People say… What about all the Witnesses?


Well what about them? They heard stories. They were afraid. Some people afterwards confirmed the stories to be true. This is not abnormal.

Before the Internet, I have heard stories all my life, which in many cases I believed. Everybody said it was true, so I believed it. That was how it was in the days before the Internet.

Some might say “Read the Newspaper” or “Read a Book”. Yet it is TODAY that we know the agenda behind many of these books and certainly that of Mainstream Media. Only today. Back then it was Gospel.

I mean the thought was… the Media can’t lie! They would be caught and sued! No way eh? <== Yes way!

Recently our Prime Minister of Canada (Justin Trudeau) went to Auschwitz. Last July actually. There he had a Zionist telling him a fairy tale about his entire family (which in reality, if they disappeared, he would not exactly know their outcome anyway) and of course we have NONE OTHER than our top Canadian Media Sources right there to document the entire ordeal.

Now Auschwitz was tested 3 times for Gas Residue and it was PROVEN that the “Decades Long Mock Gas Chamber” was one. By the 1980’s this was admitted by the Curator of the “Money Raking Museum Site” itself. The building was renovated to LOOK like a Gas Chamber (we’ll sort of) in 1948. After the War. The Curator (Piper) had no other choice but to fess up. He had done his own tests, after the others, and came to the same conclusions. He tried to cover up this report. Yet it leaked out. His back was against the wall.

So Piper came up with a NEW story. Yes, the Mock Gas Chamber was built AFTER the War, but it was simply “converted back” to it’s original state BEFORE the Nazi’s abandoned the “Gassing Operation” and turned this building into an Air Raid Shelter. Quit laughing!

Now for those of you NOT laughing, this is ridiculous because the Nazi’s are NOT going to renovate a Gas Chamber with Zyclon -B (Cyanide) coated walls into a nice safe place for all their staff to be protected during an Air Raid ok? I mean this takes more of a leap of faith, than the Gas Chamber story to begin with!

Yet anyway, back to our Justin Trudeau story and our TOP Mainstream Media Press … in 2016 in July documenting this Zionist (still getting reparation money, and probably a little extra for relating his story) telling poor “Uneducated Justin” this story with the Newspapers and TV Channels camera’s rolling to document this story of how his family were all gassed (which he could not have seen and lived to tell about it) in this Gas Chamber <== Well documented now as a total FAKE!

The Media is there to catch “Justin’s Tears” as he is so amazed at this yarn of deceit. Ohh, and guess what? He even had OTHER top Party Members there with him, who I guess are equally as ignorant.

Well, at least THEY did not cry, but they also never told Justin that this was a “Fairy Tale”. A Fraud. Neither did the Media either. They just reported on it, as if we were living in 1945 and they never “fact check” anything after. It’s “Common Knowledge” right?

6 Million people died in Auschwitz in Gas Chambers built by Nazi’s in a Genocide Program during WWII to kill off every living Jewish Person!

Ohh, wait, they changed the sign to 4 million. Ohh, wait they changed the sign to 1.5 million. Ohh wait, they admit they need to change the sign again to under 1 million. Ohh wait for the International Red Cross and the Russians finally took the lid off their figures of German Camp records (which agree with one another) that under 300,000 died of EVERY Nationality and creed in ALL camps.

Can someone tell Justin? The CBC? The Globe and Mail? CTV? His Party Members? His History Teacher in School?

Ok, but just OLD NEWS right? Who cares today. It is over. Drop it right?

Well, sorry friends, but Justin then went back with his Top Party Members and held a vote in OUR CANADIAN HOUSE on whether the Government should take a stand on “Denouncing the BDS (boycott Israel Movement)” or not, and guess what friends?

87% approval for that! Don’t tell me that this display did not help THAT vote along! So we have fraud promoted by our Media and our Own Government and sold into Legislation, and it is NO BIG DEAL?

Well, I say it is. I say it is and YOU had better start calling them on it!

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