People don’t like Suppression of Truth

facebook losing edge

We have all been lied to for too long there Grasshopper!

It is time for the suppression to end.  It is not just merely on this TOPIC OF DISCUSSION either.  It flows down in all forms.  From Alternative Energy (fears of it causing suppression since the days of Nikola Tesla) to who really controls your Elections Process.

Many are NEW to wake up to the “Rothschild Control” of Worldwide Banking, and also new to the Zionist Control of Media.  Even when it comes down to the Internet, the suppression from places like Facebook is so obvious and out of whack with reality, they go completely out of their way to suppress.

My personal Facebook Account is under “heavy watch” as is one of my best moderators.  I rarely last more than 2 days before I am suspended for 30 days or more on Facebook.  Now they even go further.

Should I come back to Facebook, and not really share anything controversial to “Zionist Promoted Propaganda”, Facebook will now resort to suspending me for stuff I posted a year ago.  I just came off a 30-day suspension, and the day I was, before even given the opportunity to post again, they suspended me for another 5 days for something I was already suspended for beforehand.  Just another post that was shared to more than one Group.  A post actually, that not only had been deemed by their Moderators as not against their “Community Standards” and restored but one that was entirely truthful.  Thankfully I was smart enough to post it here, and you can look for yourself if you can find anything in it which could possibly be against their “Community Standards”

Suspended Twice for this same post


Yet it is time for (at least the Intellectuals) to move away from this “Zionist Realm” and find other places to go.  I am finding the “WordPress Reader” to have a vast amount of truth on it, along with even Google + (although you can only share now internally) and new places are opening up all this time.

I sincerely believe that people would rather move away from fairy tales, and be much happier dealing in realms which would rather report on the truth.  It might not be a vast majority, as the average person does not research that much.  A hint might be how many still hang on to Religion and past Zionist Promotions (as with 911) pure bullshit.

Either way, that is all I am interested in.  It would take far too long to educate the most indoctrinated.  Let them live in their fantasy world.   Yet I hope you all continue to share my blog posts here, as well as others from forums that do not suppress.  We have been lied too far too long.  Time for some…




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