Government Denial of the Holocaust

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If not, and they had boots on the Ground in Germany during WWII, then they are liars!


The Allies knew what was going on in the camps.  To deny that is a lie.  Long before the War ended, the Allies had broken ALL the German Codes.  To say they had not, would be a lie.  They specifically knew how many people were being introduced daily to the camps.  They specifically knew the death toll.  They knew the food shipments into the camps.  They knew the labor jobs the inmates were involved in.  They knew the fuel imported into the camps.  They knew the production levels of the camps.  To say they did not know this information, being reported to Berlin from the camps on a regular basis, after breaking all the codes would be a lie.  There is no getting around that.


This is simply “Military Intelligence 101” and it could be asked, if you did not have this information, as to exactly what kind of Military Intelligence you actually want to claim you have!

So they knew.  If something unscrupulous was going on at the camps, they would know, and certainly, would use it for wartime propaganda.  More than that, it would be of no great surprise, what they would find, when they liberated the camps after the war.  To say it would be, also would be a lie.




To not submit this evidence into Trial at Nuremberg (Top Secret during the War but not after) would not just be a crime of omission.  It would be suppression of evidence and certainly done on purpose.


Your Government did not act alone, and were complicit:


Private Industry is to blame here as well.  Yet this is also something that your Government did not seek to question.  Actually, for them not to know this, would make your Government inept.  A lost cause.  Worse than ignorant and uninformed.  Beyond stupid.


The Nazi POW’s in Concentration Camps had numbered tattoo’s on every prisoner, indelibly marked on their skin.  It may be horrific to think of such a numbering system, and you may even be maddened by it.  However, the question as to what that number was for, and who exactly was doing that numbering is certainly of interest or should be.  The companies the prisoners did “forced labor” for is certainly of interest or should be.  The companies who produce data as their business on population numbers is certainly of interest or should be.  Yet your Government does not seem to have any questions for them.  No questions as to their loyalties, or ownership, or secret bargains they made with covert conspirators or crimes against humanity.  Your Government seems not to care (in most cases) what Companies are profiting by suppression, omission, and withholding of direct evidence.  That is unless it suits them.  It certainly does not suit them if they are equally to blame, and that could be all too obvious.  Yet some of this is blatant!

IBM kept the records:


IBM, you may know when looking at “Boycott Israeli Goods” posters is a Zionist Company which has always been one in this kind of ownership.  The tattoo’s on the prisoners were IBM numbers, used in IBM machines to keep tabs on the workers and their personal outputs.  One might ask why there was no Subpoena for these records at Nuremberg, but just like with the Military Intelligence Reports on Nazi POW Camps from their broken, intercepted codes, it would be hard to point the finger at IBM for not supplying evidence, when your Government is doing the exact same thing.  Just as criminal.
World Almanac Keeps Yearly Population Numbers:


This is a Company that has all its credibility at stake in producing figures about Worldwide Populations.  Specifically the “World Jewish Population” during any given year.  If you are about to falsely claim that 6 Million Jews were killed in Nazi Concentration Camps, then the data (produced yearly) from such a Company should be and would be of historical record.  In fact, on any subject, you could demand the proof of reference from the World Almanac, for any time period, and they would most likely be able to submit their data.  To not be able to do so would make such a Company inept.  Their books not reliable.  Totally discredited.


Yet also, if you were to promote a FRAUD of 6 Million Jews killed during WWII, you would be up against what might seem to be an impossible hill to climb.  What with the World Almanac producing a book every year?  Already in print for those years?  How could you possibly get around that, if you wanted to propagandize a fraud?

The only hope you could have, that might save the day on further promotion of such a fraud, would be if you could get the World Almanac to state that their numbers, during that time frame, and that time frame only, were estimations.  Not based on any factual data for that period. Now that is not easy.  Yet if someone did it, then who was that?  What was their motivation?  Was there a “pay off”?  Is this irregular, and perhaps even criminal? If it happened, it certainly brings into question World Almanac’s credibility.

Yet your Government can be held to the same standard with their intelligence data they did not submit at Nuremberg, as being criminal not to submit it, or hide it, or state it was not verifiable would be equally as criminal, wouldn’t it?
1947-1951 Jewish Baby Boom of 4-6 Million children:


Actually, from many references during those years, from 1939 to 1951, we have various records from many organizations (even Jewish) which state the World Population of Jewish People.  By region, and Country as well.  Immigration numbers etc.  2 sets of these figures are NOT in dispute.  1939 and previous to that.  1951 and after that.  There just seems to be the very strange lack of clear accounting claimed during that time.  Actually, the numbers are still reported, but Companies like the World Almanac can be a little fuzzy on their data during those years, and only those years, for some unknown reason, never investigated, and certainly not by Your Government.


Now Zionists who promote the Holocaust with Films and also reap the “Sympathy Money” from the entire World as a whole, with the claimed present 2.5 million recipients of reparation money for this Holocaust crime, totaling over 13 Trillion Worldwide so far have some different figures than the rest.  Yet only during that time frame.  They too will agree that the basic Jewish Population Worldwide was:


  • Before 1939 roughly 15.5 Million
  • In 1951 roughly 15.5 Million


However, they (unlike any other entity) place the World Jewish Population in 1939 at 16.5 Million +  and in 1947 at 11 Million.  This nicely accounts for the loss of 6 Million Jews.  Even if they are themselves alone in such a report.  Not in the business of doing such reports before or after the War.


