Defeat Censorship! It IS in your intrest.

defeat censorship

Their tactics are well known.  They only win, when you succumb to them.  Don’t!

Facebook has gone “overboard” on censorship and is suspending people like crazy!  It may be aggravating, but it also should tell you something.  They only go overboard because:

We are winning!

It is merely a losing game for them, although they think they can weather the storm, on Anti-Zionist posts, falling in with the CIA to track you, and protecting Trump.  They have many “tricks up their sleeve”.

  • Suspending people for sharing
  • Blocking posts from being seen
  • Auto-tracking on target people with algorithms
  • Blocking links from their sources

All for what?  Censorship.  It is not, nor should it be in their “Terms of Service” or their “Community Standards” that they censor in favor of “Elite Interests”, but they do.

The “Bullies” have always used the same tactics.  Threats, Intimidation, Mockery, Violence, Entity Ownership, Vague Rules, Lobby Power.  We should know their tactics, and although it may be frustrating to fight their tactics if you allow their tactics to affect you, and suppress you…


We cannot let them win.  We cannot just lie down and let them roll over us anymore.  We must fight for each other, and for ourselves at the same time.  We are winning, or else they would not be acting so destructively and constantly.  B.D.S. is having the needed effect, but it needs to get stronger.  Telling the truth has to be a “Standard” that we all will fight for!  We don’t care who’s feelings it hurts!  They can (as they always have) skip looking at facts and the truth.  They can continue to be misinformed and ignorant of what they are actually talking about when seeing an Anti-Zionist Post and thinking it is Anti-Semitic.

It does not matter if they do not realize that when they say “Anti-Semitic” that they (themselves) are ignoring the fact that they do not know what the term “Semitic” means.  The game of the Zionists is to make the ignorant believe that Zionism equates to “Race or Religion, and specifically to Jews” when it does not.  Some of the moderators who will delete your posts or suspend you for sharing Anti-Zionist Posts will believe that, simply because they are ignorant.  Sheep.  You could say morons, but was everyone a moron that believed the Earth Was Flat?  Was everyone a moron that believed Witchcraft Was Real?  Maybe they are not as many morons, as they are simply sheep, and you should feel sorry for the sheep, even though it is frustrating and hard, and all the things that make it really hard for you to be the better person.

I think of myself as a good person.  So do you.  Yet how you can tell if you are really good or not, is in reality, how quickly you can →admit you were wrong← (I still have trouble with that too) and how →you over-react← when you are confronted with an opinion obtuse to your own.  When you act against someone because of their opinion Grasshopper, other than to simply and quietly remove yourself from the dialogue, then you fail as this good person.  Please be the “better person”.

Yet that does not mean you cannot “fight back”.  Ohh you can!  Especially by supporting those who are fighting for the right causes.  There should be no more “right cause” than “Free Speech”!

Doug Christie (no longer with us) was a Canadian Lawyer that fought for Free Speech.  I must admit that I did not agree with his “Immigration Beliefs”, as he was one who wanted (like many) to keep Canada “Predominantly European”.  However, I do believe that he has every right to that opinion.  I do believe that he has every right to promote that opinion.  Whether people wish to label it “racist” or not, is up to them.  It very well may be the truth.  However, people with “racist minds” will most likely never change, and hiding racism from them will not cure them.  If you have a strong enough case against racism, you should be able to make it.  You need not be so afraid of it, that you feel that suppression is the only solution.

Yet what Doug Christie did for Canadians on another front, was to stand up for Free Speech, and not just for his beliefs, but for everyones!  I am going to show you a clip, and how much of it you wish to watch is up to you, but for those who do watch it, I want you to see clearly the tactics used to suppress Doug Christie.  There is a Man on film (in the beginning) who is very vocal and evil looking as he displays his threatening stature before a “Doug Christie Talk” begins.  He then goes on to enter the event, just to be disruptive.

I am glad I was not there, as it might have driven me to violence (and that would be wrong) or it would get me to act in some negative way, which is not part of being the “better person” here.  Certainly, I would be frustrated if I came to hear the talk, and I would not have gotten anything of value from the talk.  This all (which I am describing) is a WIN for evil.  I certainly hope someone recognized this guy later (after the talk) and taught him a lesson, but again, this is just the “worst of the worst” in myself saying such things.  ← At least I recognize that.  We will not win with that attitude.  I would need to prompt myself (given this situation) to leave.  Yet, again, this is how “they win”:

This is how they try to defeat you

Now, I don’t know how much you could stand of that, and I could give you lots of other examples.  Ernst Zundel springs to mind, with the JDL attacks against him while he fought for Canadian Rights (and won eventually after spending many years in jail) and eventually having his home firebombed.  This is how they operate.  All to protect their suppression at ANY costs.

Therefore it does get far worse than simply being blocked on Facebook, or suspended, should you allow these people to win.  Should you not support the people fighting.  If you allow the smallest infraction to go by, without saying a word, you, in fact, are contributing to their victory!

People like me will extract themselves from Facebook.  I wrote another blog about it:

History of Social Media: Then And Now

I also wish to highlight another social medium, been Weebly:

Warning to other writers, about Weebly

The smart people will pick up and go.  They will find other places to count on, other than Facebook, just simply as it HAS been proven to be a medium of suppression and working specifically for the Elite, to your loss:

Are you tired of Facebook Suppression?

Now is the time to “Bring It Home” as we are winning.  This is not the time to stop.  They are raising their “Evil and Ugly Heads” and fighting back with all they can muster.  Who is going to win?  Them or you?

This Time!



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