Evil Social Media (Zionist Based)


Two Billion Users and it was all a Zionist “Con Job”.

(and I have the proof now)

Hollow-Hoax has had to “fight to survive” as posts exposing the frauds of the Holocaust Story were getting (at first) suppressed (hidden) on Facebook.  Sharing links not showing the meme etc.

I was familiar with this as they also tried to do the same with Alternative Energy.  I started and built the #1 Nikola Tesla Group on the Net 1,000,000,000 People that demand Tesla’s Papers to be released by the CIA and during my time building this on Facebook, I dealt with bans (for sharing too much) and suppression of my posts.

Eventually, I beat them, or at least they gave up in attempting to suppress Alternative Energy Posts.  I knew very well who was behind it, but I did not think Facebook would be in their “suppression realm”.  The Energy Cartels do not want you to know how beneficial and available Alternative Energy is.  I am guessing that with the exposure of Global Warming, the “powers that be” are backing off a little on suppression (not entirely, as you still can’t buy HHO technology in your local Walmart, and there is a good reason for that) as much of the information on Alternative Energy is now available on Facebook, from various venues of Groups and Pages.  Having the #1 Group there on the subject, I felt I had won.  I am glad we were able to educate as many as we did.

Yet when it came to exposing the Hollow-Hoax…

This became a different story.  I really ran up against the biggest suppression of facts and with their Media Control they proved to be “Adamant” about keeping this information “low level”.

Not wanting to mix Alternative Energy with other subjects, but wishing to do more exposure of suppression, I began a Page on Facebook to expose War and the Elite and the lies about that. Occupy The Military Industrial Complex  This is where I got into War, and the cause of War, and who was really behind it, along with the suppression of facts there as well. This is also where I began to expose the Hollow-Hoax.

At first, I knew that what I was talking about was a BOMBSHELL and I ought to be careful about how much I did the promotion.  So, just bits and pieces, from time to time, looking as innocent in the promotion as possible.  Nothing major.  Just hung back there for a few years, as I was still researching myself (as I continued to do) and I did not wish to push the envelope any further.  I had succeeded with Alternative Energy promotion, enough to my own satisfaction, and I had been targeted before.  So for years, I remained “low key”.

With a Canadian Election about to happen in 2015, I felt I should do my part in my OWN Country and open a new Group.  Canadian Truth News Eh?.  I only meant it to work for the Election and to expose “The Harper” for what he was, and then (as I had enough on my plate) walk away from the Group after the Election.  However, I got kinda “wrapped up” in telling my “Fellow Canadians” the truth and the Group gained some credibility.  It became popular.  Even Worldwide.

The initial stages of the Hollow-Hoax

I obviously was not ignorant as to what I was to face.  Election over, if Canadian Truth was going to continue, we were going, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!  Therefore that involves the full exposure of the Hollow-Hoax.  So here we go.  Get ready for the ride!

It did not take long either for them to be on to me.  So, knowing they would, and did, I simply developed 2 Google + sites to share from, as when Facebook wishes to suppress you, they have a little trick.

Facebook’s first trick is to make your posts invisible, to everyone BUT you!  In that way, you will think everyone can see your posts that Facebook wants to be suppressed, and you might conclude (as you are not getting any likes or shares) that your topic is just not popular.  Then, as Facebook hopes, you will simply give up on all efforts.   Well, I had a way around them, as I had designed 2 Google + sites which (if shared) to Facebook they could not hide.  Hollow-Hoax on Google + and Canadian Truth News Eh? On Google Plus.  Ohh and did THAT frustrate them!

Faced with only being able to go to a lot of work to block individual post addresses when shared from Google + to Facebook, they changed their tactics.  Now I am not going to take credit for this, but it did happen at the same time, that Google + took away the “Sharing Option” to Facebook.  Actually, they took away ALL of them, except to be able to share inside of the Google + realm.   Now you can still visit those realms and get stuff I post or have posted, but I do not create on them much anymore, because of this sharing suppression.

