Forgot how to Debate, Cowards?

afraid to debate

How “Hoodwinked” we have become.  Yet don’t despair.

The entire idea of the “Original Zionists” was to kill off those who opposed them.  In the Soviet Union, millions were killed.  Some would say they were mostly Christians killed during the Bolshevik Revolution.  This may be true.  Some even estimate it as high as a figure of 66 Million.  This may be all, or in part true.  Certainly, the figure morphs any claim of 6 Million.  For those who would say… but, they were 6 million “Specifically Jews” I would have to return that they were as many as 66 Million “Specifically Christians”.

Yet, it was not that specific.  What was specific instead was the desire to kill off the most intelligent.  The intellectuals.

It was Stalin who pointed out that while a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic. He knew what he was talking about: Worse than Hitler and Mao, he imposed himself on the world’s consciousness by murdering so many people that the moral sense was stupefied. Rather than face the impossible task of sympathizing with all communism’s victims, one at a time, many intellectuals took refuge in Hegelian fatalism.

The millions of Russians who died because of the Russian Revolution — in the Civil War, famines, forced collectivization, Cheka prisons, Gulags — were written off by fellow-travelers as a sacrifice demanded by history, so that a better future might be born. One of the major efforts of post-World War II writers, in every genre, has been to reverse Stalin’s equation, to force us to reckon life by life, rather than in deadening plurals.

“Lenin’s Private War” (St. Martin’s, 414 pages, $27.95) by Lesley Chamberlain, is a significant new contribution to this reparative effort. Out of the many millions of Communism’s victims, she focuses on a group of 67 intellectuals, arrested on Lenin’s direct orders on the night of August 16, 1922, and deported to Germany that autumn. They were not all philosophers — they included historians, economists, literary critics, journalists, and mathematicians — and they were not all deported on a single ship; it took two tourist steamers, sailing six weeks apart, to deposit them and their families at the Baltic port of Stettin. But the episode has entered history as “the Philosophy Steamer,” a shorthand for this act of aggression against the Russian intelligentsia.

Why focus on the deportation of a few dozen intellectuals, when the years before and after the voyage of the Philosophy Steamer witnessed so many deaths? Indeed, the men whom Lenin selected for expulsion — the expulsanty, as they were called — could even be considered lucky. If they had stayed in the Soviet Union, they would certainly have died in Stalin’s purges 15 years later. Even in 1922, Lenin’s decision to banish these potential threats to the state, rather than torture, imprison, or kill them, was unusually mild.

So, if you are smart, you are a PRIME target!

The Internet sort of destroys the plans though.  Back in those days, they could FIND the intellectuals, and murder them.  They, after all, were well known or not known at all.  Some did remain silent.  Therefore you cannot really have a “Genocide on the Smart”, but you certainly (back then) could kill the outspoken, and the most influential (being so) and they did.  Today is a different kind of day.  They no longer can control ALL the Media.

I once had a “minor argument” with Noam Chomsky.  He actually answered my email.  I had (and still do) too much respect for the Man to continue on with my argument, as I simply made my point and accepted his rebuttal to it.

I called him on his “downplay of the Internet” as a valuable learning tool.  I told him that it was a revolution, which he was not grasping as I believed he should.

He replied, that although the Internet was a valuable tool for research, that you needed to know what you were looking for and as well, he explained that many of the Libraries vast wealth of books had still not been downloaded to this medium.  Therefore, the books were a much better source to count on.

Now I did not reply to him there, but I will reply here, that I still think he is missing the boat.

  • Books need Publishers, and in the past, many books never got Published, because of this fact.  Many well-known Authors have gone through Publisher after Publisher before they were successful with some of the most “Ground Breaking” books of all time.  How many gave up after their first let down?
  • Being that books need to be Published, there is also a very strong weapon of “Suppression” to prevent them from being Published.
  • Many books, although initially Published, were also “victims of Suppression”, and I could make many examples, but Henry Ford would be a good example to pick on for this venue.

