How do I prove quickly that the Holocaust is a Hoax?

Holocaust Hoax Proof

Just like God, it has been with you since Birth!

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It is not going to be easy there Grasshopper.  To “Un-Believe” such a well known and deeply entrenched lie is probably the toughest thing you can ever attempt, but let me try.

Really (as with anything) you should go back to the beginning.  Why would they lie, and who did the lying and how could so many people believe it, if, in fact, it was not true?

Wartime Propaganda is the answer.  You have 2 reasons for this promotion, but the first was just something meant to justify WWII.  As there was really no justification.  The War began over a “Corridor”, as promoted.  A piece of land in Poland that split Germany.

The Germans could not supply their people on the other side of this corridor.  Danzig was at the edge on the other side, and there, along with the rest of the area on the other side, Germans were being severely harmed.  Homes and Farms burned.  Rape and Beatings and Murder of Germans was rampant.

How could Hitler save face, to all his other Germans, now living in the very best economy in Europe, 100% Employment, Universal Health Care, No Homeless, while the German People on the other side of that corridor were being so badly treated and with no real backup, or were they able to be supplied?  Hitler had to do something!  He tried Peace Treaty after Peace Treaty, but the Polish Government was not standing with the treaties on their end.  They had no reason to.  Both Britain and France were adamant that Poland makes no concessions to Germany.  When finally the Polish sent troops into Danzig, that was the final straw.  Blitzkrieg!

Germany had made a “Deal with the Devil” (Russia) as they did not want to face Britain and France (on one side) and Russia on the other, should they move Militarily to resolve this situation, and so to alleviate the threat of a “Two Front War”, they made a deal with Russia, where both Russia and Germany would invade Poland, each taking over 1/2 of the Country.  Having Russia on his side, Hitler thought it may discourage France and Britain to declare war, but if that did not come to be, Hitler had another solution.

Immediately after Germany invaded Poland and Poland capitulated, Hitler sued for Peace with both France and Britain.  Germany would pull back and out of Poland totally, from all but the disputed corridor, which would still re-unite the two sides of Germany, unfairly split under the Versailles Treaty.

The answer from Britain and France was an “Emphatic NO” as they declared war on Germany.  To make a long story short, Germany then beat back both Britain and France (single-handedly), occupying all of France, and allowed the British to escape from Dunkirk, with again, another Peace Proposal.

Germany would withdraw now from France and Poland (except the disputed corridor) and end all hostilities.  The answer again from Churchill was an “Emphatic NO” and the future of the War, Millions Killed, to no real gain to the Allies whatsoever began.  This war should have ended right there!  BEFORE the Concentration Camps!  Millions upon Millions were subsequently killed in the coming years in a war with only ONE GOAL.  The total destruction of Germany and the Third Reich.

Move ahead now to the end of the war:

As Germany collapsed, the Russians came in from the East.  They had been embarrassed by the Katyn Massacremass execution of Polish military officers by the Soviet Union during World War II. The discovery of the massacre precipitated the severance of diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and the Polish government-in-exile in London.

After Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union concluded their Nonaggression Pact of 1939 and Germany invaded Poland from the west, Soviet forces occupied the eastern half of Poland. As a consequence of this occupation, tens of thousands of Polish military personnel fell into Soviet hands and were interned in prison camps inside the Soviet Union. But after the Germans invaded the Soviet Union (June 1941), the Polish government-in-exile (located in London) and the Soviet government agreed to cooperate against Germany, and a Polish army on Soviet territory was to be formed. The Polish general Władysław Anders began organizing this army, but when he requested that 15,000 Polish prisoners of war whom the Soviets had once held at camps near Smolensk be transferred to his command, the Soviet government informed him in December 1941 that most of those prisoners had escaped to Manchuria and could not be located.

Stalin ordered (as the Russians entered Germany) to rape all the Women of Germany for 8-80!  That they did.

“Red Army soldiers don’t believe in ‘individual liaisons’ with German women,” wrote the playwright Zakhar Agranenko in his diary when serving as an officer of marine infantry in East Prussia. “Nine, ten, twelve men at a time – they rape them on a collective basis.”

The Soviet armies advancing into East Prussia in January 1945, in huge, long columns, were an extraordinary mixture of modern and medieval: tank troops in padded black helmets, Cossack cavalrymen on shaggy mounts with loot strapped to the saddle, lend-lease Studebakers and Dodges towing light field guns, and then a second echelon in horse-drawn carts. The variety of character among the soldiers was almost as great as that of their military equipment. There were freebooters who drank and raped quite shamelessly, and there were idealistic, austere communists and members of the intelligentsia appalled by such behavior.