I then moved to other blogging sites in order to circumvent this suppression with Hollow-Hoax information.  I tried MEDIUM and WEEBLY as I have written about these sites in other blogs, they also let me run for a time with Hollow-Hoax, and then finally shut me down, with or without warning.  As with Weebly, I was given no warning, and no ability to collect and move my posts that I had spent months developing when they banned my site entirely.  You could call this “up in the air” as to their reasoning being “Customer Complaints” (which I doubt, merely Zionist complaints if any) or “Keeping with the Zionist Agenda, as I cannot prove what they did or why they did it, either way.  Unlike with Facebook.

Proof of Facebook Targeting and Suppression:

When I began posting from WordPress, coincidence or not, all hell broke loose on Facebook.  People being suspended like crazy!  Many of my top bloggers and Admin were shut down.  I was used to being suspended myself, but now it seemed that everyone who was helping me was also getting suppressed in the same ways.  Could it just be a team of Zionists complaining?  No.  This became too rampant.

As well, I began to see on Mainstream Media the threats from Israel about the BDS (Boycott Israel) Movement, and more Countries taking on “Holocaust Denial Laws” (as now we are up to 24) and States in the USA actually having laws passed against supporting BDS.  Something was happening, and I did know what.  The truth was getting out, and these Criminal Zionists were running for cover while firing aimlessly at the crowd approaching them.  People were waking up and the Zionists Don’t Like It!

Every time they banned me on Facebook, they were just being Vague.  You did something against our Terms of Service or in violation of our Community Standards.  It was hard to pinpoint (on my end) what they were suspending people for, as certainly what I was posting and sharing was not against Community Standards or their Terms of Service.  They were HIDING the reason why they were suspending people.

Well, that was UNTIL my last ban!  As now I got em.  No way around it.  Screenshot and all.  I was under suspension until Nov 4th already, and could only post on my OWN wall.  I, of course, would share my new posts on my Wall from Hollow-Hoax and others would share those posts for me, on important Groups and such.

There was something Facebook did not like!

It was what I shared from here.  Certainly not against their TOS or CS, but something I guess too revealing for the LIKES of them, and I expected it would be.  It was the Meme:

Screenshot 2017-10-31 08.23.59

It did not take long either.  Just an hour or two.  That was when I got a revealing message from Facebook, and I made a MEME out of it.  Here it is:

blocked while blocked

This time they ADMITTED which POST they were talking about.  Now you can click on the post and see for yourself if there is anything which they could claim was against any of their “Reasonable Standards”.   Yet not only will you not find anything other than FACTS and photos of what actually EXISTS at Auschwitz, but  there is even a part of it asking people to be “Non-Violent” about what they are learning and to support BDS instead:

Screenshot 2017-10-31 08.32.43

So they cannot use the excuse that it was promoting Hatred or Anti-Semitic or against a Race or a Religion or that it promoted Violence!  They are caught in fact “Red Handed”!

They are clearly suppressing Zionist Fraud on Facebook.  There is no way around this fact, as shown.

Not only that, grasshopper, they have gone further with this rounding up of the head truth tellers as you no longer can get a Facebook Account without a cell phone number to send a “text” to.  They want to know who you are as they are tracking you.  For Government?  CIA?  I don’t care who they are tracking you for, as they are clearly pushing an EVIL AGENDA and wanting to suppress honest factual information, in favor of nobody BUT ZIONIST ISRAEL with what I have shown here.

I could go through proof all day, but I am telling you that Zionists OWN your Media, and your Banking System and most forms of “Social Media”.  They have infiltrated your Government in vast amounts (which should be obvious) and you and I need to escape!

Screenshot 2017-10-31 15.39.32

Please share this “if you have to guts to” in Facebook (especially) and in all other social media, but do it from the links below this statement.




