Just how far can you take a Hoax?

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When you can get mad at pure fantasy.  Even proven fantasy!

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From the Telegraph Newspaper

It’s not “Insensitivity” morons! It’s Fraud!

I have other posts about this fraud (like this one) exposing this as a total fraud.  Even deemed a fraud in a New York Court of Law!  Yet this is how the Propaganda Artists play it out.  They ignore the fraud, go with the fantasy, and then be outraged that you are not lending credence to the fantasy, and you are somehow disrespecting an actual event.

The question may be “Are they just stupid”, and that may hold some water.  Yet everyone is not stupid.  Crap like this goes on in Mainstream Media all the time without rebuke.  Should you wish to comment on it, you can’t.  They don’t do this by mistake either.  That I can assure you.  Just like the Political Groups on Facebook like to run “Pages” rather than “Groups”, as then they can prevent comments, disallow any criticism, and control their “Political Agenda” by doing so.

Thank Gawd we are moving into a realm where they do not matter anymore.  If someone wishes to dispute anything I post, I welcome it.  I will tear them to shreds with evidence.  I will make them look sick, and I am not afraid.  I won’t suppress their argument.  I will not only allow it, but I will comment back on it.  I have truth and documentation, along with plenty of proof on my side.  Why would I need to suppress?

Yet this is just how far down the rabbit hole you go with Mainstream News.  I love how CNN leads up to their new “Fake Story”.  They start with “We all know that…” and that is always something in question, that they last promoted was true, as they attempt to validate it by simply stating it like it was “common knowledge”.

That is exactly what they did at Nuremberg.  They would not allow any NEW evidence to be presented, and certainly, nothing would be allowed that disputed (what they called) “Common Knowledge”.

Yet 70+ years later, they make decisions on fantasy, and some are outraged about the lack of respect for the fantasy, pretending that this was all a true story in the first place.  I give you:

Brother Nathanael for 5 minutes

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