What does it all have to do with today? Let’s talk Nikola Tesla.

Who cares what happened in WWI or WWII or in 1948?

To try to state that any of this “Zionist Conspiracy of World Domination” has nothing to do with YOU today is clearly missing the mark. It simply shows that you have no idea how we got here, and think it is irrelevant, when in fact it is your IGNORANCE of how we got here, which is the most relevant of all.

This is why the Zionists suppress stuff. You do not even have to apply it to Zionists, as it could be “Those Who Want To Keep Control With An Agenda” that you could apply it to. Zionist hoodwinking has been going on since its inception and it is well documented as per their plans. Just suppressed. Yet since you might seem to have a “Mental Wall” up on the topic of Zionism, I could go down another path of the same, with Nikola Tesla.

Tesla was the Father of Wireless and brought AC Power to the people with his work on Niagara Falls. He was responsible for everything from Radio, to Remote Control, to Robotics, the X-Ray, Neon Lighting, and Patented the first Solar Array, just for a few. There are many more.

Yet the people in Control did not want people to “Catch On” too quickly to what Tesla was promoting, and it was a threat to them and their Control with Fossil Fuels and Single Power Plants with Acquisition Lines they owned (Power Lines). So what did they do?

They ruined Tesla financially, prevented people from funding him, made him out to be a Mad Scientist, and SUPPRESSED everything about Tesla in the Schools, Newspapers, Libraries, Media. It worked! Even today, some Electrical Engineers come out of University with Engineering Degrees in Electrical Design and know NOTHING of Tesla. Yet they ALL know about Edison and all his “defunct tech”.

Now, If I educated you on how Fossil Fuels were not necessary even in Tesla’s day, and how these crooks got so much control over your energy sector, would it be fair to ask what relevance it has today on what happened then?

It equates perfectly, as it has everything to do with today! It is because of this corruption and your lack of education on the subject (and I mean the populace in general and not just you) that we face Global Warming. The ONLY solution to this (as is being done but not quick enough) is to adopt and adapt to what Tesla promoted in the first place. Energy is FREE and all around us. There is no reason for Fossil Fuels.

Now, when talking Zionism, we have over 100 years of hoodwinking, to enable a small sector (roughly 2%) of the human population to own a majority of our Banking, Media, and our Politicians. There are NO Anti-Zionist Politicians! NONE. ZERO. With them being the biggest threat to mankind, there are no alternatives. Trump or Bernie Sanders, are still going to give PILES of money to Zionists who will spend the money to lobby Government for MORE WARS in the Middle East for their benefit of the Greater Israel Project. It has EVERYTHING to do with what faces you today.

All Roads Lead to … Guess?