Tips on where to build a Gas Chamber

where to build

Hey!  It’s the NEW story!  Why would you question it?

Don’t use the excuse that you did not hear about it.  That just means that you get ALL your news from Mainstream Media and your Government who are promoters of this fraud!  Time to wake up.  Listen up to the “New Story” and see if it makes sense to you.

After Decades they finally change their story!

For Decades they have had tours at Auschwitz, and the main attraction?  Here, let me give you some choices, and you pick which one they promoted the most.  Was it:

  • The Swimming Pools?
  • The Camp Library?
  • The Camp Hospital?
  • The Camp Canteen?
  • The Camp Movie Theatre?
  • The Camp Concert Hall?
  • The Camp Orchestra?
  • The Camp Post Office?
  • The Camp Money?
  • The Camp Rations (per individual)?
  • The Camp De-Lousing Chambers?
  • The Camp Brothel?
  • The Camp Rugby Field?
  • The Gas Chamber?

Well, Grasshopper?  Which one of these have they promoted for DECADES as being in “Original Shape” as it was during WWII, and they have now changed their story on?

Here is a hint, in the new sign outside of it:

auschwitz-sign_orig (1)

Yes, they had to change their story, eventually, after:

David Cole gave a tour of Auschwitz

The Leuchter Report

Germar Rudolf exposes Auschwitz’s Curated Lies

Then they finally had to change the sign!

(it took a few decades to do it though)

Still, your Mainstream Media is reporting (even today, as we speak) 6 Million, and Gas Chambers and Genocide and “Death Camps”, like none of this has been disproven.

What else is the MAIN attraction at Auschwitz?

new sign-asking-for-respectful-behavior-at-auschwitz-940x627

Yes a “Shooting Wall”, but they “admit” now to something.  Again, they have lied.

Now, given just these 2 lies and misleading the tourists for decades, should we look at what the German Records say about how many “Specifically Jews” were killed?

how many jews auschwitz

Do the Germans have a “History of Fraud”?  Is there a reason why they would make records in the first place, if all they were going to do when thinking they were to win the War, was to produce “documented fraud”?

screaming out from the grave

Somebody is lying here.  Now, who is it Grasshopper?  Who has the history of lies?  Who has a history of telling the truth?  Who has “ulterior motives” here?  Who is hiding who’s documents for decades?  Well?

The above photo of Jewish Prisoners at Auschwitz is from German Records, not released until the late 1980’s by the Russians, and made public by Dennis Wise.  Therefore, they were hidden.  Why Grasshopper?  Why?

Why did they modify an old “Supposed Air Raid Shelter” and punch holes in the roof, and take out walls, removing plumbing for toilets, and claiming it was a “Homicidal Gas Chamber” for decades, and now admit they did that?  Why not just be honest from the beginning, and try to Pan Off This Ludicrous Story of the converted back from an Air Raid Shelter, previously a storage room, and previously a Gas Chamber in the beginning?

Did they not know what they were doing when making the renovations?  Huh?  Who is more believable now?  Could they have been “just confused” as they covered up the drain holes in the building, and removed the walls that were there? Huh?

Nice to laugh at the Meme, but…

You should be OUTRAGED, and you have every right to be!  This is only “One Little Piece” of the Frauds!  Just one!  There are plenty, and I want you to dig, and I want you to learn, and I want you to get MAD as you uncover the truth.

However, I do not promote VIOLENCE as a solution!  I do not promote WAR!  Instead, I want you to wake up to a fact:

Zionists are less than 2% of the World!

All it takes is education and for you to get mad yes!  In your mind yes!  Not with fists.

Get furious with a theme!

Yet then, simply support B.D.S.  Boycott Israel.  Download the App for your phone:

Free App from Google Play to Boycott Israel (a Scanner)

Finally, help me educate the World, by sharing from the links below.  We can win.  You and me.  We are already winning.  Trust me!  I do what I do for free.



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