIA? Many thousands of Jewish have been led astray.

Into Zionism

This way (as with Anti-Semitic, which they equate to Race or Religion when Semitic is actually a Language and spoken by Arabs and Palestinians alike) they could allude to it meaning the “Lethal Gassing and Burning” of 6 million Jews in Gas Chambers (disproven) on both counts, but not being specific about either.
You either accept ALL ascribed to the “Holocaust” or you deny it all, and thus you will be labeled that “Holocaust Denier”.



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