We can go back and forth about why there is such a vast difference in their accounting, compared to all the other entities if you choose, but just keeping with what is admitted, we have roughly the same number of Jewish People Worldwide, before and after WWII, and the only claim is:
6 Million Jews were killed during WWII

Therefore there must have been a “Baby Boom” between 1947-1951


Now as unprecedented as this may be, there are NO films about this baby boom.  I think it quite significant.  Did some entity (like Zionists) go all through the Jewish Population handing out “Spanish Fly”?  Showing “Porn Movies”?  Offering free Hotel Rooms to Jewish Couples?  What was the reason for this baby boom?  

I certainly think it would be more entertaining than a Holocaust Film which the Zionists put out on a basic “assembly line” decade after decade!  Love stories?  Romance?  Sex?  What a seller!  How could Zionists miss out on this money making an opportunity to document what must have been such a historical anomaly?

An unprecedented increase!  The Jewish with such a Baby Boom unheard of in the rest of the World!  Increasing their population by a giant 1/3rd in merely 4 short years!  What an event!  This is never written about?  Never made a Movie of?  Holy Cow!

Being a “Baby Boomer” myself, I was born in 1958, but the World (although having a baby boom) at the time was not increasing anywhere NEAR the rate of the Jewish Population, as per what the Zionists tell us!

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Yet furthermore, why is it that your Government is totally silent on this?  Seemingly complacent? Possibly even acting criminally by not pointing any of this out?


Therefore in Conclusion:


Nuremberg was a farce!  It was as unprecedented as this Baby Boom.  A trial at the end of the War for the losers, to further shame them and make them pay.  It was outlined before the trial began that evidence would not be allowed to be submitted, if it conflicted with “Common Knowledge”<== Or Hearsay, and there is nothing you really could take from this trial in the end, which would assure you of its validity.  Germany was again (for the 2nd time) shamed by the outcome of WWII, as they had been in WWI in the Versailles Treaty.  Yet how horrific that treaty was, the entire War had been won by Germany, not 2-3 years before, if not for the inception of the Balfour Declaration by the Zionists.  They, in fact, sat over the Versailles Treaty, dividing up Germany and proclaiming the reparations Germany was forced to pay.

If there is anything you can take from WWI, and WWII it is that the “Good Guys Lost”, as the entire thing was manipulated by the Zionists and Great Britain, who if nothing else, did not want to see a success in Germany.  Before WWII it was England preparing for War and pushing Poland to anger the Germans.  Refuse to comply with treaties.  Although the propaganda wants to tell you differently, today we can look at the FACTS that it was Poland and not Germany who attacked first.  Germany even had to make a “Deal with the Devil” with Stalin, to have any hopes of a win after retaliation to the Polish onslaught, and from that time forward constantly sued for Peace with the Allies.  Yet all to no avail.

Who won, were the “Bad Guys”.  The ones we have to deal with today.  They could be said to be like the Mafia.  Liars, corrupted, and totally in the “Back Pockets” of the instigators of both these Wars.  The Zionists.

From Donald Trump to Justin Trudeau, you do not have the “Good Guys” in charge.  Don’t try to tell me they are just IGNORANT of these “high-level facts” of the 2 Wars!   You have people who will “Cow Town” to the Zionists and do their bidding.  This is what this propaganda and theft and fraud have brought us.  It is as relevant today as it was in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration.  Same thieves.  Same tactics.  Same lies.
If your Government tries to claim that they do not deny, or have questions about the Holocaust, making them, in fact, a “Holocaust Denier” then they are liars.  Each Government has Military Intelligence and reports surrounding this issue.  Each estimates damages that have occurred. They take our tax money and they send it to Israel.  They attempt to stop boycotts of Israel.  They send our Men and Women to fight in Wars promoted by Israel.  They allow our Media and Banking System to be “suppressed and controlled by” Zionist entities and Corporations.  They claim to not be favor of monopolies, and point out the criminal behavior of monopolies, but say nothing about this Zionist control. They, in fact, back the Zionist control and they suppress evidence in favor of Zionist control.  Your Government is lying to you.  Blatantly.  On purpose. Unjustifiably. In fact, it could be said, Criminally.

Proof of Zionist control over our nations

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    Churchill was the one who started aerial bombing. And manipulated by the Jews to get America involved so that Germany would stop bombing England. Now how did they do that? Jews wanted America involved so we could be their warriors for their causes while we run our countries into horrific debt of worthless dollars. Seems one shouldn’t have to repay dollars that are not worth a grain of rice? Really. Just stop giving them their worthless dollars, they are debts. Notes. Federal Reserve, private organization of banks and never audited, has money trees.

  2. If we use World Almanac records here on the breakdown of the Jewish Population of 1941 to 1949 we might get this Military Historian outlook: German Unofficial Recorded Records per Wannasee Conference-Jewish Population of 16,643,120. Jewish Population between 1941-1945 Deaths to Disease and Overwork (Rebuilding of Nationalist Socialist Germany) 2,214,373. Deaths and Friendlyfire and of Patriotic Purging of other countries= 2,214,373

    Deaths at Nationalist Socialist German Concentration Camps: 1) Gassings and Executions 738,124 2) War Dead 738,124 3) Other Countries demands of hand overs of Jewish Citizens=738,124. if this nutty Hanson W. Baldwin had of been interested in compiling any crediable data but his masters were the EU countries, Britain and the USA that paid him good money not to record too close a record.

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