Henry Ford’s Suppressed Hemp Car

Henry Ford’s The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

I could go through example after example of “Past Suppression” in many venues, but we are at the “Ground Breaking Time” today, with the Internet, to battle this suppression to the ground and make it virtually irrelevant.  Some don’t think so.  Some are still fighting.  Certainly, the Zionists think they can continue to suppress.  I am 100% sure they are wrong.  They can keep all the “stupid people” they want, and those who wish to remain uneducated, but the Intellectuals will learn and know and spread the word, as the Internet cannot be stopped.

For Years I have Debated Zionists!

It has been a learning process in itself for me.  I like being called a fool and being disproven.  As that is how I learn.  I will admit, I had many set-backs.  Many times I was caught (at first) in my own lack of education in dealing with the Holocaust.

However, unlike with other topics, it did not take too long to finally come out on top and find out that my original premises, were for the most part correct, or mainly correct.  Today, they just need to be frightened of me.  Frightened of all researched people.  Certainly frightened of the Intellectuals.

For those who are still considered Intellectuals, but still beating the drums of Holocaust, like Chris Hedges and Sam Harris ⇐ (who goes more than overboard in his constant promotion), they are quickly exposed as such OTHER THAN intellectuals at all.  If you are not even smart enough to apologize when you make a mistake, how intellectual can you really be?  Certainly, if you are too afraid to be specific or show proof of your evaluations, based on your specifics, you are dumb as a rock.  At least you should be seen as such.

Well, that is what I see.  The worst have nothing better to offer in a debate but pure stupidity, or claims they cannot back up with viable evidence.  Therefore, they only have one weapon left.

Call Names!

  • Anti-Semitic (although they could not reference a dictionary definition of the word “Semitic” if their life depended on it)
  • Neo-Nazi or Nazi (as if this word has any meaning except for in their own heads)
  • Some other form of “Poopie-Head”

And that is it!  They will never be specific.  They will accuse you of “Denying the Holocaust” (as if this fact is written in stone), but actually going down the road of picking a “Favorite Fact” which they have evidence for, and they can or will present, is far beyond their capabilities.

You can’t even suffice them by stating that “Of Course Jews Were Killed by Germans”.  We all know that.  This is not the point.  Their “Holocaust” is not a Holocaust at all, unless they can show a disproportionate amount of Jews killed in Camps, and by diabolical means, like Gas Chambers!  Their “Holocaust” just does not stand up otherwise.

Certainly, some people were shot and killed in executions and buried in “Mass Graves”.  Yet unless you can show this as a “General Practice”, it is simply a War Crime, no different than the (pretty much identical or worse) crimes of the Allies.  Yet Allied Crimes are not called a Holocaust.  Only if it pertains to Germans.

Yet face it.  This is still no Holocaust.  You need the camps built as “Death Camps” as promoted!  Can they show this?  No.  Actually, with any real investigation of the Camps and the food rations, hospitals, libraries, movie houses, concert halls, rugby fields etc, it is impossible to call the German Concentration Camps, “Death Camps”.   A vacation spot, hardly, but a labor camp at worst.  You just do not have “Holocaust” without these “Death Camps”, and you cannot show the Gas Chambers or the Execution Evidence.  It just does not exist.

As well, if they had it, why did they suppress so much?  Why have stuff sealed for 30 years?  Why was some stuff sealed for 50 years?  Why are some of it still sealed today?  Is there any possible reason to seal evidence, other than that producing it for the light of day to shine on, would make that evidence dispute the “Holocaust Story”?

Why are there laws against debating the subject?  Why can you be Jailed in 24 Countries if you openly discuss the FACTS of the subject?  Can you think of anything else that is true (horrific or not) which cannot be debated?  Only the Holocaust?  This simple fact ALONE is enough to prove that it smells!  That is why you cannot debate it.  It smells, to high heaven of nothing other than PURE unadulterated FRAUD!

Keep Sharing as we are winning!




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