“Denial” Trailer Rachel Weisz (new)


Part 1 – Introduction

The new Hollywood film “Denial” starring Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt is due to be released. http://DenialTheFIlm.com will release a video series on the film “Denial”, Deborah Lipstadt’s falsehoods, the David Irving / Deborah Lipstadt defamation trial, and the falsehoods of those who made billions believe millions of Jews were gassed in fake shower rooms.

Presents a brief introduction to Holocaust Revisionism. Shows the trailer for the film “Denial” which will be analyzed closer in later parts. An analysis of the casting and pre-production casting changes to the movie “Denial.” The filmmakers make Irving look like a monster and Lipstadt like an angel. Deborah Lipstadt demonizes Revisionists yet parroted bogus Soviet propaganda claim of 4 million Auschwitz dead. A preview of the next part of the video series…

Part 2 – The Reader, Majdanek’s lost gas chambers, and Lipstadt slams skeptics while parroting 1.7 million Majdanek dead.

The screenwriter of Denial, David Hare’s previous Holocaust film “The Reader” shows two formerly alleged homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek now officially admitted never to have been used to gas anyone. Majdanek’s FIVE embarrassing falsely labeled “homicidal gas chambers”, and Deborah Lipstadt parrots the phony figure of 1.7 Million Majdanek dead.

The Holocaust “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” myth’s last-gasp – gullible tourists are herded the opposite way through Majdanek Bath and Disinfection 1, even though a post-war created structure connecting the bath barracks with clothing fumigation rooms in order to deceive people into believing prisoners were tricked into taking showers before getting gassed. Remnants of Soviet wartime propaganda we must end!

Part 2 – The Reader


On April 7th of 2017, U.S.-American professor of Jewish history and Holocaust research Deborah Lipstadt appeared on TED-x Talks, where she related her experiences surrounding her courtroom battle against British historian David Irving. The event took place at the Sheldonian Theatre, which is the official ceremonial hall of the University of Oxford England. This presentation discusses some of the claims she made during that speech, which lasted only some 15 minutes. It is demonstrated that many of her claims are not only false but are actually deeply rooted in prejudice and a profoundly anti-academic attitude.

Deborah Lipstadt appeared on TEDx Talks

The Lies an Deceptions of Deborah Lipstadt, Part 2





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