I will not take a Dime for Humanity!


Ever!  I refuse!  I will not ever take a dime for my efforts of humanity.  Never!  Not once!  Never, and when I say NEVER I mean NEVER!  I promise.


Money does not mean anything.  Love is everything.  You need to get love and hold it dear.  Nevermind the people who are negative and want to destroy you!  You must retain love,  No matter what they taught you.  They were wrong!  There is nothing wrong with you today, but only with THEM!  You gotta quit being a victim and you gottta  stand up for what is right!

You gotta say to yourself that you will not follow this meme.  You will not adhere to this medium.  You must withdraw.  You are intelligent and you know what is wrong.  You are not a pawn.  You are smarter than that!  You are the BEST of the BEST and it is because you are reading this, that makes you the BEST!  I want you to go on.

I want you to continue.  I want you to “‘share your knowledge” and I want you to know your enemies.  The Zionists who control your Media and your Government and your Schools.

Those are your enemies and I want you to DEFEAT them.  Not with violence.  That is Caveman.  Please do not use Violence in my name, and please do not do it on your own.  This is not beneficial.  Do not ever use violence.  This is not what Humanity wants you to do.  NEVER in any conditions use Violence!

Not once!  It is wrong.  Anyone using it claims superiority, and I can say (for one) that I am no more superior to you, than you are superior to yourself.

You must learn, and you need to know what has been hidden from you.  You need to take this FLAG I give you and move on with it.  You need to STAND UP and be a part of this!  As it is right.  It is decent.  It is what you should do.  You should always stand for the truth, and suffer all “slings and arrows” as you do.  You should be on the Right Side nomatter what!  You should always talk truth.

Now this girl might be cute, and she may have a point, but it is her point that I want you to concentrate on human.  Not how sexy she is.

We have ALL been through this!  This is nothing new!  You dealt with it, as I have dealt with it, and now I want you to help me spread the truth.


Help Me, and Yourself



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