They raped every German female from eight to 80

On the Western Front (heading East) was the US Allies who did very much of the same and more.  Eisenhower imprisoned the surrendered Germans and wanted to commit absolute “Genocide” on the entire German Population.  Yet he had to scale back his Genocidal Desire and settle for 1.7 Million which he systematically starved to death slowly.  Denied food or water and shelter (although plenty was offered to suffice), Eisenhower ran the Death Camp described here:

In the spring of 1945, Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich was on the brink of collapse, ground between the Red Army, advancing westward towards Berlin, and the American, British, and Canadian armies, under the overall command of General Dwight Eisenhower, moving eastward over the Rhine.  Since the D-Day landings in Normandy the previous June, the westward Allies had won back France and the Low Countries, and some Wehrmacht commanders were already trying to negotiate local surrenders.  Other units, though, continued to obey Hitler’s orders to fight to the last man.  Most systems, including transport, had broken down, and civilians in panic flight from the advancing Russians roamed at large.

“Hungry and frightened, lying in grain fields within fifty feet of us, awaiting the appropriate time to jump up with their hands in the air”; that’s how Captain H. F. McCullough of the 2nd Anti-Tank Regiment Division described the chaos of the German surrender at the end of the Second World War.  In a day and a half, according to Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, 500,000 Germans surrendered to his 21st Army Group in Northern Germany.  Soon after V-E Day–May 8, 1945–the British-Canadian catch totaled more than 2 million.  Virtually nothing about their treatment survives in the archives in Ottawa or London, but some skimpy evidence from the International Committee of the Red Cross, the armies concerned, and the prisoners themselves indicates that almost all continued in fair health.  In any case, most were quickly released and sent home or else transferred to the French to help in the post-war work of reconstruction.  The French army had itself taken fewer than 300,000 prisoners.

Like the British and Canadians, the Americans suddenly faced astounding numbers of surrendering German troops: the final tally of prisoners taken by the U.S. Army in Europe (excluding Italy and North Africa) was 5.25 million.  But the Americans responded very differently.

Among the early U.S captives was one Corporal Helmut Liebich, who had been working in an anti-aircraft experimental group at Peenemunde on the Baltic.  Liebich was captured by the Americans on April 17, near Gotha in Central Germany.  Forty-two years later, he recalled vividly that there were no tents in the Gotha camp, just barbed wire fences around a field soon churned to mud.  The prisoners received a small ration of food on the first day but it was then cut in half.  In order to get it, they were forced to run a gauntlet.  Hunched over, they ran between lines of American guards who hit them with sticks as they scurried towards their food.  On April 27, they were transferred to the U.S. camp at Heidesheim farther wet, where there was no food at all for days, then very little.  Exposed, starved, and thirsty, the men started to die.  Liebich saw between ten and thirty bodies a day being dragged out of this section, B, which at first held around 5,200 men. He saw one prisoner beat another to death to get his piece of bread.  One night when it rained, Liebich saw the sides of the holes in which they were sheltered, dug in the soft sandy earth, collapse on men who were too weak to struggle out.  They smothered before anyone could get to them.  Liebich sat down and wept.  “I could hardly believe men could be so cruel to each other.”

Eisenhower’s Holocaust – His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans!

Eisenhower’s Death Camps! The Last Dirty Secret of World War Two!


All and all, the Allies on both sides had a lot to feel Guilty for, and that is ONE good reason why it was important to make up stories about the “Evil Third Reich” and this “Madman Hitler”!

The original “Gas Chamber” idea, along with the “6 Million Jews” claims first came from the Russians, who were “infiltrated” with Zionists throughout their ranks.  The first reasoning for this total fraud was justification for what they had all done.  Yet later, it became a good reason for the UN to be formed, N.A.T.O. (to protect the other allies from the real enemy they agreed with Hitler on, Stalin and the Communists) and of course the State of Israel.  That is how it all played out.

If you got this far, you know the reasons why the Holocaust was dreamed up.  Very good reasons.  Yet untrue just the same.

Now, with this basis backing you up, you are better off, and more “clear headed” to begin to see the lies that were attributed to it.  We have many links inside of “Hollow-Hoax” in order to convince you that none of the things previously acclaimed towards this Holocaust hold any weight.  It all is a lie.  At least the BIG issues.

  • 6 Million Jews killed
  • Death Camps
  • Jews turned into Soap
  • Jews skin used for Lampshades
  • Electrocution Rooms
  • Diesel Gas Chambers
  • Zyklon B Gas Chambers

All the above are frauds.  Still being promoted (some of them) by Mainstream Media and your Government, and certainly Israel, but there is no weight to any of these allegations.  No evidence for it.  None.  That is where you should begin.

Unlike God or Jesus, these are not things that there is a hard time proving or disproving their validity.  All it takes is for you to look.  Now I am going to give you some “short links” and some in-depth links to the #1 Fraud of all, the Gas Chambers, and if you are open-minded enough, you will come back (after viewing) with the ABSOLUTE RESOLVE that the Holocaust is a Hoax.  Certainly more (far more) acclaimed to it is a fraud of more than anything you could point to as actually being real of “Nazi Atrocities” giving credence for calling something a Holocaust.

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