The Lachout document labeled by Zionists as Fraud.

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Nizkor who really has no credibility at this point is one of the biggest promoters of this document being a fraud.

When talking fraud, these guys certainly are the experts!  They say:

At the American Military Tribunal proceedings against the staff members at Mauthausen, there were confessions from the accused about the gas chamber there, as well as eye-witness testimony. The Lachout document claims that there was no gas chamber at Mauthausen and that these confessions were obtained by torture.

The following information about the controversial Lachout document is from this Holocaust revisionist web site:

Emil Lachout was a lieutenant in the Military Police Service in Austria in 1948. His job was to accompany the Military Police and members of the Allied War Crimes Commission during the arrests of alleged war criminals to ensure that the suspects were not tortured or abused. Lachout was also involved in the investigation of the Austrian camps, including Mauthausen. (29-7890 to 7895) In 1944, Lachout had been a member of the German Military Police. (29-7948)

The Allied War Crimes Commission was composed of two military police investigators from each country and two Austrian observers, himself and Major Müller. It had been formed as a result of Allied mistreatment of alleged war criminals in such trials as Malmédy where it had been proved that false statements were extracted by torture. The Allies wanted to prevent such things from happening again. (29-7895 to 7897) The Commission was disbanded in 1949, and was reconstituted thereafter only for individual cases. (7901)

Lachout personally saw instances of tortured Allied prisoners. He talked to them privately and had to “break the ice” in order to get statements from them. Sometimes the men didn’t dare to speak because they suspected an Allied officer was there as well. On the basis of his observations, Lachout had instructed that the men be examined by doctors; it was clear that the men had been tortured. (29-7960)

The Commission conducted an investigation, in which Lachout was involved, into the allegation that a gas chamber had been used in Mauthausen. It concluded that there were no gas chambers in the camp. In the investigations he was involved in, they found that many of the accusations made, particularly by former concentration camp inmates, were false. (29-7897, 7898)

Although Lachout was not personally involved in the investigations of camps in Germany, his office received documentation from the War Crime Commissions located there, pursuant to which he freed prisoners who had been wrongly accused and imprisoned. (29-7951)

Yes it is a Revisionist Website.  The Institute for Historical Review.

However, this entire claim of Mauthausen having a Gas Chamber is more than laughable.

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Holocaust writers now face a dilemma.

The weapon for the “systematic genocidal extermination of millions of people, especially Jews” must now be abandoned if one looks at the facts instead of concentrating on belief.

No weapon, no crime. What now?

Mass murder with diesel exhaust gases (in 32 minutes, according to Gerstein) is a sheer impossibility for reasons of time alone. This can be proven experimentally, even today, with a couple of brave men. Therefore, the [stories of] “gas chambers with diesel engines” and “gas vans” [“gaswagen”] can only be disinformation. The “witnesses” make objectively false statements, and the “confessions” are clearly false. The laws of nature apply both to Nazis and anti-fascists. Nobody can be killed with diesel exhaust gas in the manner described.

Mass murder in the manner described, with Zyklon B and with carbon monoxide, cannot have taken place, either, because it too would violate the laws of nature, and because the necessary technical and organizational prerequisites were lacking.

Experimental killings with Zyklon B may have taken place. After fifty years, this cannot be ruled out with certainty. But such experiments would have resulted in deaths among the executioners, and the recognition that something like the [supposed] Mauthausen shooting installation would be more logical and safer.

A similar recognition would have come very quickly in any experiment using diesel exhaust gases (“get rid of that diesel and get us a spark-ignition engine”), if there had ever been any “gas chambers with diesel engines” or “gas vans” (“generator gas” from “wood gas” trucks would have been more logical). The Nazis may have been criminals, but they certainly were not stupid enough to use diesel motors and Zyklon B in the manner described.

The crematories could never have disposed of the number of victims: this may be considered proven by engineering science. Bodies are not a combustible material. Their cremation requires a great deal of time and energy.

In light of what is now known, there are no “facts of common knowledge” [or “judicially noted” facts] with regard to the Holocaust. The facts given above should be elaborated to a higher degree of proof by specialists, and preferably by court-recognized experts. Such a study will certainly produce amazing results, which will radically alter the basic views of many people.

Objective proof will refute the testimony of perjured “witnesses” and the “confessions” of “criminals.”

Judges and historians must draw the appropriate conclusions, and a whole generation of “contemporary historians” will sit on the ruins of their worldview, much as the Marxists today sit on the ruins of their Marxist ideology.

In court trials of “Revisionists,” therefore, “contemporary historians” should never be the only ones permitted to determine the “facts” of the Holocaust. There must be interdisciplinary cooperation with scientists and technicians.

Any legal provision that seeks to hinder or even penalize scientific investigation of the Holocaust (such as section 283a of the Austrian criminal code) would amount to a state-ordered reign of terror against the human spirit.

