Don’t be tricked when sharing!


They are getting so crafty now, that posts you shared that YOU can see are actually invisible to everyone else.  Often (if you check, and they hope you won’t) you will see that people who shared your post, actually shared this:

Screenshot 2017-10-27 07.41.15

Facebook is playing “Lots of Games of Suppression”.  Not just suspending accounts for no good reason, other than it is “Anti-Zionist” and so, therefore, they are deeming it “Anti-Semitic” (which isn’t really even a factual word, as they are using it, as Semitic is a language) and then putting you on suspension.

Under the suspension, they even have many levels.  Sometimes you can like and comment.  That is a low-level suspension.  There are levels where you can still moderate by accepting new members into groups and pinning posts, but you cannot comment or post yourself.  All kinds of tricks up their sleeve.

Certainly, whether YOU can see the posts or not when you are under suspension, nobody else can see your old posts.  All your efforts into “past sharing” have gone to naught, and they will remain invisible until after your suspension has ended.  By then, they will be so far down on the “Post Walls” that nobody will ever see them anyway!

If you think Hollow-Hoax Blogs are Important…

Then share from the bottom of the blog you wish to promote, and from HERE:

Screenshot 2017-10-27 07.17.26

You have many more options to share to.  It also cannot be blocked.  Now Facebook can still make it invisible, should they suspend you, but to heck with just Facebook.  Why not (while you are at it) share to Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Reddit etc?

The point here is Grasshopper, to get the truth out, and past suppression!  They cannot stop all of us, and WE are winning!  Do not be fooled!  Take sharing into your OWN hands, and do NOT get suppressed!



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