Getting Past Suppression (the Hollow-Hoax way)


I am going to give you some tools to bypass Censorship!

Many Countries have their own “Censorship Guidelines” and as you should know, interested in the Hollow-Hoax as you are, much of it has nothing to do with protecting you.  It is just meant to protect them.


The Zionist Lobbies that buy their way with them (like Prostitutes) and get the truth suppressed.  Just because YOU can see something in YOUR Country or even region of it, does not mean that by sharing it elsewhere, it can be seen too.  For that reason you should:

#1 Download the Controversial Material

You can then spread it (at least temporarily until they pull your information) Worldwide.  For YouTube, I use a number of sources, but here is just one to download YouTube Videos


I find that Vimeo (although not as popular as YouTube) has less suppression and distributes your videos more Worldwide. You may wish to upload and share from another format as well.  Here is one:

Vid Me

#2 Download to the Cloud

For YouTube and Vimeo, a really fast way to upload to them is when you do it from the cloud.  For this, I advise using “DropBox” which is free, yet unless you wish to pay for more storage, I would advise you to only use it “temporarily” in order to upload your videos to share.  Then send your videos (once uploaded) from DropBox to your Main Storage for safe keeping.  This will keep your space open in DropBox and allow you to simply continue to use the Free Version for this purpose.

DropBox Free Cloud Space

#3 Use a VPN

There are many out there for you to choose from, and some you may even wish to buy.  Are you having trouble viewing a video?  Does it say “Not Available” for your region?  Well then, this is where a VPN comes in handy.

Your Computer (or phone, tablet etc.) has an IP Address when you connect to the internet.  This is a system that tracks which computer you are using and your location.  You can change those settings by using a VPN.  You can hide your IP address (or make it into a fake one) by using a VPN.  Switch Countries or Regions.  I find Canada to be pretty much available, but some USA websites and videos will not be available, even with a Canadian IP address.  As well, not ALL regions of Canada are “Censorship Free”.

I will give you one here on a trial which I have found easy to use and quite efficient:

Hide my IP with a Free Download Option

#4 Check Links as regularly as you can

Is one of my links not working?  If you are getting an “Error Message” when you click on one of my links, and it is NOT simply a problem that a VPN can handle, then please comment on the blog, letting me know.  I will find a new link and fix the problem.

Yet, check your own links.  Often I have made Playlists with many videos, and I do not return to them after very often to see what has been deleted.  Sometimes YouTube (especially) does not even make it visible that they have removed or blocked your video.  You should check them to make sure they are still working.  Yet certainly delete the old (which have been blocked) and replace it with another link that is presently working.  If we all are doing OUR JOB to download videos and documentation, and then reposting it when The Suppression Freaks take it down, then another version of the video deleted should be available.  *Note* do not delete the link until you find another which matches it, as then you will lose the “Reference Text” to search for.

#5 Do not trust Google for Searches!  You’ll be tracked

There are many search engines out there which do not track and monitor your “Internet Behavior”.  Some of them, like Duck Duck Go are very good, but you will not find as wide-ranging a search on them.  I would limit your searches on Google (if I were you) to when you find it “absolutely necessary”, but otherwise use another search engine regularly.

Duck Duck Go (wait for the ad to finish, then download)

From time to time, I will display the “World Map” as to how far we are reaching with Hollow-Hoax.  For now (in its infancy as a new site revamped) it stands like this:

Screenshot 2017-11-13 11.23.25

Move away from Facebook and YouTube!

Facebook will not close your account.  They threaten that, but they also are teamed up with the CIA.  They use your account to track you, and as well, when you are checked for travel (as per their computer) or “Immigration Status”, one of the first places they check is your Facebook account.  Who do you have friends with?  Any (what they would call) Terrorists?  Any “Undesirables”?  They NEVER will delete your Facebook account, no matter how much they threaten.  You should begin to move away from it.  In the very least, make them have to check more sources and make it more costly for them to do so and frustrating as well.
I use a few,  Here are some:
Google + (although they won’t let you share anymore but internally)
World Truth MX
Rabbit Hole International
Stumble On

More will pop up, and be available as people migrate away (as they are) and it looks good on Facebook and YouTube, Google and the rest who have such high numbers of Goyim which they like to suppress information for.  Join other places as they pop up.  Find your own community that does not suppress you from what you post or what you want to see.

Keep up the fight, and let me leave you with a short clip


6 Million in a Playlist Format



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