Just look at a “Present Day” tour of Auschwitz!

Just look at these 2 pictures.  Can’t you tell?  They are separately shown on a NEW tour of Auschwitz.

A child closely looking at them can see the proof that they are doctored, but these Zionists who show off this camp don’t mind putting the FRAUD right in your face as they still continue to tell the same “Fairy Tale”, proven a total fraud.


It starts out with a lie, claiming it to be a “Death Camp”, and there is no evidence there was ever a “Genocidal Gas Chamber” ever there. Then it goes on to ridiculous statements about how many would be killed per day. 2000? 5 ovens? Let’s do the math moron. 2 hrs per body, Times 5 Ovens Times 24 hours = 240 bodies. Maybe more he says? What about the leftover 1,750? Buried? Sorry, the water table was too high.

Can you believe anything this guy says?  He goes into the barracks and makes a claim of how many people slept there.  No evidence, just hearsay, and then starts describing diarrhea as if he was actually there.  Never mind ever describing or showing the Hospital at Auschwitz or the fact that they had a special part of the camp for quarantine of the sick.  He goes on to say that if someone died, you could steal their clothing to barter food for?  Why?  If you look at the “Records of Rations”, in these labor camps, the inmates (who were needed to produce labor) were provided with more rations than the general population of Germans!  In fact:

special concentration camp money notes were issued as payment for labour, enabling prisoners to buy extra rations from camp shops. The Germans were determined to obtain the maximum economic return from the concentration camp system, an object wholly at variance with any plan to exterminate millions of people in them. It was the function of the SS Economy and Administration Office, headed by Oswald Pohl, to see that the concentration camps became major industrial producers.

Camp money was used in such camps as Buchenwald and Auschwitz and was called Lagergeld. Numerous former inmates testified to the use of such camp money and a similar kind of currency was also issued in the Lodz and Theresienstadt ghettos by the Jewish administration.

Yet that they will never show at the tour.  Nor will they show where “Camp Money” could be spent.

No, they will not show that part of the camp, nor will they show where Zyklon B was actually used to fumigate clothing.  They will not show the swimming pool or the Rugby Court or the Concert Hall or the other luxuries provided either!

Hearsay about amounts of people in a bathroom? Some Woman with a whip? Get real! You even have 2 obviously doctored photos displayed with obvious “drawn in” bodies on a sign? Side by side even? Pfft.  Prisoners were stripped naked and showered when they entered the camp.  Where would they even hide the “smallest box camera” to take such a photo if it was not doctored.  It just goes on and on with pure bullshit.  Watch and see.

Zionist Bullshit Tour of Auschwitz

This is what they are teaching your kids!

*Note* I am told in other comments…

A TRUE Darkroom specialist uses what is called a “grain enlarger” to focus the silver film grains of the negative before printing….the “bastardized” photo has ZERO grains of the original negative visible!!! I took B&W photography in college & did a good bit of darkroom work…I even made a pinhole coffee can camera which used photographic paper, not film, for the negative. To make the positive, I had to lay the negative imaged paper directly on top of the paper which I was imaging the positive into…emulsion to the emulsion and then shine the light THROUGH the negatively developed paper to the paper which was to be the positive image. By having emulsion to emulsion it would reduce the distance, reduce the exposure light diffusion and create a sharper positive image. The blurred image above has been heavily manipulated & obfuscated.