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*Ahh so it was THIS post that was removed by Facebook*

Don’t like this eh? Even got it removed from Google + as well eh? Well then, we will just have to find ways around that. As not only is it true, but important.

Zionists have begun their little idea of basic Fraud less than 2 Centuries ago when it was first made up. When I say “Made Up”, I mean “Made Up” too, by it’s founder Herzl. <== A known Atheist.

He banded together a bunch of Khazars and Ashkenazi Jews and formed Zionism. This was in the late 1800’s. As you should know, Judaism is THOUSANDS of years old, and not just a mere 100+ as Zionism is.

Their plan and doctrine from the very beginning was to CONTROL. Ohh this truth must hurt as that is the reason why they also banned me for 30 days. Against “Facebook Standards”? <== Pfft, the truth?

Ok now, they had a plan (and even Judaism did not need to fit but it could give them a further reason to get land) and it was for CONTROL from a place they would brand the new “Israel”. It did not exist at the time.

Next, they were quite Successful in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. They called themselves “Semites” but they did not have a DROP of Semitic Blood at all. Again, they were mostly from Europe (Russia, Germany, Poland) and they were able to get their claws into the running of the Government of Russia. They made laws outlawing “Anti-Semitism” and made it punishable by death. They killed 10’s of Millions under this “Guise” calling the evil (mostly Christians) they killed “Anti-Semitic”.

Ohh you really don’t like this truth do you Zionists! Well, probably what pisses you off the most is that people on the Internet can “Fact Check” what I say! That is the reason for the removal of this post, not just from Facebook, but even from Google + (which you are not supposed to be able to stop?)… pfft.

Ok continuing on, the Zionists then needed “Goyim Warriors” as backup in North America. So what they did was to publish the Scofield Bible, written by a KNOWN Fraud and Felon (Scofield) and they financed it, Published it through “Oxford University” (to give it credibility) and then had a Publishing House set up in New York for distribution of this FRAUD Bible. It was a “King James Version” with “footnotes” which seemed innocent at the time. No Israel existed in the early 1900’s and Islam was not really thought of much then. They had it distributed throughout all the Protestant Churches, even for free if necessary, as this Bible promoted “for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY”:

– A Promised Land for Jews called Israel in Palestine.

– Islamophobia

-The Rapture

This book was to get them (as they were successful in doing) a HORDE of “Christian Zionists” to be their Goyim and help them accomplish their goals.

Now, moving on, we come to WWI and the British were about to lose the War. In come these Zionists with a proposal. It was called the Balfour Declaration”. It promised the British their “Christian Zionist Backup Goyim” to come in and WIN WWI for them if they in return could have Palestine. <== A land that neither the Zionists or the British had any right whatsoever to in 1917 when the Balfour Declaration was submitted. The British Accepted.

The Germans (who had fully expected to win WWI) were not only astounded that they lost and that the USA came into the battle, but it was not revealed to them until the Versailles Treaty the Balfour Declaration. <== NOW they were mad!

These were “German Zionists” who submitted this Balfour Declaration! Sitting at the head of the Table in the Versailles Treaty were “All These Same Zionists”, and they divided up Germany (as they wanted) and levied all the war reparations on Germany! This is why Hitler had to come to power.

Ohh you Zionists just hate this, don’t you? Too Bad! Now going on… the Zionists began to migrate to Palestine, and the League of Nations made allowances (as promised) for this Balfour Declaration. When Hitler came to power he REMOVED all the Zionists from Control.

On March 24, 1933, Zionists strike back and the London Daily Express published an article announcing that the Jews had already launched their boycott against Germany and described a forthcoming “holy war”. The Express urged Jews everywhere to boycott German goods and demonstrate against German economic interests. Claiming (again) that they spoke for ALL JEWS (a fraud) and that they were “Semitic” (a fraud) and to oppose them was again, “Anti-Semitic”… they began their further fraud.

The Express said that Germany was “now confronted with an international boycott of its trade, its finances, and its industry….In London, New York, Paris and Warsaw, Jewish businessmen are united to go on an economic crusade.”

The article went on, “worldwide preparations are being made to organize protest demonstrations.”

On March 27, 1933, the planned protest at Madison Square Garden was attended by 40,000 protestors (New York Daily News headlines: “40,000 Roar Protest Here Against Hitler”).


Anti-Hitler Rally In New York

Hitler made a deal with the Zionists to end the Boycott, and he offered (which the Zionists took) “The Transfer Agreement”.

This meant that all the Zionists would get “Free Passage” to Palestine, paid for by the Germans, and be able to send for ALL their belongings once there, in return for an end to the Boycott. End of story!

The remaining Jews in Germany were not Zionist, nor did they wish to go to Palestine. Some sympathized with the “Fake Jews Calling Themselves Zionist”, but in reality Khazars and Ashkenazi Jews who did elect to move to Palestine, but they, themselves for “whatever reason” did not wish to be part of this mix.

The Jews loyal to Germany were welcome to stay. Hitler’s Doctor  and Driver were both Jewish. Yet for some Jews, this idea of “Judea Declares War On Germany” continued, and it lasted until after the War was finally over (WWII that is). These “dissidents and terrorists” were rounded up and put in Camps in process of being deported. Their cries to Zionists in Palestine fell on deaf ears. The Zionists wanted them all to CONVERT and JOIN them in Palestine, or else they could simply “SUFFER” in Germany! They cut off ALL AID to German Jews sent to the camps.

Zionists ran the Holocaust and Concentration Camps

After the War, the Allies (especially the Russians) wanting to belittle all the crimes THEY were responsible for Genocide and Torture and the Incinerations of Cities etc, invented (what was already folklore) of 6 Million Jews (used previously by Zionists over 100 times looking for sympathy in the past and money of course) who died in Nazi Prison Camps in mostly “Gas Chambers”. Pure FRAUD (as it has been proven) and the Zionists again took up this call, claiming to speak for ALL JEWS (a Fraud) and being Semitic (a Fraud) and deserving now a “State of Israel” in Palestine, which was granted finally in 1948 by the UN in Palestine, but NOT to exceed 58% of the land and to live in peace with the Arabs and Palestinians.

This was NEVER in the Zionist Plan. Their PLAN since their inception (well documented) is “Greater Israel” for and that includes most of Iran, Syria, and ALL of Iraq. They will use (as usual) their Goyim to do their fighting and spend TRILLIONS of dollars supporting THEM and their Fraud State, obtained by deception and fraud.

They back up their claim for it today with the fraud of the Holocaust, and claiming to be “Semitic” (a Fraud) and that it is the “Promised Land” as described in the Scofield Bible (a Fraud) and they are fully responsible for today’s Wars in the Middle East, along with Islamophobia and they OWN most of your Media, Your Banks, and Your Governments! You are their Goyim, and you will do as they wish! They are overall the BEST at only ONE thing.

The biggest Frauds that Mankind has ever seen!

They make Scientology look sick!

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