Help! Someone threw Nizkor in my face!

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No matter HOW they manipulate the figures!


In 1939 there were 15.5 Million Jewish People Worldwide.  In 1951 there were 15.5 Million Jewish People Worldwide.  Never in Jewish History has there been a “Baby Boom” of 6 million in even a 20 year period of Worldwide Jewish People.   It really does not matter HOW Nizkor manipulates figures!  It cannot account for the LOSS and then the subsequent “Baby Boom” of 6 million.


Zionist Propaganda Machine in direct receipt of over 13 Trillion in “Sympathy Money” for the Hollow-Hoax.  What POSSIBLE motive could THEY have to deceive you?

It was founded by Ken McVay as a central Web-based archive for the large numbers of fake documents made publicly available by the users of the newsgroup alt.revisionism and ‘gifted’ to B’nai Brith Canada in 2010. It employs jewspeak for deceiving the public and falsifying history, especially about the Holocaust™. It specifically aims to mislead about the work of revisionist historians.

The site also archives numerous postings made to the newsgroup since the early 1990s.[1] It does not archive every single posting ever made to the newsgroup – especially when it reveals falsifications by orthodox ‘historians’ – rather the maintainers of the web site have selected various 100% orthodox messages for display that are seen as presenting purely orthodox factual information about the Holocaust™ or sometimes, in the case of revisionist posters, about the authors of the messages themselves.

In addition to providing an extensive faked archive of documents regarding the Holocaust™, including the transcripts of the 1st Nuremberg kangaroo court trial,[2] the Nizkor Project also seeks to expose the activities of Holocaust™ deniers themselves. Based on the postings to the newsgroup over the years, it has compiled extensive writings from critically acclaimed revisionists, including David Irving[3], Ernst Zündel[4], Michael A. Hoffman II[5], and others. Several revisionist posters to the newsgroups have earned reputations as supremely knowledgeable, and a number of their writings are also stored at the Nizkor Project for the public to learn from.

Among the various pieces of information stored at Nizkor is a recording of an answering machine message allegedly made by Tom Metzger, encouraging various individuals to take action against Nizkor on the Internet.[6]


Holocaust™ revisionist web sites and spokespersons have made repeated accusations against McVay, challenging his neutrality. The Nizkor web site has been accused by Holocaust™ revisionists and neo-National Socialist Web sites as being funded by jews, Israel or other Zionist sources, while McVay consistently denies it with no transparency provided. He claims that the Nizkor Project is funded solely by donations from the ‘general’ public, as well as his own personal finances. [7]

In the late 1990s, the Simon Wiesenthal Center criticized the Nizkor Project for increasing the visibility of truther groups and revisionist historians, even as it sought to ‘debunk’ them.[8] This clash between self-styled ‘free speech advocates’ such as McVay and those who favor the suppression and criminalization of free speech with hate crime™ laws continued throughout the late 1990’s and beyond. In 1996, McVay spoke out against Internet ‘hate crime™’ laws in Canada in front of a committee of the Canadian Parliament, stating that it is better to address the research of revisionism on the Holocaust™ religion, rather than to censor them. [9]


  1. misrepresents the ‘burden of proof fallacy’ by ignoring the intricacies of the decision process to determine on which, if any, particular side, the burden rests. [10] N. then goes on to quote 3 irrelevant examples and to deliberately omit two salient ones: The 4 million lie of Auschwitz and the 6 million lie. This is because N. wants to avoid admitting that the burden of proof of 4 million or 6 million lies with the jews who claim its factuality and not at all the historical revisionists. And jews cannot prove either figure. Nowhere on N. do we find a scientific estimate of cc casualty numbers including a detailed discussion of the reasons for the shockingly large margin of error of 100% or more , marring all estimates of holocaustianity.

Such is the whole alleged ‘magic’ of jewish holohoax ‘debunking’ websites like N..

Exposure of fakery and downfall of Niz.

  1. was maintained up to 2012. Ever since 2008 it stopped operating in any meaningful manner. Historians never considered it as anything but a ‘poor joke’ given N.’s insistence on the factuality of jew fakery like the shrunken heads and other refuted fake propaganda. [11] [12] [13]

The N. scum is said to have dispersed and trolls the revisionist website scene with next to no score at all.


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5 thoughts on “Help! Someone threw Nizkor in my face!”

  1. Excellent comment and observation. The IBM and new so called supporting evidence that was a bit manufactured, as I doubt they had punch cards back in the early ’40’s or sooner. I recall seeing the latest computer at Michigan State University that took several large rooms and huge machines and trays and trays of punch cards. All IBM. Whoever wrote that article surely thinks his audience is brain dead.

    1. Ohh, that IS what they used. Punch cards. Yet the point is here that it was the Zionists providing the machine, and the tattoos were to use in that machine. Just another hint that the Zionists (who claim all the repairations, and the sympathy) are the ones who were in it full force. It was in their best interest to make life tough on the Jews who would not convert to Zionism and move to Palestine.

  2. No edit function above but the year I saw the latest in computers and punch
    cards at MSU was in the mid-70’s, thirty years later.

    Leaving the search title as there are many states that are banning boycotting of Israel. This list shows the states that have done so thus today’s seach. Yesterday a article that said if victims of Houston’s flood had to sign a form that said they would not support boycotting of Israel if they wanted to get Federal aid assistance to repair or replace their homes. Seems the feds are involved in this as well as that is federal money that a governor cannot block, or can the state do that. They are trying to tighten the noose. Left a message about this yesterday but didn’t have the names of the other states.

    Wonder if their latest brain twisting technique is holograms. Saw a YT on the twin towers showing a plane going into one of the buildings, but it also showed the nose of the plane coming out the other side of the building, where they forgot to remove that from the hologram. One sight speculated they are planning to show Christ second coming via holograms around the world and speak in various languages to the people to convince them it is so, and give messages that will benefit the creators of the hologram. Sounds bizarre but they have said six million died in the camps and holograms are possible. Just be prepared to question anything out of the unusual, like this bubble.

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