Did that “Mean Ol’ Hitler” start WWII by invading Poland?


The Allies don’t want you to know this!

They want you to believe the Propaganda instead.  You know, like for no reason at all other than Hitler hated Jews, the Jewish Shops were looted, and the “Mean Ol’ Hitler Dude” burned books (they never say what books but books anyway) and he for no reason at all make them wear a “Star of David” and then put them ALL in Concentration Camps or “Death Camps” to kill them in with Gas, and the Allies came to the rescue and saved “Yer wittle Ass” from this Madman.

Next to “Hanzel and Grettle” it is a pretty good story, and some of the facts do match, as long as you don’t be too specific.  Yet let’s be specific, shall we?

Hitler did not want war in 1939 – and certainly not a general or global conflict. He earnestly sought a peaceful resolution of the dispute with Poland over the status of the ethnically German city-state of Danzig and the “Corridor” region, which was the immediate cause of conflict. The sincerity of his desire for peace in 1939 and his fear of another world war has been affirmed by a number of scholars, including the eminent British historian A. J. P. Taylor. It was, of course, the declarations of war against Germany by Britain and France on Sept. 3, 1939, made with secret encouragement by US President Roosevelt, that transformed the limited German-Polish clash into a larger, continent-wide war.

To justify its declaration of war, Britain protested that Germany had violated Polish sovereignty, and threatened Poland’s independence. The emptiness and insincerity of these stated reasons are shown by the fact that the British leaders did not declare war against Soviet Russia two weeks later when Soviet forces attacked the Polish Republic from the East. Britain’s betrayal of Poland and the hypocrisy of its claimed reasons for going to war against Germany in 1939 became even more obvious in 1944-45 when Britain’s leaders permitted the complete Soviet takeover and subjugation of Poland.

Germany’s six-week military campaign of May-June 1940 ended with a stunning victory over numerically superior French and British forces, and the rout of British troops from the European mainland. In the aftermath of this historic triumph, Hitler and his government made yet another important effort to end the war. (Because it was made in 1940 after Dr. Stieve’s essay was written and published, it is not included in the text, below.)

In a speech delivered to the Reichstag on July 19, 1940, which was broadcast on radio stations around the world, the German leader said:

“… From London I now hear a cry – it’s not the cry of the mass of people, but rather of politicians – that the war must now, all the more, be continued … Believe me, my deputies, I feel an inner disgust at this kind of unscrupulous parliamentarian destroyers of peoples and countries … It never has been my intention to wage wars, but rather to build a new social state of the highest cultural level. Every year of this war keeps me from this work … Mr. Churchill has now once again declared that he wants war … I am fully aware that with our response, which one day will come, will also come nameless suffering and misfortune for many people …

“… In this hour I feel compelled, standing before my conscience, to direct yet another appeal to reason in England. I believe I can do this as I am not pleading for something as the vanquished, but rather, as the victor speaking in the name of reason. I see no compelling reason for this war to continue. I am grieved to think of the sacrifices it will claim … Possibly Mr. Churchill again will brush aside this statement of mine by saying that it is merely an expression of fear and of doubt in our final victory. In that case, I shall have relieved my conscience in regard to the things to come.”

Following up on this appeal, German officials reached out to Britain through diplomatic channels. But Winston Churchill and his government rejected this initiative and instead insisted on continuing the war. – with, of course, horrific consequences for Europe and the world.

Hitler’s Peace Offers, 1933- 1939

No, in fact, German Accomplishments were admired!

Germany had no problem making deals with Countries all over Europe.  The National Socialist System was very successful.  Who did not like it?  The Zionists did not like it.  As a matter of fact, it ENRAGED them that after Hitler threw out the Zionists from key positions, Germany became a “Diamond that Sparkled”.  No, they did not like that at all, and it was a minor concession that Hitler made the Transfer Agreement.  Minor that he had been trying to have a “Nice” relationship afterward with Zionists worldwide.  Never mind that they worked together on many projects, like the “Tattooing of Prisoners” and the Zionist IBM machine technology.  They (the Germans) still took control away from the Zionists, and this just “would not do”.

They turned the screws on their “minions in France and England” and pushed them to push Poland not to accept any deals with Hitler, but in reality, work hard at making for War with Germany.  They promised to come in and help once Poland got Germany to attack, and they did, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.  For 1/2 hr, lets look at what really happened in Danzig:


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