9 thoughts on “Evil Social Media (Zionist Based)”

  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=Facebook+minister+screening+facebook+for+incite&oq=Facebook+minister+screening+facebook+for+incite&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i64.57165j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
    Lots of reference to show that Israel Ministers involved with screening Facebook posts, and use the word incite, when in fact they mean incite agaisnt Israel and Zionists, and the Holocaust fake stories. Strange that all the referenced articles are from last year, and none from this year. Google is also filtering what information you can find on their searched. Might try another, like DuckDuckgo.com

  2. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/sep/12/facebook-israel-monitor-posts-incite-violence-social-media
    Nothing on searches for this year. Any links are sympathetic to Israel and Jews.
    https://www.timesofisrael.com/20000-israelis-sue-facebook-for-ignoring-palestinian-incitement/ Interesting story about how Jews in New York sueing Facebook because article incite murdering Israelis. Never saw any post that encouraged violence and blocking anyone who is Pro Palestinian, is a violation of free speech. Wonder if we can get a few million to file a law suit against FB for restricting free speech. Like the new law the dual citizens in Congress tried to pass a law for any American to support boycotting Israel, or face up to 20 years in prison. Pretty stiff penalty for using free speech, Get those b’tards out of our government. Including RFID investor son-in-law of Trump who sits at his right hand as adviser without an foreign relations experience. Don’t let them tighten the noose on Americans.

  3. I am still blocked because I won’t give them my phone number. And refused to let them look into my computer to do an EDIT. Have screen shots that they are trying to protect my privacy, and make sure my computer isn’t giving them a virus. Don’t they have their own virus protectors. Bull shit. It is all bull shit. No freedom and what do you think it will be like with these dual citizens in our government law making positions. GET THEM OUT. Vote them out. Tell Trump to get them out. His granddaughter/grand son will be no Jews, and can never have any Jewish kids, just like 96% of worlds Jews are converts, and not from the Mideast. Imposters. Not jews but gentile goyim. The mother was not born a jew, and her children can never be jews. Not according to the Torah. Trump doesn’t know this? He is letting family issues blur his vision.

    1. I suggest a petition to be prepared by independent petition site source, outside of Facebook that will demand all dual citizens of Israel or any other country be removed from our government high ranking, law making, committee deciding, etc. positions. They cannot serve two masters. Who do you think they will serve? Maybe some independent person can try to post one on Facebook and use it as an example that they are promoting Israel to the people and block any one who will not go along. Have one with a safe identity as I am sure they are making their lists and checking it twice, gonna find out who is naughty or nice. Proposing a 20 years sentence for anyone who supports boycotting Israel is pretty damn extreme. Some of our own senators and representatives voted for it. Not enough, but we have three Jews on the Supreme Court and they may not block such a law if it passed. Christmas is coming. At least Trump supports the word Christmas, in the holiday. Let’s present him with the petition at Christmas.

        1. I am glad for that. Have not seen one myself so I could sign, but spend little time right now. As I said adjusting to medication change and hope fogginess will fully disappear. Gabapentin and paragabapentin drugs they are giving off label, and seems perhaps intentional to dumb us down. Eight years likely has done some damage.

    2. Yes, they want your phone number and they also have made sure that most (if not all) of the internet phone numbers you could buy or use will not work. Tracking, for whoevers perposes.

      1. Wonder if they are blocking calls about my acre for sale. I need the money but get no calls. Strange don’t you think? And everyone seems to be helpful and then turn around and are the opposite. Afraid I replied to a text yesterday in their attempt to get my phone number. They texted if I was Judith Pecho, and I replied Duck off. Then I wrote that several people use this number an to not call it again. It is a private number, but best if I had not replied at all.
        One site I tried to register on wanted my phone number, and usually refuse but those it would be alright. Still recovering from the stop of taking gabapentin, a seixure drug prescribed for pain for the last eight years for my peripheral neuropathy caused by Statin drug Lovastatin. My mind is getting clearer and my balance is much better and some of the pain sensations gone that the medication had to cause. Still pain but taking very small doses of hydrocodone. 2.5mg twice to thrice a day, and 7.5 at hs. Working. Dropped two meds now. Hope brain will heal as was foggy, dizzy, and weaker. Maybe my writing will make better sense.

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