Why suppress an evaluation on a Trial?

why suppress

Now, of course, there is nothing to be afraid of, but YouTube would much rather that you be afraid.

Now they do this all the time on truth.  This is normal.  As long as the video is promoting “Evil Germans” and that “Bad Ol’ Hitler Dude“, there is no reason why this kind of HATE should be suppressed in their mind.  It goes along with the story.  You know, the bullshit you have been fed?  The “Propaganda Lies”?

When they talk “Hate Speech”, your ears should pick up at the indoctrination and lies being promoted, which, in reality…

Is the Hate!

They produce no evidence for their hate claims, but hearsay and a past believed story, but for you to produce proof of manipulation, fraud, and suppression of evidence, it is that which they feel you need protection from.  Knowing the truth.  As with the video, I am going to highlight here.

When the War was over, the Allies were FULL of guilt and shame for what they had done, and they certainly did not wish for people to know just how guilty they actually were.  Nobody really wanted a trial on the “Allied Side”, but it was reasoned that if they did not have one, that their bullshit stories would unravel in an instant.  Therefore they needed something that at least “looked credible” even if it wasn’t.

As with the observation that people are easily fooled, the envelope just keeps getting pushed further and further.  If you believed this pile of bullshit, well then, you are apt to believe the next and the next.  The stories just get more outrageous as they go on, right up to 911, and beyond.

Instead of saying “The Official Story is…” I think it would be more accurate to say “The Official Bullshit Lie is…”, as this is certainly the case with Nuremberg.

If not for “Uncle Joe Stalin”, there would have been no trial at all.  None of the other Allied Leaders wanted one.  How could you convict the Germans for doing “fewer atrocities” than you are responsible for yourself?  How could you convict them for “so-called Genocide” when that was (in reality) an Eisenhower plan?  It would be laughable to even have a “Kangaroo Court”, as nobody would really believe this.  Would they?

Yet it certainly set the stage for corruption, and what could be funneled into the Schools and the Victors writing the History Books.  No submitted evidence allowed unless it conformed with the story of Propaganda, and what they deemed as “Common Knowledge”.

I mean, we all know 6 Million Jews were systematically killed.  No reason to question that right?  We want descriptions of Gas Chambers and Shrunken Heads and Jews turned into Lampshades, and not the IMPOSSIBILITY OF THIS BEING TRUE right?

No, these were all “Solid Hearsay Facts” and no questioning of the evidence would be allowed in this “First In History” trial of the losers after a War of War Crimes, held by, and decided on by the Victors.

To even question the outcome of such a trial, after the fact is HATE SPEECH right?  Even with pretty much everything ever presented in the trial being proven (later) as misrepresentation, pure hearsay, fraud, confessions from torture, and in many ways impossible, we not only are to hold this trial as a “Just One”, we also cannot look back at it.  YouTube must warn you from viewing any talks involving the evidence submitted or the invalidity of such a trial.  It might hurt you, right?  Better off that you just…


(all which is promoted in Mainstream Media)

Never mind the:

  • Claims of 6 million have never been substantiated.  Lowered numbers are offered instead today (yet not discussed on MSM), but the numbers claimed (even today) are so massive, with lack of graves for these kinds of numbers, in larger amounts than the entire populations of Provinces in Canada, the ash piles alone would encompass the land of your largest Cities.
  • Shrunken Heads so embarrassingly to even present as “claimed evidence” were quickly whisked away to prevent testing, which would easily show them as frauds.
  • Lampshades (said to be made of Jewish Skin) turning out to be analyzed and that of proven “Goat Skin”.
  • The chemical impossibility of “Jewish Human Fat” being turned into Soap, but part of hearsay from WWI as well.
  • Electrocution Rooms, which they can show no power source for, or the viability of such a concept.
  • Diesel Gas Vans and Gas Chambers using the same tech, when Diesel Gas is far too safe to use for mass killing and could have only been used on an experimental basis at best, finding it to be inappropriate for the process.
  • The incapability of Ovens to possibly cremate the bodies of any more than the documented Typhus Victims which we have Autopsies now of.
  • Lack of Chemical Residue from any “Genocidal Zyklon B fueled Gas Chambers” in the proportions needed for such a Genocidal Gas Chamber,  but instead the residue still present in VAST quantities in the clothing rooms where Zyklon B was admitted to be used for “life-saving clothing sterilization purposes”.
  • Proven impossible Testimony presented by the witnesses (especially tortured German Military Personel).

Never mind any of that.  Even though it is more than enough to call this the “Worst Kangaroo Court in Recorded History”, there is more to tell you than that about this bullshit trial, and YouTube does not want you to see it.

So in order for you to watch, you need to accept the disclaimer, and state you are interested in the truth, no matter how much it might…

Warp Yer Wittle Mind!

Screenshot 2017-11-04 09.25.39

Screenshot 2017-11-04 09.42.18

Just under 2 Hours of Truth (after the disclaimer)

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