Should actual investigation of the Holocaust prove the “deliberate genocide” to be a fact, the discussion will then be at an end, among the “Revisionists” as well. Who could wish to oppose discussion of the Holocaust, on any grounds, let alone attempt to choke discussion using criminal law?

Who is there who could abolish freedom of thought and the rule of law, without opening himself to the suspicion of trying to exert improper influence by suppressing discussion?

There is PLENTY of evidence to show that any claims of Mauthausen having a Gas Chamber is pure fraud.  You have Zyklon B being shipped in in the same amounts per capita BEFORE any supposed “Gas Chambers” existed.  We have the evidence of what kinds of exposure would be necessary in order to kill people in mass as claimed.  The stories and the FACTS do not add up.  We have accusations of Diesel Gas Chambers at Mauthausen which are impossible.

In addition to the “Gerstein Report,” there are a number of reports that describe the “genocidal extermination of millions of people, particularly Jews” in gas chambers in the concentration camps of the National Socialist regime, as well as reports of so-called “gas vans.” In addition to Prussic acid [HCN] gas, which came from the pest control agent Zyklon B, carbon monoxide from diesel exhaust gas was [reportedly] also used.

It is true that carbon monoxide is a dangerous poison. The many unemployed people in Vienna who, during the 1930s, used illumination [coal] gas (which contained carbon monoxide) to commit suicide were very well aware of that. [On the toxicity of carbon monoxide, see, for example: Allgemeine und spezielle Pharmakologie und Toxikologie (Dr. W. Forth, et al., eds.), Mannheim, 4th ed., pp. 643-645.]

The toxicity of carbon monoxide is undisputed. As always, though, the question remains: How could this dangerous poison have been applied to the victims in a quasi-industrial manner?

First, permit me to digress: According to the Holocaust literature, submarine motors and tank diesel engines are supposed to have been used. These details are intended to enhance the credibility of the claims. It is nevertheless worth noting that submarine motors, or any other kind of ship’s diesel engines, were not readily available, and that German tanks — incomprehensibly, due to the greater fuel consumption and considerably greater danger of fire in the event of a direct hit — were exclusively equipped with spark-ignition (gasoline) engines. The only diesel motors available would have been those from captured tanks after the beginning of the Russian campaign. However, their use would hardly have been advisable due to the difficulty of obtaining spare parts. But that is beside the point, only a noteworthy detail.

What the Holocaust writers have obviously overlooked is the fact that diesel motors are particularly unsuited for the efficient production of carbon monoxide (CO). The SS would have gone over to spark-ignition [gasoline] engines immediately after the first alleged attempts to kill the victims with diesel exhaust gases. Spark-ignition engines can certainly produce eight-percent carbon monoxide by volume with poor idle adjustment, but diesels are practically CO free.

Table of exhaust components in percent by volume
Spark-ignition engines
idle 6.5-8 7-10 1-1.5 0.5-4 71 4-6
7-13 9-11 0.1-2 0.1-1 74-76 1-4
Diesel engines
idle 3.5 3.5 16 77 0.05!
5.5-7 7 10-12 0-0.1 77 0.1-0.3!
air inhaled 0 21 79
air exhaled 4 6 15 75

As this table clearly shows (it is the “idle” column that is important here), spark-ignition [gasoline] engines deliver up to 120 times as much carbon monoxide (CO) [as diesel en-gines], and diesel exhaust gases cannot produce enough CO.

Yet the frauds of this camp are just “Over The Top” to such an extent that really it is hard to assemble any credibility for the claims.

Faked Atrocities (distributed by the Institute for Historical Reivew, $5.00) have described some of the ways in which the German nation is maligned through the use of forged atrocity photographs. This book deals comprehensively with this problem, and shows the following:

  1. How many photos turn up with different captions to suit the circumstance. The caption can describe a totally different location, time, and circumstance to another caption on the same photo published elsewhere.
  2. How many photos are altered; sometimes with no apparent reason; such as in regard to garments, hairstyles, facial expressions. These alterations throw severe doubt on the origin of the photo itself.
  3. How many photos are impossible, in that the shadows are all wrong, or contradictory; or non-existent. Or that the physical anatomy of the persons portrayed is impossible, when compared with skeletons. These types of atrocity pictures are usually paintings or drawings.
  4. How many atrocity pictures are of Communist origin.
  5. How many pictures prove nothing at all. For example a picture of a pile of spectacles, or of false teeth, or of shaving brushes, could easily be taken in a spectacle factory, a false teeth factory, or a shaving brush factory.

In the examples I am today presenting, I wish to show some of the more blatant forgeries. Of course, there were other methods, besides forged photographs, used for brainwashing the German people after the war. For a survey of these, students should refer to my more recent booklet The Methods of Re-Education (also distributed by IHR, $2.00).

