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It’s not a Race!  It’s not a Religion!       →Ideology←

And Nothing More!

Invented!  That’s right.  Invented. From the mind of Herzl.  It’s Fraud!

I have many posts here proving that out but it is a “Political Philosophy” and nothing more.  An idea to Control Humanity and it works in stages.  I am going to ask you to look in the Archives.  Search the Archives.  Look at the documentation I have presented and then I want you to make up your own mind.  Do I have a point?

  • Khazars and Ashkenazi that USE JUDAISM as a tool, but that is a fraud.
  • In no way connected to Ancient Israelites
  • Invented the term “Anti-Semitic” to equate Zionism with Race or Religion
  • Infiltrated Protestant Christianity with the Scofield Bible
  • Makers of the Balfour Declaration to hoodwink Palestine for themselves
  • Promoted the Fraud of the Holocaust
  • Cornered the market on Banking with the House of Rothschild
  • Cornered the market on Mainstream Media
  • Lobbied your Government for compliance
  • Forced Hate Speech Laws regarding their promotion of fraud being questioned
  • Made way for Disinigration of the Family Unit
  • Promoted and funded Wars through the Back Door
  • Built Walls and caused Genocide
  • Built and promoted Museums of Hate (Holocaust Fraud Museums)
  • Produced Hate Films promoting their frauds of the Holocaust
  • Demanded Sympathy Money for their “acclaimed victimization”
  • Disregard all International Law

You can trace Zionism back to the Free Masons, the Illuminati, the Occult, Satan Worship, and more.


The Holocaust – Hoax or Myth? You Decide.

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