No Smoke From Crematoriums?


You have one in your town or city.  Have you ever seen smoke coming from a crematorium?  Of course not!

Crematories contain two burning chambers fueled by natural gas. In the case of German Concentration Camps, the fuel used was Coke. The primary chamber, where the body is burned, has temperatures of 1,700 to 1,800 degrees. But before a cremation can start, the secondary chamber, which burns the initial emissions from the first chamber, must have a minimum temperature of 1,600 degrees.

If the smoke leaving the stack begins to approach 15 percent opacity, then a fresh-air intake damper kicks on.

A cremation can take from 90 minutes to three hours in modern-day cremation ovens using Natural Gas as fuel. Temperatures can drop or rise for different reasons, including operator error and the size and composition of the body.

When that happens, dark smoke usually is visible for only a minute or two.

“If you see smoke coming from a stack, 99 percent of the time it’s due to operator error,’’ said Mike Nicodemus, the trade association’s vice president of cremation services.

“If operators are trained properly and have an understanding of how to do things the right way, you should very seldom see smoke.”

Moreover, in the United States the recent publication of aerial photographs of Auschwitz deals a death blow to the extermination fable: even in the summer of 1944 at the height of the influx of Hungarian Jews, there is no indication of any human pyre or throng of prisoners near the crematorium (but an open gate and a landscaped area are clearly visible) and there is no suspicious smoke (although the smokestacks of the crematoria reportedly spewed forth flames continuously that were visible from a distance of several kilometers both day and night).

These aerial photographs have been revealed to the general public by Dino A. Brugioni and Robert G. Poirer in a pamphlet entitled The Holocaust Revisited. Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service, Washington, DC, ST 79-10001, 19pp. The booklet is somewhat curious in that it was researched in the authors’ free time, not during CIA time, and this is the reason why the authors cannot enter into any correspondence regarding the contents! The two authors offer an interesting example of blindness. They attempt at all costs to adapt the photographic reality with what they believe to have been the reality of Auschwitz, according to three Exterminationist works. There is a spectacular contradiction between the photos and the commentaries which they attach.

The Survivors have wild stories of many kinds, but a predominant one is that they saw and smelled smoke from the Cremation Ovens.  Some even go as far as to say they could tell what nationality was being burned by the color of the smoke.  Yet the Arial Photographs taken during the War by the Allies never show these long lineups for Gas Chambers, or any smoke coming from these ovens.


You can search on the Internet for all the Photo’s, and I could place many here for you, but you will never find any showing the smoke or the lineups.  You will see the Ovens.  You will see the smokestacks.  You will even find a fake one at Auschwitz built after the War and not attached to anything. ← so concerned they were with you knowing the truth eh?




Simply it is not possible.  As David Irving has explained, in Auschwitz alone, the maximum number of bodies that could be burned (including typhus victims) would have been 70,000, given the known shipments of Coke, and the recorded deaths.  It simply is not possible to cremate more than that number, given the ovens they had and the Coke supplied by documented shipments.
David Irving for 10 minutes

Yet other people like Elie Wiesel claim there were “Fire Pits” and that bodies burn on their own, their own fat becoming fuel.  These claims are all impossible as well.  Auschwitz had too high a water table to allow for fire pits.  Even burying the bodies would contaminate the entire Camps drinking water.

Science Repudiates Mass Cremation Stories

Again, we have a “Nice Story”, but the science, and facts just do not match the Fairy Tales.

911 and the Holocaust: Cognitive Dissonance


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  1. Well they have the technology to turn people to ash with one yap of a laser, but this orderly lines of people waiting their turn to be cremated is ludicrous. The length of time to cremate a body is hours, as it is mostly water. It seems they try to make the most bizarre statements possible and know people will believe anything they say. After all they are the Chosen People of God, atheists that they are. Americans thinking is not rational or linear, but is easily persuaded without much analysis/ Maybe the fluoride, and maybe out of fear of being different expecting the masses will accept their story line. As Netanyahu said once, “If you say it often enough they will believe you.” “

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