As long as few hear about it, swept under the Rug, the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration:


Ok, first let me have some “Pre-Text” to this:

The First World War was pretty much decided in 1917, as the Germans had won. Their peace proposal was for everyone to go back to how they were before the war started. No reparations. Nothing.

The Balfour Declaration “A Labeled Zionist Document” was submitted by the Zionists. They could “Capitalize on this War” and turn it in favor of the Allies, by bringing the USA into the war, and winning it.

They had gone to a lot of effort to get the USA to do their bidding. They had:

– Made way for the Dick Act, destroying the 2nd Amendment and allowing for the USA to have a “Standing Army”

Why would Zionists think they could get away with Hoodwinking?
– Indoctrinated the Christians in the USA with the Scofield Bible, turning them into “Christian Zionists”

Study Zionism. Even if Zionists hate that!
– Made the USA work under the Central Bank System of the Rothschild’s, and named “The Federal Reserve”.

(Post coming later on the Federal Reserve, Google for now)

They had their Goyim ready, and should Lord Balfour agree, they would exchange their “Manufactured Goyim War Winners” of the USA for a land that Britain did not own. Palestine. There is your Pre-text.

Benjamin Freedman will back up all I just said

In April, the British Foreign Office said it had no intention of apologizing for the document. “We are proud of our role in creating the State of Israel,” it said in a statement. “The task now is to encourage moves toward peace.”

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