What am I to say as your 59 Year Old Senior?

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We got conned, as our Parents got conned and now you.

There is no hope for the future unless YOU change it, and honestly, I am hoping to check out on my own, before it ends in the worst way.  I would not like to be you.  I would not like to be raising Children.  I would not want to be you for sure.


I woke up, but it was far too late for Humanity.


I would not wish to have the trials and tribulations on “My Plate” as you do, and I cannot tell you how to solve it.  There is only ONE HOPE for you, which is education.  I am absolutely sure that they have taken away all your resources.  Mine are taken away daily.

The “Corporate Realm” has the control and stuff like “Video’s and Memes” are threatening to them now.  They have infiltrated your Social Media.  They always had your Mainstream Media, and they have full control over your Government.

Nothing to do with race.  It is the Elite.  The Elite do not need to be Jewish.  They were not really the main issue with the Magna Carta, and if you do not know what that is, I advise you to research it.

Want a hint?  Ok, fine.  The Elite made it “Ownership for them” and starved the Population to the point where it was necessary for Cannibalism.   Or defy them.  They made Hunting and Fishing illegal.  They wanted the people to die and to give up all their possessions to them.  The People stood up and approached the Elite (King John actually) with a demand and a paper to sign.  It was the beginning of what we would maybe call Democracy, in the 1200’s.

The PEOPLE (more numerous than them) made a demand.  It was called the Magna Carta.  “Sign this paper and stop this crap, or WE are gonna take you out” would be a good way of putting it.  Then it was Royalty.

Today it is the Zionists.  If you do not know the difference between Zionists and Jews, then you are “Good Goyim”, but you are lost for the sake of humanity.

All throughout History, of human Civilization this has been seen.  I am not going to concentrate on 1000’s of years ago and bore you.  I wish merely to concentrate on what is here now, and over the last 100 years.

It is up to YOU to stop it, and if you do not, you will see the end of humanity itself.


Propaganda Lies for your destruction

Download and Share, as this video, is under attack, as are you.  Share to every venue you can Worldwide and attempt to save Humanity.



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