I.S.I.S. You live in a “Fantasy World”!

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People ask why I talk about “Ancient History” like WW2

It seems that people are so “deeply entrenched” into Propaganda, that they live their lives with blinders on, and there is a history which you merely need to…

Look At

It is fine to say that we might be blowing stuff out of proportion by stating that Israel has designs of  World Control,  or you may even say in fact, that to imagine that this population of less than 2% of the World could have any real impact is certainly beyond the realm of reality.

You could call us who attempt to educate on these facts “looney tunes” or radical or extreme if you desire.

Yet I would simply point out that if you think there is a difference between one “Political Party” which are presented to you to vote for, as opposed to another they give you to vote for when they both are heavily lobbied by and indebted to another entity, which has had the power to destroy entire Countries (like Germany) and ruin their economies, based on any “absurd cause” they choose to present as good reason, then you seriously are the “looney tune” who I pray are in the minority.  Is it simply lack of real education that makes people this way?  Indifference? A feeling of being insignificant and so just going along with the show?

Ken Okeefe is hated by some, respected by others, but he should be heard, as what he is saying, there is evidence for.  All you need to do is to look.  There is a promotion going on to get you to:

  • Call Muslims Terrorists
  • Hate Muslims
  • Fear Islam
  • Support International War Crimes
  • Turn a “blind eye” to your own Government and their involvement

With only one benefactor.  It is the same guys, over and over.  Follow the money.

It does not matter if we are talking about the outcome of WWI or the reasons for WWII or the outcome of that, or Iraq.  It does not matter if we are talking Iran or Libya or Syria.

Behind the War, and the mass murder is ONE ENTITY pulling all the strings, and you can feel “helpless to change it” if you want.  Yet all I ask, all Revisionists ask, is that you at least KNOW the history and the facts.  You should know who benefited the most from all of the Wars, and you should know as you pay your taxes to support it, and cast your vote for the…

Puppet Presented

that it is all just a show.  A con game.  Pure fraud.  For those who end up knowing the truth and wishing to withdraw, then so be it.  For those who become enraged, so be that too.  No, you cannot force a Revolution.  You also do not need to “Sing The Songs” of the people with an Agenda, which they are promoting.

All I ask, and all Ken Okeefe asks, is that you “Educate Yourself”.  We also ask that you at least share the information around for others to evaluate as well.

Ken O’Keefe From Iran



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