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Mainstream Media, including Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Medium, Weebly etc, fight to suppress the truth.  They have shut me down many times, removed videos I link to, and hide posts from people they target.  I am fighting to keep the suppression insignificant, but I need your help, and so I designed this “with you in mind” to make it easy for you to navigate and share from directly.

I paid for the site name, and to host the site to stop the suppression and worked hard to design something that would make it easy for you to navigate and share from.

Inside of the blogs, you will find “Underlined Words” ← Those are Links to video and documentation.

On the sidebar, you will see the most recent comments.  You can comment too at the bottom of every post.

I added more “Archive Links” so that you can search Monthly, or simply search them All, or (as was initially useful for people) in “About” with “Descriptive Links” also broken down Monthly.

It is FREE for you.  Only I pay for the Hosting and the Address.  I never will charge for this information which I feel should be available to all of humanity.

Please share (especially on Facebook) but if you are afraid of suspensions etc, certainly do not fail to share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and any other mediums you desire from the links at the bottom of each blog.  You can also copy the blog address from your address bar, and paste that link into any post or comment on any medium you like, especially if it is not included in the share options.

Please enjoy, and visit often.  You and I can end suppression by sharing information like this often, and be making it so widespread that the suppression freaks will need to give up (as they had to with “Alternative Energy”), simply because it became impossible to keep the truth from the people.



15 thoughts on “Hollow-Hoax Guide”

  1. Good. My blog has been shoah’d even if I had managed to purchase the domain. Hopefully, paying the hosting services will save your blog for longer than it did to mine.

    1. Well there you go! Proof I was correct in not totally trusting WordPress and hosting myself. Should you decide to go in that direction, and pick a hosting company, I suggest you have a discussion with them, outlining exactly what your blog will be doing, BEFORE you make a choice on a hosting company, should you decide to go in that direction.

        1. Yes I know. They all say that. However WordPress also says they prefer that you take legal action, should you feel you have cause. I am open to other formats, but I have already been through:

          – Google +
          – Medium
          – Weebly
          And of course Facebook Suppression is devious and rampant.

          1. I see. There aren’t too many options, or, at least, too many mainstream options left for you.
            I am thinking seriously of doing a similar thing on the future, should push come to shove.
            For now, I’ll use WP, even with warts and all. I can’t afford much more at the moment, sadly.

          2. As the TRUTH gets more widespread and known, I expect a lot of changes.

            – New Social Media Unsuppressed
            – New Blogging Sites Unsuppressed
            – New IP Address Configurations

            The Internet responds and we have Geniuses out there. The originator of Facebook (after all) was just a Kid, as was the originator of Google. Now multi millionaires! Bought out by Zionist Lobbies maybe. However that is their MAIN problem. This is where the innovators will win and make those two defunct. Just give it time and keep sharing the truth.

      1. Also, read WP’s user guidelines. I won’t post the link this time, because I am afraid of triggering Akismet again. Specially note the following:
        “Bear in mind that these are just guidelines — interpretations are solely up to us. These guidelines are not exhaustive and are subject to change.”
        Interpretations are up to them. Basically, you are at their mercy.

  2. Hey, hello. I am wondering something. Which hosting service do you use? Would you say it accepts politically incorrect content…?
    Basically, I posit that most hosting services follow the usual jude spiel of “you shall not post hateful and racist content”, blah blah blah.
    Yes, we are not inciting hatred, but for most jews and lemmings in charge of hosting companies if you say that Hitler was the good guy (hint for first timers to the Truth, he was) it’s just that.
    You are using the software from WordPress and not WordPress itself to host your site, right?
    Just curious. We are discussing this stuff with another blogger (who lost his main blog two months ago) for breaching the nebulous terms of service of WordPress. He posts stuff like yours… and so do I.
    And myself I was thrown to the gutter (being globally banned from commenting, thanks to the spam filter) on WP’s sites. I am not a spammer, and I am sure nobody flagged my comments as such, not even by mistake.

    1. Well, I had all the discussions I needed beforehand. I found WordPress to have proper terms, as it is stated that they promote Freedom of Speech, and should someone feel that something is illegal or immoral, that they should take legal action.

      That is how it should be handled. I am either dealing with the “Uneducated” who think that Zionists are all Jews, or Jews are all Semites, and have no idea that Semitic is a language and not a Race or Religion, or I am dealing with Zionists who know very well this not to be the case, but they want to “Play Stupid” in order to justify suppression.

      However, being that Zionists are so adamant about suppressing what I produce, and have gotten me blocked or removed many times, I decided to go “One Step Further” and to host it myself. I have every reason to believe the extra step was not necessary with WordPress, however, it seems that I am too much of a target, when they have not blocked or removed information that I have linked to, UNTIL I did. Some of this information (video and documentation) have been running for YEARS before I linked to it, but it is within a very short time after I link to it, that they get the information removed.

      Some of this I download and reproduce myself, as then I can repost it, again and again, and I hope people will do the same, preventing suppression.

      However, I do not know all the loopholes yet, and I would suggest you be in touch with the ones they have never shut down, like David Cole, and the Institute for Historical Review etc, in order to find out how they are able to keep their stuff running, against ALL odds.

      1. We are currently facing a large crack down on free speech. Adl is embedded into jewggle, Jidf trolls are fully operative on socials. Govts are attacking free thinkers with ‘hate crime’ darts.
        The private hosting platforms cannot guarantee free speech, despite their self celebrating payoffs.

        Possibly, a self hosting platform can provide a safer environment for those eager to fight the Unique Thought.

      2. Thanks. I’ll do that.
        Also, if I am not mistaken (sorry if I am) you host the site and every data piece on a server of yours, right?
        I was thinking of doing that, but I recon that one needs a certain skillset (that part shouldn’t be that hard for me, since I am a hobbyist of tech related stuff myself), a decent rig and money, above all.
        I was thinking also of seeking a hosting service that is not that squeamish with this kind of hot issues. That’s why I asked you if you were hosting your site with such a provider.
        Like you, I can’t stress enough the need to download (so to keep it and repost) this kind of “problematic” (in fact politically incorrect content). That’s why I link in my own blog a video downloader that can download videos from Youtube and other sites.
        Search for 4k Video Downloader, it works well with Youtube videos.

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