David Irving in his own words (2hrs)

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It wasn’t until 2012 that I came across David Irving

At first, I (still uneducated) thought of him as an Anti-Semite.  He had good points.  Was a good speaker.  He intrigued me to research further.  I had already done some research on the impossibility of the Gas Chambers and was very much in question of the numbers claimed.

Yet as I said, I was uneducated.  I had not done the research (enough).

I went through a process of investigation and I not only found out that I agreed with David Irving, and that I was mistaken about “Zionists and Jews” (where he has not seemed to catch up with yet) but there were things that made me understand how phenomenal this Man actually is.  The more I investigated, the more I found that not only was he right but in many cases, he did not go far enough.

Through his career, he has been able to expose Churchill and Dresden and many things about Hitler through NOT JUST THE HISTORICAL RECORD but also from his groundbreaking work in going directly into the Archives.  Not standing on the shoulders of past Historians, but digging deep, and coming to his own conclusions, based on actual evidence he was able to uncover.

Being a British Subject, he was loyal in some ways, through Patriotism (which I do not respect much) but it did not prevent him from exposing the truth.  At least how he saw it.

While I do find that he is very much entrenched in the “Holocaust Story”, enough anyway to believe “off-hand” some of the propaganda attributed to it, at least he shines through when he quotes facts.  Other things he does not submit facts on, I am somewhat in dispute with him on, as are other Revisionists.

However, he has suffered the “Slings and Arrows” in such a way, I would not wish to walk in his shoes.  He has done this for truth and for justice.  I certainly do support him in every way because of that.

Today I know the term “Anti-Semitic” to be one of pure fraud.  You could call him Anti-Jewish, and if he was, he also has every reason to be so, given all his trials and tribulations with Jews.  However, I no longer think that is the case.  I wish he understood more that ZIONISM is his enemy and not the Jews, but he is from a different era, and with a different upbringing, and some “inbred beliefs” are hard to relinquish.

Overall, David Irving is a Hero to humanity, and I am glad I learned from him.  I hope you do too.


David Irving – Jailed and Beaten For Telling Truth of 2nd World War

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