Fake photograph

This was the caption given to this picture in R. Schnabel’s Macht Ohne Moral (Power Without Morals), Roederberg Publishing, Frankfurt, 1957, page 341.


Roll Call

This is the caption given to the same picture, but minus the pile of bodies, at the N¸rnberg Trials. The photograph appears twice; once in Vol. 30 page 421, and again in the French government’s submissions as document F321.

It was also reproduced in a number of Communist booklets, such as Der KZ-Staat (The Concentration Camp State) by Heinz Kuehnerich, East Berlin, 1960, page 81; and in Vaclav Berdych’s Mauthausen, Prague, 1959.

This photographic fraud is also commented upon by Richard Harwood in Six Million Lost and Found (previously Did Six Million Really Die?)

Fake shoe photograph
Thousands of Shoes of Murdered Prisoners at Auschwitz

The picture appeared with this caption in R. Schnabel’s Macht Ohne Moral (Power Without Morals), Roederberg Publishing, Frankfurt, 1957, page 244.

Fake shoe photograph
This picture appeared with no caption at all in The Lublin Extermination Camp, by Constantin Simonow, Moscow, 1944, page 12.

One would wish that the Exterminationists would at least get their stories straight. Were the shoes found at Auschwitz or at Lublin? (Actually, it is also worth noting here that Lublin is the same thing as Majdanek or Majdanek, but is a hundred miles from Auschwitz-Birkenau.)

In both photographs one can see that the individual shoes in the foreground are identical, yet there are two different backgrounds. Also, there are no shadows in the picture, making it seem likely that it has been “touched up.” One also wonders why it is that the ultra-efficient Nazis allowed their victims’ shoes to be piled up without being tied in pairs. We are indebted to an Exterminationist-Survivor Eugen Kogon who told us in Der SS Staat (The SS State), 1st edition on page 132, or 5th edition on page 167, that there was a big sign in front of the gas-chamber undressing room telling the victims to fold their clothes neatly and tie their shoes in pairs!


The terror in the occupied areas had as first aim: the extermination of the Jewish population and the intimidation of all residents who did not subject themselves completely to the regime. The Gestapo brought women and children to be shot.

Caption in Illustrierte Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkriegs (Illustrated History of WWII) by K. Zentner, page 490.

This same picture also appears in Der Gelbe Stern (The Yellow Star) by Gerhard Schoenberner, page 96 in both German and English editions (Corgi-Trans World 1969), with the caption Mass Executions in Lijepaja, Latvia.


A group of women before being shot. On the left of the picture is Purve Rosa, worker from the Kursa factory, and her mother next to her. Photograph from the chief of the Gestapo unit in Ljiepaja, Hauptscharführer Karl Schrot, 15 December 1941.

Caption from Verbrecherische Ziele — Verbrecherische Mittel, published by the Marxist-Leninist Institute, Moscow, 1963, page 132.

Although on the face of it, this may seem to be the same picture, study for a moment the garments the women are wearing. Woman #2 in the German picture has an undershirt that comes up to her neck. Yet the same woman in the Soviet picture has a scoop-neck garment. Woman #3 has a V-neckline in the German picture, and a rounded neckline in the Soviet one! Woman #4 and Woman #1 have also had their necklines altered. One must also speculate on how it is that people can stand around so calmly in their underclothes in Latvia in the middle of December when temperatures are minus 40 degrees Centigrade!

But such is the standard of our popular media that they will recycle such trash as this with impunity. The Soviet photo later appeared in the popular Stern magazine, and their caption told that the scene was now White Ruthenia!


Fake photo at Buchenwald
Concentration Camp guard, with victims, in Buchenwald.

This was the caption in Der Spiegel 10 October 1966 page 101. The same picture was also used on postcards with the slogan: This War Criminal Has Not Been Found! which were distributed by American Zionist organizations in the Spring of 1979. The cards were to be mailed to the German prime minister demanding an extension of the statute of limitations. The campaign was successful.

However, the picture is an obvious fake. The guard’s uniform is all wrong. The side pockets beneath the belt are missing. The buttoned edge of the jacket does not run correctly from top to bottom. The pistol hangs on the wrong side. An “Unterscharf¸hrer” would not be allowed to wear officer’s pants with boots.

Secondly, the lighting is all wrong. The “guard” and the two hanging victims cast no shadows, while the prone victim does.

Lastly, it would seem terribly inefficient of those wicked Nazis to choose such high trees to hang people from. Someone would have had to have gone to a lot of trouble to get the ropes high up into the crown of the tree. One also wonders whether it is anatomically possible for people hanging by their wrists like this to draw their legs up. Also, one cannot see the ropes; when I visited Dachau museum in January 1968 they had on display a life-size blow up of this same picture, and still no ropes were detectable. Either the victims are floating in mid-air, or someone forgot to draw them in!



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