Proof that I am no coward when dealing with Zionists

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I don’t have to suppress people.  I do not need to block them.  If they have a viable argument, I am “all in”.

Yet there is really no argument for Zionists.  Either they attempt to show “no knowledge” and simply promote the “Party Line”, or they still do in the face of it, to the point where they look ludicrous!  The TRUTH is not something I need to hide myself from.  I have my own knowledge, my own ability to find exact quotes, and to find stuff to back up any claim I make with evidence.  This is something missing in Zionist Arguments.

This (I think) Zionist was commenting on this YouTube Video:

American vs. Nazi gas chambers – a comparison

He continues with:

Daniel Sevitt The material he collected for testing was corrupted in the transfer due to his scientific incompetence. He’s an embarrassment.

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James StewartGroup Admin Furthermore, we have the records of the Coke shipped in today, which was not available at the time. It is now. AGAIN YOU HAVE 3 ANALYSIS’S and not just Fred Leuchter‘s and they all are in agreement for the most part.

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James StewartGroup Admin Now seriously Daniel Sevitt, I have given you these links before of evidence. If you cannot dispute what is in them, then give up. I need no bullshit and forcing me to show you the links again.

I call them “Cowards” as their only retort is suppression and blocking, complaining.

I have everything right here (as I have assembled) in “About” which I can tear apart any promotion of the Holocaust at will.  Should I be stumped, (which is rare) I can turn to Institute for Historical Review and search for the “key words” there.  Not always can I find what I need there to win any debate, and sometimes I just know the information, but need to search Google for it, as I know I have seen it before, somewhere.  someplace.

Still, being years on this researching, I never get stumped by an argument that I cannot find without basis.  All you need to do is to follow my lead.



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